UPDATED 08/19/17 I want to describe a vision given to Richard Swanson the author of the book Spare Your People.The book was published in 1986 and basically is in two parts. The first describing why God will judge America and the second detailing dreams and visions people have had of what that judgement will ultimately be, a nuclear attack followed by an invasion. One of the visions in the book is called The Banner and was given to the author in 1974. The vision is of an angry mob of rioters of all races who are violently screaming hatefully at [More]
n December 11, 2016, a suicide bomber linked to an Islamic extremist organization entered Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s church in Cairo and killed 25 people. The father of 15-year-old Marian was one of the victims. He died in her arms. But even through this tragic loss, she hasn’t doubted God’s love.   We meet Marian in the family house they share with her uncle’s family on the church premises. It’s located in a busy district near the city center of Cairo. Her uncle is a guard in the church, just as her father used to be. The house is [More]
There was a day when not long ago when Christian farming communities in northeastern Nigeria were self-reliant. But the violent rise of Boko Haram has changed all that.   One local family’s farm was big and productive enough to provide for all their needs and even give work to others. When Boko Haram attacked the village, militants set the property and family home on fire. Sadly, the father was still inside and he eventually died from the injuries he suffered.   As the oldest of seven, responsibility for providing for the family fell to their daughter, Rhoda. “Life has not [More]
If the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) has its way, India will soon be unified under one religion, one culture, and one language. Non-Hindu People Are Being Targeted. Of course, in order for this to happen, all other religious communities–including Christians–would have to be eliminated. According to the RSS organization’s founder, M.S. Golwalker, that is exactly the plan. “The non-Hindu people in Hindustan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language, must learn to respect and revere Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but the glorification of the Hindu religion, that is they must not only give up their attitude of [More]
Around the world, hailed by the global elite, a symbol of a false god is rising. It has risen in London and New York City, the latter only a few steps away from Ground Zero. It was placed outside a global summit in Dubai. Most recently, it was even constructed for the G7 Summit in Florence,…
Fascinating presentation given on Apr. 10, 2017 by Reese Morris regarding the shroud of Turin. He was the legal counsel to the team of scientists who examined the shroud in 1978. He discusses in detail the findings of their research plus later research by others. His presentation starts around the 1:30 mark. You can watch the video here: https://shroudofturin.wistia.com/medias/abgqxnw6a7 Is this the burial cloth of Jesus, you decide.  
Azamat became a Christian in the early days of Uzbekistan’s independence, soon after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, when, he says, the country “was a much freer place than it is now”.   He embraced his new faith, setting up a network of house churches, and finding teachers for Sunday schools. But the state soon noticed, and its interest led to an abduction that he describes as “the longest seven minutes of my life”.   Azamat, now in his 40s with a wife and two children, talks about how the heady days of his new-found faith turned into [More]
Christians in Iraq. Automatically we tend to think of those tens of thousands of Christians who were living in Mosul and the Nineveh Plain and are now living as displaced persons somewhere in the Kurdish area of Iraq. But how are the Christians doing elsewhere in Iraq? For example, those living in the capital Baghdad? Until 2003, this place was where most of Iraq’s Christians were living. We visited the city and were surprised by the dedication of the small flock that remained:   How is the situation now in Baghdad for Christians?   All of the pastors and priests [More]
There are very few countries left in the world that truly capture the concept of “kingdom”—where one person’s rule extends over every aspect of his subject’s lives. Especially in the Western world, kingdoms feel like a relic of a bygone era.   For the people of North Korea though, the concept is far too real. They have lived under the brutal totalitarian kingdom of the Kim Dynasty for nearly 70 years, and in that time the Kim family has stretched their power over every aspect of life they can touch. Currently, under the rule of Kim Jong-un, North Korea has [More]
Results from a nationwide study in the United Kingdom unleashed on Sunday revealed that a whopping 93 percent of British Christians believe that their faith is marginalized. Premier Christian Communications (PCC) surveyed some 12,000 Christians in the U.K. to discover what it is like for believers to live in a post-Christian society – in an island nation where militant Islam is tolerated and Christianity is rejected. Stand up After discovering that more than nine out of 10 Christians feel marginalized, the Christian media group insisted that believers in Christ must boldly stand up for their faith – and not be [More]
Dottie Pratchard recalls a harrowing close call she experienced while rafting down the South Fork of the American River and the prayer that changed everything for her.
My mom and dad had known each other since high school. “We were meant to be together,” Dad said. My father didn’t show his emotions much, but you could see a sparkle in his eyes whenever he talked about Mom.   My older brother, Roland, and sister, Alma, and I always knew how much our parents loved each other. Long after they sent us kids off to bed they lingered at the kitchen table, talking and holding hands, just enjoying their time alone.   We lived in Midland, Texas, where Dad was a full-time CPA, and Mom had her own [More]
I was clearing up the breakfast dishes when the phone rang. “Something’s happened to your mom,” my dad said. He was trying to keep calm, but I could hear panic in his voice. “The ambulance should be here any minute.”   A rush of cold swept through my body, as if I could feel the blood draining to my feet. “Ambulance?”   “I found her collapsed on the floor. Hurry over! I’m alone here.”   I stumbled upstairs, jerked on my shoes and ran out to the car. Luckily my family all lived close together. My parents were only a [More]
Seven o’clock. Just about time for my evening walk. I tucked my cell phone into my pocket and headed off down the road, where the summer cottages stretched out along the Juniata River in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. I walked past the cottage next to mine, past . . .   I stopped. Gladys’s cottage stood empty. It was still hard for me to believe that she wasn’t inside. We weren’t family by blood—she and her husband were great friends of my parents while I was growing up. Her daughter and I were like sisters, and Gladys was like a second [More]
They call it the most magical place on earth. What better vacation spot for us to visit than Disney World that summer of 1985? My husband and I had only been married a few months, but all signs pointed to a long and happy future for our brand-new blended family. Life felt more settled already, and I was relieved to no longer be alone.   “Let’s do Space Mountain tomorrow,” my older daughter said as she got into the sleeping couch on the opposite side of the room. Her sister was already tucked into the cot. “And Cinderella’s castle!” she [More]
Knuckles white, I gripped the sides of our ski boat. The storm had hit with almost no warning and we were being tossed about like a cork, the wind and waves threatening to capsize us.   “We’ve got to get back to the dock,” Phil yelled over the gale. We’re veteran boaters. Not easily panicked. My husband and I were fighting for our lives.   From the middle of Kaw Lake, a massive body of water in northeast Oklahoma, I looked to where we had put in that morning, hoping to enjoy the day exploring the lake’s many coves. But, [More]
While many would consider their twenties an adventurous stage of life, Viktor’s story takes that theme to new extremes. Like many this age, he moved away from home and began exploring a new trade. Unfortunately, however, Viktor’s trade of choice was smuggling illegal drugs in Central Asia.   At first, Viktor’s early adult years were filled with adrenaline and adventure. Viktor led an operation that ran drugs from Tajikstan to the state where he lives in Central Asia. He seemed to have natural abilities to covertly network across communities. Viktor’s success rate, in fact, was so high that he was [More]
There’s one thing I often forget when it comes to Christian persecution. One thing that can easily slip my mind when I read about the senseless violence on Palm Sunday in Egypt, the calculated murder of Christians in Nigeria by Boko Haram, the kidnapping of Pastor Koh in Malaysia, or the plan of radical Hindus in India to wipe out Christianity by 2021. What is it that I forget? Sometimes in the midst of the news and world events related to the violence or the marginalization against Christians, I forget that ….. Read More: The One Thing All Christian Persecution [More]
Ting made a living summoning the darkness.   As the local Shaman, villagers in her surrounding area of northwest China would seek her out for the wisdom of the spirits.  And their requests were many—   Who should I marry? What must I do to be successful? What does my future hold? Why am I sick? Have I offended the spirits?   Ting delighted in her success. Word of her abilities drove thousands of the curious and desperate to seek her divine counsel, which she was eager to give. But only for a price.   And then the spirits demanded [More]
Life affirming spiritual drama about love and loss set in the lush surroundings of Central Florida. Spencer Krane has returned to the town where he was raised. It is the news that his grandmother has suffered a debilitating stroke that prompts his visit. What starts as a simple visit home becomes so much more. It becomes a journey of consequence.
“Perhaps the picture they included with this article is meant to symbolize the funeral of the church because it’s certainly dying in Scotland.”  Admin Fifty-eight per cent of Scots now say they have no religion, a record level, and up from 40 per cent in 1999, the Scottish Attitudes Survey revealed. Amongst major denominations, the Church of Scotland (Kirk) has seen the sharpest decline, with just 18 per cent saying they belong to the Kirk. The Church of Scotland figure for 1999 was 35 per cent. The survey found the proportion of Roman Catholics (10 per cent), other Christian affiliations [More]
She Reads Truth has grown to become a popular online Christian community, drawing hundreds of thousands of social media followers and bringing women together to read the Bible daily. “Honestly, we don’t feel like we ‘launched’ She Reads Truth. The Holy Spirit did. We’re still just trying to keep up!” Amanda Bible Williams, chief content officer of She Reads Truth whose maiden name really is Bible, told The Christian Post. The online devotional community began in 2012 by a small group of women connected primarily through the internet who sought to create a network to promote regular Bible reading. Williams [More]
Renovation work has unveiled 1,600-year-old frescoes in Rome’s biggest catacomb, featuring “stunning” depictions of the stories from the Bible, and shedding clues on how Romans moved from paganism to following Jesus Christ. The MailOnline reported that laser technology was used to remove the grime from the frescoes, which had been hidden under centuries of dirt. The renovations at the Domitilla catacombs, which depict both pagan and Christian paintings, reportedly sheds light into how Romans moved away from pagan beliefs and toward Jesus Christ in the fourth century A.D. Read More: 1,600-Y-O Christian Frescoes Unveiled in Roman Catacomb Reveal Move From [More]
The biblical narrative that the first Egyptian Dynasty descended from the biblical Ham, the son of Noah, as told in the book of Genesis, could well be supported by recent research based on DNA taken from Egyptian mummies, analysts said. According to CNN, researchers from the University of Tuebingen and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena, both in Germany, found “unexpected results” when decoding the genome of ancient Egyptians. Their work, published online in Nature Communications, concluded that preserved remains found in Abusir-el Meleq, Middle Egypt, were the closest genetic relatives of Neolithic and [More]
A Bomb Confirms the Calling of a Pastor in Baghdad    The man has just left his home, hopping into his car, turning the keys in the ignition, and pushing the accelerator as he had so many times before. Only this time, as he began the familiar journey toward the church where he worked as a pastor, he immediately sensed something was different.   Almost right away, an explosion ripped through the car, violently shaking the vehicle and—at the same time—engulfing it in the flames.   “I was totally confused, and I couldn’t see anymore.” The young pastor, named Joseph, [More]
Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists have unearthed a road running from Jerusalem’s gates and the Pool of Siloam to the Temple. “Jesus would have walked on this newly excavated road to the Temple Mount”, said Moran Hagbi, one of the directors of the excavation. The archaeologists also discovered evidence of the last battle between Roman forces and Jewish rebels which resulted in the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70. Read More: Archaeologists discover road on which Jesus walked from Pool of Siloam to temple
American Bible Society has released its fifth annual study of America’s most Bible-minded cities. Once again, the Southeast dominates the list of cities that show strong engagement with God’s Word and strong belief in the accuracy of the Bible. For the second year in a row and fourth out of the last five, Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the most Bible-minded city, followed by Birmingham, Alabama, and Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia. The only top-ten city outside the Southeast was Springfield, Missouri (#7). ABS spokesman Arthur Satterwhite says, “For us as American Bible Society, this survey helps to inform our work in the U.S. as [More]