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By Frost Smith After 6,000 years of disease and degradation, the Curse of Genesis 3:16 is particularly poignant for the millions of women who have experienced miscarriage. How can we avoid saying and thinking the wrong things about this difficult issue? …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Creation Moments In 1 Kings 7:23, there is an unusual account of how Solomon had the sea of bronze made. We read that is was “ten cubits from brim to brim, and five cubits high, and a line of thirty cubits measured its circumference”. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
Love—the kind that’s real—doesn’t come wrapped on Valentine’s Day. It’s not the momentary glow of a fresh relationship. It’s not the reuniting of two characters in a sappy movie. No, real love is explained in the Bible. Real love is selfless, sacrificial, and unconditional. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
Creation magazine helps us to think biblically about science, geology, evolution, and origins. See this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released issue. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Sarah Chaffee On this episode of ID the Future, German paleontologist Günter Bechly describes the Dali skull from China, and how it disrupts the conventional out-of-Africa account of human origins. There were already several significant discoveries in 2017 upending traditional scientific accounts of human evolution. And now another one. Bechly asks, “How many more major rewritings do we need to endure until a major rethinking is considered?” For more, read the essay on Evolution News. Your browser does not support playing Audio, please upgrade your browser or find our podcast on podOmatic Download Episode …read more Source: id the [More]
By Creation Moments The Bible’s authority is constantly questioned, and so-called scholars constantly attempt to undermine it. As I write this, a new attempt is being made to undermine people’s trust in God’s word. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Ken Ham Want a women’s conference filled with meat from God’s Word and practical answers you can put to use in your day-to-day life instead of the fluff and stuff many are used to? Join us in Northern Kentucky for Answers for Women, April 6–7, 2018. Each year these conferences, put together by AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom, are very popular. Women love the depth of Bible teaching and the way they leave feeling strengthened in their faith. Here’s just some of the feedback we received from last year’s conference, including how affordable the event is: I appreciate how you [More]
By Tedd Tripp Raising children to serve God doesn’t happen by itself. Parents must intentionally engage their children in step-by-step training towards this higher goal. One step is to remind your children that God has given you authority for their own protection and good. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Creation Moments A recent science article in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper suggested that grizzly bears may have dropped their carnivorous ways in favor of a life of eating berries. Apparently, the streams and rivers on Alaska’s Kodiak Island are replete with salmon. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Ken Ham Do you have your tickets to see Is Genesis History? in movie theaters across the US for the special anniversary showing on February 22, 2018? If not, you’ll want to get your tickets before they sell out. You’ll enjoy not only a fantastic documentary that affirms God’s Word as truth, but also a brand-new bonus feature—a tour of the Ark Encounter with Del Tackett (host of the film and head of the popular The Truth Project) and three Wheaton College students from Illinois. This must-see documentary was shown to packed theaters last year and has continued to [More]
In winter, we usually think of hunkering down, staying in, and slowing the pace. But even when Dallas got colder than Antarctica, crews were hard at work building the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History! (Okay, we’ll admit it was the South Pole’s summer.) But the crews’ faithful perseverance is paying off. The planetarium’s interior and exterior walls are nearing completion. You c… More… …read more Source: icr.org     
By Creation Moments There was a certain hydroelectric dam built in Brazil. This involved the flooding of a region of countryside, which left some populations of geckos isolated. Gradually, the populations of other lizards in the area died out. After about 15 years, it was noticed that the geckos in the area had “developed” larger mouths in order to eat large insects that would formerly have been eaten by larger lizards. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Ken Ham According to a female rabbi and professor, Eve was the first victim of #MeToo, the recent movement to raise awareness of sexual harassment and assault. Her article is utterly ridiculous and so obviously false that it’s hardly worth commenting on, but I thought I would use it as an extreme example of what happens when God’s Word is no longer the authority—and when, instead, our own ideas, opinions, and cultural happenings become the authority over God and his inerrant Word. Kolton writes, The story that begins the bible . . . is actually the story of the [More]
Late last month, internationally renowned Christian speaker and author Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis was uninvited from speaking at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). UCO President Don Betz has now invited the AiG president to give his talk, “Genesis and the State of the Culture,” on the Edmond campus. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Sarah Chaffee On this episode of ID the Future, Tod Butterfield reads from the beginning of Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design, by Jonathan Witt and Matti Leisola. It’s an exciting new book that tells the story of how one major European scientist who applied the maxim, “Scientists are supposed to investigate mysteries with an open mind; not assume an explanation from the outset.” He came to see that arguments insisting on purely material causes in nature are based on assumptions, not evidence. He noted how history shows that scientific consensus doesn’t always mean scientific truth. And [More]
By Troy Lacey The latest in a string of Bible-based movie opens in US theaters today, and this time viewers have an opportunity to watch the famous strong man wreak havoc on the Philistines. Produced by Pure Flix, this cinematic version of Samson brings to life the Old Testament hero in a powerful way. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
How can we show the absurdity of the ‘alien Jesus’ idea? …read more Source: creation.com     
By Creation Moments What happens if a man tries to walk on water? The answer is that his feet would sink into the water. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Ken Ham Late last year, the powerful film Order your copy of Genesis: Paradise Lost today! Interspersed throughout the stunning animations are interviews with top scientists and theologians, including several from Answers in Genesis. You’ll hear from Bodie Hodge, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Tommy Mitchell, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. David Menton, and me. Many of the segments were even filmed here at the Creation Museum. Included with the film is a bonus director’s commentary with special behind-the-scenes peeks, as well as a panel discussion with AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom, Creation Today’s Eric Hovind, [More]
How two philosophies both lead people away from God. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Troy Lacey When archaeologists or anthropologists find mysterious objects in a burial chamber or the remains of ancient villages, how do they know what the object was used for? A recent article and research paper from have both brought up an interesting twist to this question: perhaps it was a toy or a child’s tool. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Creation Moments The purpose of an advertising billboard would be to grab the attention of the passerby – or, in today’s world, the person driving by. One way of attracting the attention of prospective customers might be to use bright colors. Suppose that the more brightly colored paint was more expensive. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
Flood secrets long buried reveal fascinating confirmation for the Genesis account. Where did the water come from to Flood the entire earth? Did the plates move rapidly and break apart during the Flood? Was there really a Pangea? Where did all of the water go post-Flood? And why was there an ice age?   Listen: The Institute for Creation Research
Creation scientists say dinosaurs and man co-existed. The Bible also teaches this as historical fact. Should we find human and dinosaur fossils together in the same rock layers?   Listen: The Institute for Creation Research
Oil is in the news almost every day due to fluctuating prices and controversial fracking. How does oil fit into the Bible? Was oil made in the Flood? How does this important commodity influence a biblical worldview?   Other episodes in this series: Summary of Megasequences across North America and the Global Flood Summary of Megasequences across Africa and the Pre-Flood World Dinosaur Evolution and the Fossil Record Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and the Ice Age   Listen: The Institute for Creation Research
Logic is the study of the principles of correct reasoning. It can teach us to think properly and construct rational arguments—valuable skills for defending the Christian faith. Christians should learn how to spot logical fallacies when conversing with people who challenge their beliefs.   Listen: The Institute for Creation Research
  Dr. Clarey shifts focus from North America to Africa. How does the African continent show a similar geological story? How can we know the Flood was not merely localized around the Black Sea? And what impact does this have on the Christian faith?   Listen: The Institute for Creation Research