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Very good expose on the JW’s, their history, a tour of their massive printing facilities in NY,  extensive look at their beliefs vs. orthodox Christianity and more.
Doug Harris is in conversation with Peter Price about his life as a Jehovah’s Witness. This program was first broadcast on Simply the Truth, Revelation TV.
 “Great testimony.”  Admin Mary Parker – Kicked Out Of Their Kingdom EX-JW testimony 1994.  
Cynthia Cooper grew up a Jehovah’s Witness, but experiences an encounter with Jesus Christ. As a result, her family disowns her, leaving her desperate for a manifestation of God’s love… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com
This free webinar teaching is presented by JRMI (Jerry Robinson Ministries International) We are on the web at http://www.jrmi.org Our mission is “challenging believers to think, and thinkers to believe.” In this informative and cutting-edge webcast you will learn: – What Jehovah’s Witnesses really believe. (Prepare to be shocked.) – Why you should always use their Bible when you are witnessing to them. (And learn some key words and phrases that you should avoid at all costs!) – How to effectively witness to a Jehovah’s Witness in just a few minutes (and how not to act!) Plus, Jerry Robinson will [More]
A MUST watch video. William & Joan Cetnar discuss their involvement in the Jehovah Witness’s and their beliefs in comparison with Christianity.
In this episode I interview former London Bethel family member Mathew Purves. Mathew explains how it is that he went from an elder at Bethel to an apologist warning people about the Watchtower Society and it’s errant teachings. Download the Podcast here: http://watchtalkradio.podbean.com
This show features former Jehovah’s Witness for 15 years & now Christian author Lorri MacGregor. Lorri is the author of the book, “Coping with the Cults.” She has appeared on “The John Ankerberg Show.” When Canada forced MacGregor Ministries to change the ministry or shut down and Lorri decided that it was time to shut down MacGregor Ministries, the four ministry directors (Keith and Lorri MacGregor and Richard and Cheryl Schatz) formed MM Outreach Inc in Canada with Richard Schatz as president as well as a non-profit organization in the US to continue on the work. When Keith and Lorri [More]
Everyone who voluntarily joins an exclusive religious organization is taught to believe that theirs in the ONLY true religion. What kind of family problems does that cause?
Review of mind control issues among Jehovah’s Witnesses, then audience participation on the struggles they had in leaving the Watchtower. Over 40 ex-Witnesses take the microphone. Filmed in 1992, this is part one and ends before the testimony of John Peiffer.
Brian has asked me to take care not to make him the focus of this group interview because clearly, this was a tremendous group effort to help Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yet, let’s give credit where it is due to this young man. Brian taught other Jehovah’s Witnesses when he was in the org, that’s how bright this young man is. Just years ago he was uploading YouTube videos defending the JW”s! www.youtube.com YouTube Christians prayed for him and talked to him. But God saved him. Now, with love he teaches the truth about whom Christ Jesus REALLY is and what the [More]
If you need prayer, please visit WMJ3’s new Urgent Prayer Request page: www.waltermartinjude3.com Audio copyright ? 1987 Christian Research Institute. Used with permission. On the Bible Answer Man broadcast from Jan 17, 1987, Walter Martin interviews Leonard & Marjorie Chretien, former Jehovah’s Witnesses and co-authors of, “Witnesses of Jehovah”. The Chretiens provide unique and valuable insights into the activities of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. www.Equip.org http