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Communication is key when it comes to deciphering some secrets. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson Darwin’s On the Origin of Species shook the scientific and religious understanding of the world that the ramifications have been felt to this day. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
Evolution does not explain human language or consciousness, which is a serious problem for naturalism and atheism. …read more Source: creation.com     
How a theory that was once widely believed did not stand up to scrutiny. …read more Source: creation.com     
‘Modern’ science took thousands of years to confirm details about the earth’s water cycle that the Bible had already recorded. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Dr. David Menton The appearance of age in the things that God created is a much-debated issue in contemporary Christian scientific circles. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Michael J. Oard Hurricanes, like Harvey and Irma, are not evidence of global warming, but their effects are exaggerated by alarmists. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
With the secular evolutionary agenda gaining such momentum, it may be tempting to think ‘it’s Game over’. But look behind the showiness and bravado, and the claims are empty. …read more Source: creation.com     
Modern advances in computers have taken artificial intelligence to stunning new levels. If computers can learn and think better than we can, will that threaten our humanity?   I still remember the day as a 10-year-old boy that I got my first calculator—with memory. I’ve loved computers ever since, creating things using logic. The very first program I created allowed me to play baseball against the computer. While the interface was pretty simple, it helped me understand how well machines follow exact instructions. How times have changed.   Back then we were inspired watching Rosie the Robot on The Jetsons [More]
Evolution is a framework built on assumptions about the past—assumptions that will never have direct, first-hand, observational proof. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
Design is taboo in our secular society. Nevertheless, the awesome spectacle and beauty evident in well-crafted wildlife documentaries is powerfully suggestive of that very thing, as research testifies! …read more Source: creation.com     
Mercator’s rectangular map of the word has revolutionized navigation ever since he published it in 1569. …read more Source: creation.com     
What should we be aware of as we try to read the secular literature with a careful and critical eye? …read more Source: creation.com     
By Dr. Timothy L. Clarey We review four main sections of the book starting with his first trip to Tanzania, H. floresiensis, Australopithecus sediba, and Homo naledi. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Ken Ham A wide variety of species—from butterflies to geese to wildebeest—migrate from one place to another as seasons and conditions change. Though we still do not fully understand this remarkable process, the little we do know about it points to the incredible handiwork of the Creator. You can learn about God’s amazing creation known as migration in the new issue of our popular Get one or more free video downloads when you subscribe to Answers magazine. This issue features articles about a vegetarian spider, the design of a flying creature known as the frigatebird, the answer to why [More]
By Mike Matthews Since the beginning of modern science, creationists have strived to explain our world based on the unchanging laws of our Creator. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
Climate change heats up the headlines. But is the earth really getting warmer? More… …read more Source: icr.org     
We find evidence for the Creator’s grand design everywhere in the universe, from enormous galaxies to microscopic DNA. ICR zoologist and researcher Frank Sherwin explores evidence in astronomy, biology, and zoology to reveal the mysteries of God’s created universe. More… …read more Source: icr.org     
By Dr. David Menton Since many Christians have concluded that evolution is incompatible with the Biblical account of creation, we should investigate if it is a fact or theory. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Avery Foley Have you ever stopped to consider how even chemistry showcases God’s handiwork, creativity, and care for his creation? …read more Read more here: AIG Daily     
By Ken Ham Road ecology is the study of “how roads, and the salts and chemicals we put on these roads, impact nearby nature.” Well, according to a new study, roads are leading to “rapid evolution” on either side of the highway. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of so-called “rapid evolution”—scientists are increasingly observing small changes over short timescales and calling it “rapid evolution.” But is this change within various plant and animal kinds actually evolution in the sense that new genetic information is appearing? Rapid Evolution on Either Side of the Road? According to study coauthor Steven [More]
Evolutionary biology is experiencing its most serious division in over a century. Last November, Great Britain’s prestigious Royal Society held a conference to deliberate if evolutionary theory needed to be “extended” or even renovated to accommodate fresh ideas from new discoveries. How bad is this schism? More… …read more Read more here: icr.org     
By Jeffrey P. Tomkins For many years, how many spawned the human race was not accessible. With modern genetics, scientists been able to more directly explore this question. …read more Read more here: AIG Daily     
Have people really found skeletons of giants? …read more Read more here: creation.com     
How can Christians confidently defend biblical creation in an increasingly skeptical culture? What creation evidence does our own solar system display? ICR astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle answers these questions and more, sharing several logical arguments that confirm biblical creation. More… …read more Read more here: icr.org     
By Ken Ham Creation scientists are often accused of not being “real” scientists because they supposedly don’t publish in secular journals. But then anything that even hints at a Creator God—let alone a biblical view of a young earth, special creation, or global Flood—is censored and will probably never be published because it contradicts the prevailing mindset. Secular scientists are incredibly inconsistent in their accusation. In a recent interview, Dr. Danny Faulkner, an astronomer here at Answers in Genesis, responded to the claim that creationists can’t be scientists. Dr. Faulkner holds a PhD in astronomy and taught astronomy and physics [More]
What was the ‘Z-factor’ that convinced a university geology lecturer of a 6,000-year-old earth? …read more Read more here: creation.com