First and foremost, let me thank every reader, supporter, and lover of freedom for tweeting, sharing, emailing, calling and faxing (yes, faxing) YouTube, urging them to reinstate my account. Thousands of you — YOU did it. I had appealed the termination, but they rejected my appeal.My account was terminated because of a 2014 video entitled, “Al Qaeda and Islamic State flags in London’s tunnels.” The video shows jihadis displaying al Qaeda and Islamic state flags on one of London’s tunnels (see this). Read more: YouTube REINSTATES Pamela Geller’s Account, Thanks to YOU – Geller Report
What a day. First Berkeley, now this. YouTube has deleted my account. Why? Ask the leftist authoritarians. I haven’t a clue. I have been posting videos to YouTube since 2006. Over a thousand videos of rallies, events, interviews and the like. Now my account has been deleted, suspended — poof! Gone. Read More: YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account – Geller Report
A vague and dangerous ideology. There is currently, on the streets, smashing storefronts and setting things on fire, a group called “Antifa,” for “anti-fascist.” Antifa are not a new phenomenon; they surfaced during the Occupy movement, and during the anti-globalization protests of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Antifa movements began in early-20th-century Europe, when fascism was a concrete and urgent concern, and they remain active on the Continent. Lately, Antifa have emerged as the militant fringe of #TheResistance against Donald Trump — who, they maintain, is a fascist, ushering into power a fascist regime. In Washington, D.C., Antifa spent [More]
“Once again CA is leading the way in corrupting children’s minds. The teachers and admin at this school must be mentally disturbed indeed.”  Admin WASHINGTON – The push to make children comfortable with transgenderism has reached disturbing new depths, with a California school promoting it to kindergartners by having a 5-year-old boy undergo a “transition ceremony” in front of classmates. The boy left his classroom at Rocklin Academy Schools in Rocklin dressed as a boy then returned dressed as a…
“Excellent interview that explores who the fascists really are from an historical perspective. Extremely relevant given what we see going on in our society today.”  Admin   Dinesh D’Souza has a new book out, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, which I’ll be reviewing later. And considering the violence in Charlottesville, the timing was perfect for him to come on the Glazov Gang, the show hosted by our very own Jamie, to discuss the Big Lie About Charlottesville and how his thesis applies to the latest outbreak of outrage.   Jamie has an extended segment taking [More]
“Please remember to pray for President Trump and our country, we are certainly entering perilous times. The leftists lunacy is not just confined to the US it is alive and well in Canada too. The following “rules” are taken from a comment a poster left under the article. They appear to be the exact rules the radical left are following. Antifa Rule #1: never allow an alternative view to be expressed publicly. Antifa Rule #2: never debate an alternative view. Antifa Rule #3: violence is always justified. Antifa Rule #4: attack all symbols of an alternative view. Antifa Rule #5: [More]
“Yes, things are really heating up. If the dollar ever loses its status as the worlds reserve currency it will take a devastating plunge in value.”  Admin Source: The Free Thought Project The formation of a BRICS gold marketplace, which could bypass the U.S. Petrodollar in bilateral trade, continues to take shape as Russia’s largest bank, state-owned Sberbank, announced this week that its Swiss subsidiary had begun trading in gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange.   Russian officials have repeatedly signaled that they plan to conduct transactions with China using gold as a means of marginalizing the power of the [More]
“Be sure to check out the 1912 eight grade exam at the end of the article. The average eighth grade kid back then would be considered better educated than the average high school graduate of today.”  Admin   Whenever you let federal bureaucrats get their hands on anything they are probably going to ruin it.  During the Obama administration, the Department of Education spearheaded a transformation of American education that was absolutely breathtaking.  Over a period of about five years, Common Core standards were implemented in almost every state in the entire nation.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in a huge [More]
What at first seemed like creeping tip-toe incrementalism toward the use of biometric ID for travel is quickly becoming a warp-speed reality.Over the past couple of months I’ve been covering some disturbing developments at national airports that seem to show an acceleration of the plan to use biometric identification in a variety of ways. On May 19th I reported on a new program initiated by Delta Airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to have automated baggage kiosks for “priority customers” that will first scan a traveler’s passport, then their face in order to match identity to checked luggage. It was promoted [More]
The Group of 20 governments and dictators, known as the G20, agreed to a document that touts various globalist education schemes. Indeed, high-ranking globalists took a break from demanding a “New World Order” to celebrate the G20 jumping on the “global education” bandwagon as part of “shaping an interconnected world.” Meeting in Hamburg last week, the governments and mass-murdering regimes ruling the world’s 20 biggest economies — Communist China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the European Union and more — agreed on a wide range of schemes. While having policy for Americans made by autocratic foreign powers is troubling enough, the group’s [More]
The U.S. military is disclosing a super soldier project, revealing to have allocated funding of $65 million dollars for a program to develop a ‘Brain-Computer Interface’ that would allow participants to plug into a computer like the movie The Matrix. No this isn’t science fiction Neo, this is the future that the MIC wants for its soldiers. Earlier last year in January, DARPA launched Neural Engineering System Design to research technology that could turn soldiers into cyborgs. Read More: DARPA Commits $65M to Brain Implant Program for Super Soldier Project
“One can hardly imagine what the situation in Germany will be like in 10 or 20 years. This applies to other W. European countries as well.”  Admin   A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Sharia law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who are investigating a recent string of violent assaults in the German capital.   The self-appointed morality police involve Salafists from Chechnya, a predominantly Sunni Muslim region in Russia. The vigilantes are using threats of violence to discourage Chechen migrants from integrating into German society; they are also promoting the establishment of a parallel [More]
By Ethan Huff (Natural News) Following the recent firings – …read more Source: Natural News     
May 1. Army cadets in Scotland were warned not to wear their uniforms in public because they could be targeted by jihadists.   May 1. Three female teenagers were arrested in East London on terrorism charges. The arrests were in connection with an anti-terror operation in London on April 27 in which a woman wearing a burqa was shot by police. Police said that an active terror plot had been foiled.   May 2. Samata Ullah, a 34-year-old jihadist from Cardiff, was sentenced to eight years in prison for five terror offenses, including membership of the Islamic State, as well [More]
“Life in the “new” Europe.”  Admin WASHINGTON – The French government is constructing a bulletproof, glass wall around the Eiffel Tower to prevent terror attacks that is projected to cost $20 million. The 8.2-foot-high wall was approved in January, and while many French are outraged by the construction of what they see as an eyesore, local politicians defended the plan. “The terror…
“Apparently the state is more concerned about instilling perverse knowledge in these young minds rather than a good basic education. Sad commentary on where society is headed.”  Admin   A private school for Orthodox Jewish girls aged three to eight faces closure because pupils are not taught about homosexuality or gender reassignment.   The Vishnitz Girls School, in north London, does not give pupils “a full understanding of fundamental British values” according to a report by the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Schools (Ofsted).   The report claimed girls “are not taught explicitly about issues such as [More]
“Well Trump issued a threat yesterday against Syria about using chemical weapons again saying there would be dire consequences for doing so. It appears the stage is being set for a “false flag” event to justify US expansion of the war. As the article notes Trump ignored intelligence saying there was no chemical attack by Syria the last time it was alleged. I don’t know what Trumps agenda in Syria is but it could easily lead to a major war with Russia. It appears the neocons have firm control of our war making decisions.”  Admin A top U.S. missile and [More]
A new scheme will see drag queens visiting primary schools and libraries in a bid to “challenge intolerance and homophobia at a young age”. Based on an American project, Drag Queen Story Time’s organisers hope to start the scheme at this year’s Bristol Pride before rolling it out across the city. Founder Tom Canham told the Bristol Post he has already managed to recruit 30 drag queens who are eager to take part in the project, which will see men dressed as women reading aloud “feminist fairytales and gender fluid novels for young children”. He said: “For me the project [More]
“Eye opening look at Germany and the explosion of criminal gang activity there. As the article notes they have total disdain for the police. As long as Merkle is in charge this situation will only get worse.”  Admin   A court in Hanover has handed suspended sentences to six members of a Kurdish clan who seriously wounded two dozen police officers during a violent rampage in Hameln. The court’s ruling was greeted with anger and derision by police who said it is yet another example of the laxity of Germany’s politically correct judicial system.   The case goes back to [More]
“Let’s hope this leftover Obama lunacy gets stopped.”  Admin A major break from military precedent took place Tuesday on United States Army bases across the nation, where officials announced through mandatory “transgender soldiers training” that female soldiers must prepare to make room for biological men to bathe with them in their showers. The implementation of new transgender military policies that were put in place by former President Barack Obama did not end on his last day in office, as biological females showering with biological males is just the beginning. “That’s just one of the mind-blowing changes the Army is bracing [More]
“I certainly hope this doesn’t happen, it would be truly chaotic. However given how viscous the left has become such tactics wouldn’t surprise me. Now is the time to earnestly pray for both Britain and the US that God would thwart any evil plans to undermine their respective governments.”  Admin   Union leaders are plotting a ‘summer of discontent’ to cause chaos and force Theresa May from power.   Militants linked to Unite, rail guards, teachers and junior doctors told followers this week to prepare for co-ordinated strikes and national protests, which would bring the country to a standstill.   [More]
By Jayson Veley (Natural News) While it may be convenient …read more Read more here: Natural News     
This new special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Paul Weston, leader of Liberty GB. Paul discussed Islamic Terror in the UK, exposing the traitor class and detailing the urgent plan to save the nation. Watch: Glazov Gang: Paul Weston on Islamic Terror in the UK
“An excellent Moby Dick analogy regarding what’s going on today.”  Admin Moby-Dick, Herman Melville’s story (1851) about Ahab, the obsessed captain of the 19th century whaling ship, the Pequod, is one of the best American novels ever written. Melville did not live to see or enjoy its success but his book gradually became appreciated for its vast wonders in the years since. It is a complex book with countless interpretations but it is a timeless tale, exceptionally relevant today. While his crew has signed up for a whaling expedition from which they will all profit, Ahab announces to the men [More]
A new study from the National Association of Scholars reveals that universities have harnessed freshman reading programs as a tool to advance social justice and progressive race, class and gender-based narratives. The “Beach Books” study examined some 350 freshman reading assignments at various top colleges across the country to determine that campus leaders prefer to assign books that bemoan racism and white privilege in the United States rather than introduce students to great works of the past. Read More: Rejecting dead, white authors: Universities push progressivism with reading programs, says study – The College Fix
Six parents and two non-profit organizations have filed a lawsuit against the San Diego Unified School District to challenge the implementation of a new “initiative to combat Islamophobia” in schools.   “Students of all faiths face daily bullying, but instead of protecting all religious students, the school district has selected Muslim students to receive special protection and resources,” Frank Xu, president of San Diego Asian Americans for Equality, one of the plaintiffs in the case, told reporters.   According to reports, the district voted 4-0 in April to implement a program/policy to address the bullying of Muslim students in schools. It [More]
By Mike Adams (Natural News) Over the last decade or …read more Read more here: Natural News