A new scheme will see drag queens visiting primary schools and libraries in a bid to “challenge intolerance and homophobia at a young age”. Based on an American project, Drag Queen Story Time’s organisers hope to start the scheme at this year’s Bristol Pride before rolling it out across the city. Founder Tom Canham told the Bristol Post he has already managed to recruit 30 drag queens who are eager to take part in the project, which will see men dressed as women reading aloud “feminist fairytales and gender fluid novels for young children”. He said: “For me the project [More]
“Eye opening look at Germany and the explosion of criminal gang activity there. As the article notes they have total disdain for the police. As long as Merkle is in charge this situation will only get worse.”  Admin   A court in Hanover has handed suspended sentences to six members of a Kurdish clan who seriously wounded two dozen police officers during a violent rampage in Hameln. The court’s ruling was greeted with anger and derision by police who said it is yet another example of the laxity of Germany’s politically correct judicial system.   The case goes back to [More]
“Let’s hope this leftover Obama lunacy gets stopped.”  Admin A major break from military precedent took place Tuesday on United States Army bases across the nation, where officials announced through mandatory “transgender soldiers training” that female soldiers must prepare to make room for biological men to bathe with them in their showers. The implementation of new transgender military policies that were put in place by former President Barack Obama did not end on his last day in office, as biological females showering with biological males is just the beginning. “That’s just one of the mind-blowing changes the Army is bracing [More]
“I certainly hope this doesn’t happen, it would be truly chaotic. However given how viscous the left has become such tactics wouldn’t surprise me. Now is the time to earnestly pray for both Britain and the US that God would thwart any evil plans to undermine their respective governments.”  Admin   Union leaders are plotting a ‘summer of discontent’ to cause chaos and force Theresa May from power.   Militants linked to Unite, rail guards, teachers and junior doctors told followers this week to prepare for co-ordinated strikes and national protests, which would bring the country to a standstill.   [More]
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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Paul Weston, leader of Liberty GB. Paul discussed Islamic Terror in the UK, exposing the traitor class and detailing the urgent plan to save the nation. Watch: Glazov Gang: Paul Weston on Islamic Terror in the UK
“An excellent Moby Dick analogy regarding what’s going on today.”  Admin Moby-Dick, Herman Melville’s story (1851) about Ahab, the obsessed captain of the 19th century whaling ship, the Pequod, is one of the best American novels ever written. Melville did not live to see or enjoy its success but his book gradually became appreciated for its vast wonders in the years since. It is a complex book with countless interpretations but it is a timeless tale, exceptionally relevant today. While his crew has signed up for a whaling expedition from which they will all profit, Ahab announces to the men [More]
A new study from the National Association of Scholars reveals that universities have harnessed freshman reading programs as a tool to advance social justice and progressive race, class and gender-based narratives. The “Beach Books” study examined some 350 freshman reading assignments at various top colleges across the country to determine that campus leaders prefer to assign books that bemoan racism and white privilege in the United States rather than introduce students to great works of the past. Read More: Rejecting dead, white authors: Universities push progressivism with reading programs, says study – The College Fix
Six parents and two non-profit organizations have filed a lawsuit against the San Diego Unified School District to challenge the implementation of a new “initiative to combat Islamophobia” in schools.   “Students of all faiths face daily bullying, but instead of protecting all religious students, the school district has selected Muslim students to receive special protection and resources,” Frank Xu, president of San Diego Asian Americans for Equality, one of the plaintiffs in the case, told reporters.   According to reports, the district voted 4-0 in April to implement a program/policy to address the bullying of Muslim students in schools. It [More]
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Schools are being told to change revision classes and reschedule sports days to accommodate the needs of Muslim pupils fasting for Ramadan. A new report is also urging schools to ‘show sensitivity’ when organising graduation celebrations and make PE lessons ‘less strenuous’ as fasting students could be weaker than normal. This year the Muslim holy month of Ramadan falls starts at the end of May and will clash with GCSE and A Level exams across the country. Read More: UK: Schools told to change times of classes, exams and sports days during RAMADAN – Geller Report
“Talk about a surveillance state. It’s really getting creepy!” Admin Most of us don’t pay much attention to the WiFi routers in our homes. It’s an innocuous technology that we all take for granted, and we don’t really think about unless it’s not working properly. However, WiFi has a unique property that might make you reconsider a land line.   Like many frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum, it can penetrate walls, which is what makes WiFi such a good signal for connecting our electronic devices to the internet. But unlike most signals, WiFi can also be used to map every [More]
“Sounds like we have an interesting summer ahead.”  Admin   As time goes on, it’s becoming abundantly clear that Trump isn’t going to be able to prevent a major financial crisis in this country. Depending on your beliefs, that’s either because he’s inept in some way, or because he’s being hamstrung by a political system that’s determined to keep our nation on the same unsustainable path. Whatever the case may be, it seems that there is no way that we can change course at this point. We’re headed for a financial crisis, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than [More]
“Just another sign of our moral decay as a society.”  Admin “Who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?” That’s the question a man dressed as a woman recently asked children attending “Drag Queen Story Hour” (DQSH) at a public library in New York.   Since last fall, the Brooklyn Public Library in Park Slope has been offering the storytime for children, bringing in various drag queens to read children’s books about homosexuality, gender identity and “non-conformity,” and “general youth discomfort.”   It’s one of several cities across the country—including San Francisco and Los Angeles—who have signed on [More]
“Yep, war is big business and the military/industrial complex that Eisenhower and Gen. Smedley Butler warned about is as powerful as ever.”  Admin   We are witnessing an assault by the national security state and its liberal media on a President of the United States that is unprecedented.   Wild and unsupported accusations of treasonous or illegal Russian connections have been the mainstay of the news since Trump’s campaign for president. These accusations have reached the point that there is an impeachment movement driven by the national security state and its liberal media and endorsed by Democrats, the American leftwing [More]
Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.   Particular focus has been drawn to the end of the manifesto, which makes clear that the Tories want to introduce huge changes to the way the internet works.   “Some people say that it is not for government to regulate when it comes to technology and the internet,” it states. “We disagree.”   Senior Tories confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the phrasing indicates that the government intends to introduce huge restrictions on what people can post, [More]
“The foundation of an EU army now being put in place.”  Admin European Union leaders plan to move forward with the creation of an EU military headquarters within the next few days – and warn that Britain may still be expected to take part, even after Brexit. Plans to set up a joint Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) facility, agreed by all 28 member states in March, had been stalled by British objections to the facility having an operational military role. But speaking to reports in Brussels following a meeting of EU defence ministers on Thursday, the EU’s Foreign [More]
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“Now that the globalists have their puppet in France it’s full speed ahead for a full blown EU dictatorship. It mentions they want to “tackle nationalists” across the EU. I guess they want to make sure another LePen does not arise in the future. At least Britain made the wise decision to leave the EU will anyone else do the same, the window of opportunity may be rapidly closing.”  Admin Emmanuel Macron, the new president of France, travelled to Berlin on his first day of office to continue the long-standing tradition of French leaders meeting the German chancellor their first [More]
Mark Dice gives his latest rant on how even Mothers Day is now being considered “offensive” by the loony left. The ultimate goal of the left is to stamp out every vestige of normalcy in society and to replace it with mindless political correctness.
“For the moment Europe is in far more dire straits than we are but if things continue as they are we will get there eventually too.”  Admin Islam makes its presence in America felt in many ways. Sometimes it happens through violence. Far more often it happens when Muslim immigrants arrive and plant their own institutions and customs on American soil. And some Muslims come with the specific purpose of spreading Islam. There are now roughly 3,200 mosques in America, nearly three times as many as there were in 2000. And these are not just any mosques, according to Leo [More]
 A retired college professor confirms what many Americans already believe: universities have abandoned the concept of being a marketplace of ideas. Speaking on American Family Radio earlier this week, Dr. Carol M. Swain said campuses used to be places with opposing views and debates. “Opposing sides came together, people listened, and the person with the best arguments and the best data and ideas would be the most persuasive – and people would leave the debate forum probably thinking differently than when they entered because they would have heard more sides,” said Swain, who had been a professor of political science [More]
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Germany has formally announced its draconian push towards censorship of social media. On March 14, Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas announced the plan to formalize into law the “code of conduct”, which Germany pressed upon Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in late 2015, and which included a pledge to delete “hate speech” from their websites within 24 hours.   “This [draft law] sets out binding standards for the way operators of social networks deal with complaints and obliges them to delete criminal content,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said in a statement announcing the planned legislation.   “Criminal” content? Statements that are [More]
“I have to agree with Dr. Paul that this attack makes no sense for Assad to have done it. It smells like a neo-con false flag to stoke the flames of war. I hope Trump sees this for what it is and is not pushed into a disasterous war. We’ll see how this unfolds as time goes on.”  Admin   Just days after the US Administration changed course on Syrian President Assad, saying he could stay, an alleged chemical weapon attack that killed dozens of civilians has been blamed on the Syrian government. Did Assad sign his own death warrant [More]
“Technology is advancing at warp speed and is being used as the article notes to monitor us all. The stage is being set for the rise of the final beast government in the not too distant future.”  Admin The headlines are awash with the recent tensions with North Korea, and most are focused intently upon this act of the play that has been running hot for several years, now. Akin to the proverbial frog in cold water, however, we are not paying as much attention to the surveillance state that is continuing to wrap its tentacles around us. Eurasia is [More]
“Another perfect example of what happens when “progressives” are in control of education … disaster.”  Admin Public pressure has forced far-left officials at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district (CMS) to withdraw a pro-transgender book for first-grade kids — but the officials are now mandating a book with a disguised version of the same pro-transgender message. A teacher raised concerns about the transgender-validating book, Jacob’s New Dress, at a school board meeting. The book celebrates a young boy who wears dresses to school, and it stigmatizes boys who urge their peers to wear boys’ clothes. After lawmakers in Raleigh heard the concerns, [More]