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Visit Trunews Site Is the Church of God ready and willing to lead the fight to ban pornography? Today KingdomWorks’ Jeremy Wiles and Luke Gibbons join Rick to discuss the new legislative push to designate porn as a detriment to societal health and a contributing factor toward mental illness. Later, the team shares the latest details in the Parkland Shooting, including the failures by Sheriff Israel and his deputies to stop, prevent and respond to the killings.
Visit Trunews Site Are you prepared for nuclear war by April? Today we discuss the ominous timeline being floated by senior lawmakers, top intelligence officials and premier financial consultants, that the world’s superpowers are preparing for a conflict of Biblical proportion to break out within the next 90 days.
Visit Trunews Site Who will preach repentance to the American people now that Reverend Billy Graham is gone? Today our prayers go out to the family of “America’s Pastor” who dutifully served the Lord by preaching an uncompromising message that only through Jesus Christ can you be saved.
Visit Trunews Site Why aren’t world leaders condemning the never ending slaughter of Christians in Nigeria? Today we discuss the persecution and martyring of the Body of Christ in Africa, where Satan’s bloody war against the faithful has failed to overcome the Church. The team also details Israel’s official proclamation of support for Muslim Jihadists in Syria, quoted from none other than Jewish news outlet Haaretz, and shares a real video of CNN not reporting trash, but digging through it.
Visit Trunews Site Why does the news media waste your time talking about nonsense, while never preparing you for the Third World War getting ready to erupt? Today we discuss Damascus’ new coalition with U.S. backed Kurdish fighters against the Turkish forces which have invaded Northern Syria, and how this tangled web of contradictory alliances is leading the world toward a repeat of World War One. Later the team discuss President Erdogan’s attempts to revive the late-Ottoman Empire, as they eye Greek islands in the Aegean for their next conquest, and the American war machines’ vendetta against Russia for stopping [More]
Are you ready for the blockchain revolution, that will eliminate banks, mortgage companies, stock brokers, title law firms and voting machines, as well as enable the creation of a global biometric Universal Digital Identity? Today we discuss this and share insights from industry experts, Harrison Gross, Co-Founder of Lucyd, and Akshay Sharma, Principal Analyst of neXt Curve.
Visit Trunews Site Will a new advancement in Blockchain technology ring the knockout bell of the world’s most iconic stock market? Today the team reports from the 2018 Blockchain Event in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and speaks with the architect of Ethereum’s ICO, Steven Nerayoff, about tZERO, the first security exchange for crytotokens. Later, Christian entrepreneur Marlon Williams shares how his company PodOne is battling the crisis of lost work in America’s call centers.
Visit Trunews Site Will World War 3 erupt simultaneously in Syria and the Korean Peninsula? Today we discuss the West’s attempt to kick start a new bombing campaign with the help of White Hat terrorists and CNN propagandists. We also take a step back in history to detail the long bloody lead up to the current chaotic multinational time bomb waiting to erupt into full blown warfare along the Euphrates River.
Visit Trunews Site Could Middle Eastern Arab Muslims rule the entire world someday through artificial intelligence? Today we discuss this question, which became a central theme at the Dubai 2018 World Government Summit, and share the predictions of born again futurist Kevin Kelly, who believes experiences generated through artificial intelligence and virtual reality will topple oil and gold as the globe’s premier commodity of the future.
Visit Trunews Site Is there a cabal of powerful men and women secretly running the world? Today we discuss this claim by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, that a globalist elite have conspired for decades to form a totalitarian fascist one world government. In the same vein, Rick also shares an encounter the TruNews team had at Davos 2018 with a high ranking witch and Vatican emissary Cardinal Peter Turkson.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews, host Rick Wiles is joined by Bible prophecy expert Paul McGuire. Together they discuss McGuire’s latest book “Trumpocalypse”, co-authored by Pulitzer Prize-nominee Troy Anderson. Is President Donald Trump the ‘spiritual nuclear weapon’ needed to break down globalism?
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews, host Rick Wiles is joined by Doc Burkhart, as together they provide a summation and commentary on the message that President Donald Trump delivered to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC on Thursday. In his remarks, the President called America ‘a nation of believers’, but believers in what? This statement and other remarks are examined against the light of the Word of God.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews, host Rick Wiles welcomes studio guest Steve Strang, founder of Charisma Magazine. As an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur, businessman and author, Strang presents his latest best-selling book “God and Donald Trump.” The two discuss the real backstory of the rise of the candidacy and presidency of today’s commander-in-chief, and examples of how God directed Donald Trump to serve as a reprieve from judgement on the nation.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews, Edward Szall and Doc Burkhart discuss cryptocurrencies and the implementation of blockchain technology, and how the Body of Christ is woefully unprepared for the potential of the control of the global population by the New Technological World Order.
Visit Trunews Site Are we entering a new age of humanity where thoughts will be controlled by digital dictatorships? Today we analyze the statements by Professor Yuval Harari regarding Israel’s development of a biometric surveillance regime in the Palestinian West Bank. Later, the team discusses the soon-to-be released FISA memo and the latest from the ongoing investigation into the Las Vegas shooting.
Visit Trunews Site Are you aware scientists are developing technology to hack your brain? Today we dissect the futurist speech by Israeli Professor Yuval Hariri at the Davos 2018 World Economic Forum, including his prediction that a tiny elite may soon digitally control thought and reengineer God’s creation.
Visit Trunews Site Will ID2020 and other globalist backed initiatives lead a charge to biometrical catalogue the population of the planet? Today we discuss the details behind the project to create a Universal Digital Identity and share the latest in the FBI FISA scandal, the demonization of Russia and the false alarm in Hawaii. In J Factor, Fior shares part 2 of Pastor George Emmert’s testimony
Visit Trunews Site Is the tide finally turning on the Deep State conspiracy to overturn the 2016 election and topple President Trump’s administration? Today the team discusses the resignation of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and the potential fallout for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton regarding the corrupted investigation into her infamous email server and the Democrat abuses of FISA warrants to spy on political enemies.
Visit Trunews Site Today during the main event of Davos 2018, America’s Dealmaker-in-Chief trumped the Globalists with an economic raid of the EU’s richest corporations. Rick and the team share highlights from his powerful speech including his iconic pledge that the USA is once again open for business.
Visit Trunews Site Though world leaders have said they see his populism as a poison and scourge against humanity, all were in awe as President Trump arrived at the 2018 Davos World Economic Forum. Today the team reports live from inside the gathering, and shares exclusive footage of the Commander-in-Chief and his America First team in attendance.
Visit Trunews Site The TruNews broadcast team of Rick Wiles, Edward Szall and Doc Burkhart report from Davos, Switzerland and the World Economic Forum on Day Two with coverage of speeches including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the King of Spain, all with the message that globalization is good, nationalism is bad. But the most starling statement of the day was a speaker who claims we are on the edge of the end of humanity. That and other highlights of the day on this edition of TruNews.
Visit Trunews Site The TruNews broadcast team of Rick Wiles, Edward Szall and Doc Burkhart report from Davos, Switzerland and the World Economic Forum on Day One of the event. Together they cover the speeches of India’s Prime Minister Modi and Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and other highlights of the day.
Visit Trunews Site Big Telecoms are rolling out 5G with the promise of faster access and internet connections. But what are the dangers to both our physical and mental health? Paul Benson fills in for Rick Wiles and speaks with Kevin Mottus, an expert in wireless radiation.
Visit Trunews Site On the eve of Davos, Rick Wiles discusses President Trump’s honorable stand for the unborn that his “conservative” predecessors were either afraid or unwilling to make. The team also details the shocking FISA spying memo and the tense war fronts on the borders of China and North Korea as well as Turkey and Syria.
Visit Trunews Site Will the Rothschild’s 1988 prediction, of a one world currency called the Phoenix, emerge in 2018 from the ashes of the current global economic order? Today we discuss if cryptocurrencies are fulfilling that role and announce that TruNews will be attending the 2018 Davos World Economic Forum. In J Factor, Fior shares part 2 to Pat Six’s healing testimony.
Visit Trunews Site Secretary Tillerson begins mirroring General Mattis’ diplomacy as war with North Korea is presented as almost certain; President Xi mobilizes the multi-million man PLA in preparation for ensuing chaos on their border. On today’s J Factor a successful businessman shares why his trust is only in Jesus.
Visit Trunews Site Turkey invokes NATO’s defense clause as they prepare to crush U.S. backed Kurdish militia in Syria; Russia tests ICBM’s as Ukrainian front heats up; American officials meet with Korean War era allies to discuss intervention in North Korea; Today’s J Factor details the salvation message through the hands of Ocean City’s Sandman.