Visit Trunews Site Why has proclaiming Satan’s evil deeds become more of a priority for Christians than evangelizing God’s Kingdom to the unsaved? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles delivers the final edition of this program in its current form, and shares a preview of what the televised soul-winning centric version will look like come October 16th, 2017. It’s time to cross the Jordan, are you ready to confront the giants?
Visit Trunews Site Did the media miss former CIA Director James Woolsey’s confirmation that North Korea has a nuclear device in their satellite that passes over America twice a day? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles details the latest escalations in the global stand off with North Korea as South Korea braces for an EMP attack and experts warn a new test is imminent. Rick also discusses a Florida pastor’s promise to sledgehammer a government approved Satanic display and calls for prayer over Puerto Rico and the Caribbean as hurricane recovery efforts continue.
Visit Trunews Site TruNews program host Rick Wiles provided an update for listeners and supporters of the international news broadcast on Friday, detailing expansion plans for the ministry as the launch of TruNews Television approaches on October 16th.
Visit Trunews Site Why was avowed communist Spenser Rapone allowed to attend West Point after being kicked out of a Ranger Battalion for insubordination? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles discusses the unraveling web of incompetence, infiltration and mentorship which assisted an anti-American advocate of terror to progress through Obama’s military. Rick also shares an interview his son conducted with Dr. Judith Reisman, the world’s leading historian on the destruction of human sexuality, as Satan’s kingdom mourns the death of pornography king Hugh Hefner.
Visit Trunews Site Will the NFL survive as patriots revolt against their endorsement of marxist communism? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles details the calls to boycott the football league after their decision to “take a knee” on upholding American values. Rick also discusses the reports that Russia and China are preparing for a NATO land grab of North Korea, Jared Kushner’s registration as a female and the Dove Foundation’s endorsement of a “Christian” film with curse words. Lastly, Edward Szall shares exclusive information about the ongoing investigation of West Point graduate turned socialist Spenser Rapone.
Visit Trunews Site Are globalist Freemasons the satanic conductors orchestrating the revolution to destroy America? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles compares the daily desecration of western values by snowflake communists to the destruction of the heritage which founded our nation. Rick also details the perilous reality of the continued standoff with North Korea, as Hawaii and California brace for thermonuclear attack.
Visit Trunews Site Is the NFL “Take-A-Knee” protest the latest attempt by cultural marxists to destroy Western society? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles reveals the true motivations behind this movement and why the Left is focused on rebranding patriotism as white supremacy. Rick also discusses the latest escalations toward World War 3, as North Korea threatens to shoot down U.S. aircraft flying near their border, and Russia releases photographic evidence that American special forces are supporting ISIS jihadists in Syria.
Visit Trunews Site How far will God allow America to fall before we fall on our knees in prayer? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles is joined by the executive Vice President of Charisma Magazine, Dr. Steve Greene and the organization’s founder, Steve Strang, to discuss his new book “God and Donald Trump”. Rick’s guests detail the most recent prophecies regarding the president, including some which have never previously been broadcast. Lastly, Fior Hernandez shares an update on Puerto Rico as the island territory struggles to recover after being struck by back to back hurricanes.
Visit Trunews Site Is the “Dark Age” devastation currently being experienced in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands a preview of the aftermath of an EMP? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles discusses the humanitarian nightmare unfolding on America’s doorstep, as the world reels from a series of hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic activity. Rick also details the latest U.S. sanctions against North Korea, including China’s agreement to sever banking ties with Pyongyang and Steve Mnuchin’s threat to cut any country in violation of the order out of the SWIFT global banking system.
Visit Trunews Site Ready Player One: The Blueprint to Replace Real Life with Virtual Reality Is an upcoming Steven Spielberg film a preview of how virtual reality may be used in the future to replace real life? Today on TruNews, Zach Drew, Edward Szall, Erick Rodriguez, Paul Benson and Chase Anderson analyze Ready Player One, a novel turned movie, depicting a dystopian future where humans live in a fake digital universe. In part 2, the team shares the insightful highlights from evangelist Billy Graham’s 1998 TED conference speech on how our technological advancements will never replace the need for God.
Visit Trunews Site Bad Day for Globalism: President Trump Confronts the UN Was President Trump’s fiery address to the United Nations a reemergence of the anti-globalist crusader America elected in 2016? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles shares the top highlights from the speech, which included strong condemnation of Iran and North Korea, and details Hungary’s fresh campaign to reject George Soros’ “One World” agenda. Rick also discusses the new activity with Italian supervolcano Campi Flegrei and calls for prayer as Hurricane Maria quickly approaches the storm battered Caribbean Islands.
Visit Trunews Site Will North Korea set off the Mount Paektu supervolcano by continuing their tests for a hydrogen bomb? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles discusses the very real possibility that Kim Jong-un’s nuclear ambitions may preemptively trigger a new global ice age. Rick also details the recent shifts in the chess game for Syria, as the U.S. builds an airbase in Israel and Russian backed forces cross the Euphrates River to engage the remainder of the CIA backed Islamic State. Lastly, Edward shares the latest allegations of sex crimes being levied against the Vatican, this time involving a claim [More]
Visit Trunews Site World War 3 is Coming, Does Anyone Care? Has America hit the snooze button to avoid taking action as countless alarm bells roar? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles details the precarious state of emergency as the world teeters on the brink of war with North Korea, and the sins of generational financial maleficence threaten to come home to roost. Rick also discusses the prophetic warnings about the “sleeping church” of the end times, and calls God’s remnant to espouse righteousness amid the apostasy which has taken hold of a once Christian nation.
Visit Trunews Site Human Implanted Chips and the Mark of The Beast How close is humanity from the introduction of the Son of Perdition and the Mark of The Beast? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles warns that accepting an implanted RFID microchip could lead to the unredeemable, eternal damnation of your soul. Rick and the team also discuss the significance of the disclosure by a senior UPS official at the Mobile World Congress in San Francisco, that the “shipping company” has been collecting data on their customers for almost two decades. Lastly, Fior Hernandez shares an uplifting story of God’s [More]
Visit Trunews Site Was Hurricane Irma merely a prelude of the long brewing storm of immorality weighing over our nation? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles details the spiritual lessons learned from the strongest Atlantic weather system in recorded history, and shares the teams stories of God working through the disaster. Rick also discusses the latest revelation in the Awan-Wasserman Schultz secret server fraud mystery, and the emerging trend of Democrat officials facing accusations of sexual assault and pedophilia.
Visit Trunews Site Are events like Hurricane Irma and the nuclear standoff with North Korea a reminder to all us of the preparedness necessary for the times to come? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart and Edward Szall broadcast live from Vero Beach and discuss the latest on the strongest Atlantic storm in recorded history. Rick and the team also debate the possibility that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s former IT staffers have decided to turn state’s evidence against the Democratic establishment.
Visit Trunews Site Are most Americans aware of the devastating threats currently looming over our nation? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles prays for people of St. Kitts as the strongest Atlantic hurricane in recorded history bears down on the Caribbean and the Florida mainland. Rick also welcomes Pastor David Berman to discuss the shocking reality that North Korea may be preparing an EMP attack on the U.S. Lastly, Rick speaks with soul-winning machine, Evangelist Mario Murillo, about his upcoming crusade for lost youth in Fresno, California.
Visit Trunews Site Are we on the edge of a nuclear war which could change the world forever? On this special edition of TruNews, Rick Wiles discusses the personal statement from Russian President Vladimir Putin on the standoff, and shares two interviews from the archives which reiterate God’s warning to him 19 years ago. In part 1, Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, details the possibility Kim Jong-un possesses a satellite EMP weapon, and in part 2, Rick speaks with independent reporter Terrence Aym about his investigation of North Korea’s true [More]
Visit Trunews Site With Hurricane Irma now bearing down on Texas, and the U.S. nuclear standoff with North Korea intensifying, are we witnessing a fulfillment of prophetic warnings? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles shares China’s decree that they will never allow war or chaos on their doorstep, and discusses the statement by independent journalist Mike Cernovich, that a coup has taken place and President Trump is under house arrest. Rick also details the numerous dreams and visions which were delivered prior to the Houston deluge, and defends God’s watchman who were courageous enough to alert the Saints despite ridicule.
Visit Trunews Site What exactly did Kim Jong-Un mean by a “prelude to containing Guam”? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles dissects the recent threat against America from the mad leader in the North as the War and Unrest cycle continues to unravel. Rick also discusses the propagandic reports of an impending Russian invasion of Europe, and Israel’s brewing anger over Iranian proxy forces occupying the Golan Heights.
Visit Trunews Site Is the flooding in Houston the result of man’s sins against God, or the left’s false narrative of climate change? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles prays for those displaced by Hurricane Harvey, and calls for Christians to return to the path of righteousness. Rick also shares prophecies from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and Pamela Banda, which predicted the calamity which has befallen the Lone Star state, and discusses the latest North Korean missile launch as America approaches September 11th.
Visit Trunews Site Are Technocrats already more powerful than elected officials? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles shares his reaction after hearing Michigan Democrat Congresswomen Debbie Dingell respond to the question of whether companies like Google have already exceeded the constraints of traditional government. Rick also shares the latest soliloquies from the madman in Pyongyang, and Israel’s threat to bomb Syria’s version of the White House.
Visit Trunews Site It’s TruNews from Detroit on this edition of the program! Host Rick Wiles welcomes the broadcast team of Zach Drew, Edward Szall and Erick Rodriguez as they attend AV17, Motor City’s autonomous vehicle symposium and showcase. The team explores the impact that the innovation in driverless vehicles will make on society, with an in-depth discussion on how tech leaders are pushing for a universal basic income. Later, Fior Hernandez talks with Susan Wiles on her testimony of how God blessed her with ‘Miracle Money’.
Visit Trunews Site Is there an attempt by the radical revolutionary Left to abort the presidency of Donald Trump? Today on TruNews, host Rick Wiles provides updates on the continued escalation to World War 3 with activity in North Korea, Syria and Israel, and the Ukraine. Rick also shares a profound message from Sundar Selvaraj, who is prophesying that we no longer need revival, but we need to get our house in order. In part 2, the TruNews team in Detroit asks where would you go, and what would you do, if you could travel the globe in under an [More]
Visit Trunews Site How should Body of Christ respond to the current protest revolution taking place in America? Today on TRUNEWS, host Rick Wiles explores media reaction to the Arizona rally of President Trump, with some of the Marxist media going so far as to question the mental stability of the Commander-In-Chief. The TRUNEWS team of Zach Drew, Edward Szall, and Erick Rodriguez will be checking in from Detroit at the AV17 Autonomous Vehicle Show, giving some insights on the future of the driverless car industry. Finally, TRUNEWS shares the dynamic prayers of Franklin Graham and Alveda King from the [More]
Visit Trunews Site Do the current Marxist attacks on statues and historical sites have their roots in the radical revolutionaries from the 60s? Today on Trunews, Rick Wiles addresses the current situation of rising escalation with North Korea, before introducing Larry Grathwohl. This FBI informant infiltrated the notorious Weather Underground, and exposed the principal troublemakers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohn. Both were close friends and confidants of Barack Hussein Obama, who is running the playbook for a Communist revolt in America.
Visit Trunews Site Darkness in America today as a total eclipse moved across the country but is another, unnatural darkness eating through the land? On today’s TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles talks with author and radio host, Steve Quayle about the Marxist revolution that has preempted and co-opted President Donald Trump’s administration as men of faith stand silently by.