Today Rick details the latest crimes of Washington’s tenured elite, and calls on the Body of Christ to walk in God’s authority against Satan’s dark agenda.
Visit Trunews Site “Please note that we do not necessarily agree with every viewpoint held by Trunews.”  Admin Will Russia’s President Vladimir Putin rebuild Syria’s churches while U.S. President Donald Trump rebuilds Jerusalem’s Third Temple? Today on TruNews, Rick discusses this and the latest from the Korean peninsula as the drums of war continue to sound.
Visit Trunews Site Is it a coincidence that the wife of a senior DOJ official at the center of the Trump dossier scandal applied for a HAM radio license as Fusion GPS began their witch hunt? Today Rick discusses this, the possibility of a new North Korean nuclear test by this weekend, and the prophetic implications of Judge Moore’s defeat in Alabama.
Visit Trunews Site Almost a year after President Trump took office, the Deep State is unrelenting in their coup against his authority and those who support him. Today Rick discusses who really colluded with the Russians and details the countless conflicts of interest held by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, as competing investigations race for indictments.
Visit Trunews Site Did Evangelicals hand Vladimir Putin the reigns in the Middle East by supporting President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration? Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles discusses this and the future virtual reality dystopia previewed in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One.
Visit Trunews Site The case against Judge Moore collapses as accuser admits to forging evidence; FBI Obama loyalists setup Flynn while spying on President Trump and China’s navy preps for war with America.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s TruNews TV, Rick and the news team discuss how in a world of war, the Prince of Peace is often missed. Just as in the first Advent of Christ, will many miss the opportunity to see the warning signs of asteroids, wildfires and nuclear destruction and fail to see that Jesus Christ is coming soon?
Visit Trunews Site  Today Rick Wiles discusses the historic decision by the Trump administration to recognize the city as the capital of Israel, and the team analyzes the warnings from China, as their people prepare for nuclear attack.
Visit Trunews Site Today on TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles is joined by correspondent Doc Burkhart as they discuss the decline of the Protestant movement on a global scale. Through observing the great cycles of the Church, has the movement that Martin Luther founded finally run its course? Has God reserved a remnant in response to the lack of power in today’s church?
Visit Trunews Site Will 3-D printed suicide machines allow Satan to lead humanity into a fake virtual reality which imitates heaven? Today the team discusses this chilling prospect and the politically motivated witch hunt against President Trump.
Visit Trunews Site Today Rick Wiles is joined by TruNews correspondents Zach Drew and Edward Szall to discuss the ramifications of digital obsession and how this trend could lead society toward a future where technology implants are an accepted evil for “normal” living.
Visit Trunews Site Kushner’s link to the FBI trouble facing General Flynn; China warns America not to start a war with North Korea; Pastor Mark Boykin speaks exclusively about victory over a devil worshipper attempting to erect a satanic pentagram for Christmas
Visit Trunews Site Today “Devil Buster” Pastor Mark Boykin joins Rick Wiles to discuss the recent victory over a local devil worshiper who attempted to erect a Satanic display next to a nativity scene in Boca Raton, Florida. They also discuss how pastors around the country need to stand up to the encroachment of darkness in their communities.
Visit Trunews Site General Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI about alleged backchannel negotiations while similar dealings between Obama and Iran are ignored; Smitten about the revived mystery surrounding a dead female staffer, Joe Scarborough trumpets Left’s goal of politically decapitating President Trump by crying insanity
Visit Trunews Site On today’s TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles talks with correspondents Edward Szall and Zach Drew about the latest threats from ISIS on Times Square, London Christmas Markets, Paris, and even The Vatican. Together they discuss that the real target of ISIS is Christianity, and ‘The People of the Cross’.
Visit Trunews Site Jihadists threaten Christmas; Kim Jong Un tests out a dummy nuclear warhead; dropping temperatures, swarms of earthquakes and rumbling volcanos may be signs of a new global Ice Age
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles talks about the very real possibility of a thermonuclear attack from the despotic nation. Edward Szall and Doc Burkhart join Rick to discuss this and the more frightening scenario of an EMP attack on North America.
Visit Trunews Site President Trump’s Middle East deal could include moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, establishing a Palestinian state and waging a war against Iran; Russia investigates the charge that Bolshevik Jews ritually murdered the Imperial family as growing nationalism raises the possibility of a Tsar Vladimir Putin.
Visit Trunews Site Host Rick Wiles is joined by longtime financial advisor and fellow last days watchman Don McAlvany, as they discuss the rapid advance of the implementation of the elimination of fiat currency. They also talk about the increasing persecution of Christians in America.
Visit Trunews Site A green and red Christmas appears to be on the horizon as North Korea launches an ICBM capable of nuking an American city and ISIS encourages lone wolf jihadists to massacre Christians.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles welcomes special guest Don McAlvany, whose insights into trending world events has shaped a generation of watchmen in the last days. Together they discuss the pushback against globalists, and stressing how they will not go down without a fight.
Visit Trunews Site The Jewish-run Jerusalem Post reports that Israel is forming an alliance with ISIS as they both share the common goal of defeating Iran and destroying Christianity in the Middle East; North Korea prepares to launch a Christmas nuke as officials say missiles only target America
Visit Trunews Site On today’s TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles is joined by Evangelist Mario Murillo as they discuss the shaking and breaking of the the political, media and entertainment realms. Together they discuss the history of the Left’s desire to rid the nation of morality, and the what they are now reaping.
Visit Trunews Site On the Friday edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles continues his discussion with Jeremy Wiles (KingdomWorks Studios) and James Craft. Today, James will share more of his personal journey from shame to victory, and how the grace of God can help anyone caught up in the bondages of addiction in its various forms.
Visit Trunews Site On the Thanksgiving Day edition of TruNews TV, Rick Wiles is joined in studio by Jeremy Wiles, CEO of KingdomWorks Studios, and special guest James Craft. James trains leaders in how to effectively launch and facilitate the Conquer Series, helping men overcome the bondage of pornography, and will appear in the Kingdom Works Studios three new video series dealing with betrayal, and marriage & family health.
Visit Trunews Site Earthquake data shows dramatic increase globally, with half occurring inside America; Rick discusses Christ’s “Sin Amnesty” and the closing deadline for repentance; Solar minimums and a looming Ice Age means major change for farmers and nations
Visit Trunews Site Why is Russia’s top Christian leader warning his congregations that America’s embrace of homosexuality is a sign that the apocalypse is coming soon, and why are America’s Christian leaders so strangely silent? Rick Wiles is joined by Doc Burkhart and Zach Drew as they explore whether the political and religious attacks on Russia are a result of their progressive return to righteousness.