Once the planet had been properly prepared, the earth was ready for its clocks. There must be a time-keeping system for “signs and seasons, and for days and years.” What did God originally say about the purpose of the heavenly lights? And why were the events on the fourth day significant? Listen: Day Four—Sun, Moon, and Stars | The Institute for Creation Research
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From the dying embers of faith, via atheism and evolutionary compromise, to a rock solid confidence in biblical creation and Scripture-one man’s fascinating journey. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM …read more Source: nutritionfacts.org     
By Dr. Veronique Desaulniers There are so many things you can do to lead a cancer-free life. Not surprisingly, many of the actions you can take to prevent dis-eases like breast cancer can also help your mind clear and active as well. Prevent Cancer and Help Your Brain Too Here are 6 easy things you can do NOW to prevent cancer and also stay alert, centered and relaxed. #1 Cut the sugar. Here’s a fact: sugar intake actually feeds cancer cells. Many studies have proved this, including a 2009 investigation conducted by the University of Utah found that found that [More]
By Creation Moments We have all heard it said that, the family that prays together, stays together. A new survey by the Barna Research Group indicates that this old saying is still true. The phone survey interviewed 1,512 Christians about their marriage history and their church membership. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
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By none Spanish marjoram oil can be easily confused with the essential oil from oregano, which is also called wild marjoram. But make no mistake, Spanish marjoram has numerous standout qualities that set it apart from other essential oils. What Is Spanish Marjoram Oil? Despite its name, Spanish marjoram oil is actually derived from the flowers and leaves of a bushy perennial plant from the family of thymes (Thymus mastichina). Originally from Spain, this wild thyme plant has a hairy stem, dark green oval leaves and clusters of small white flowers and grows up to 60 centimeters (23.6 inches) in [More]
By Alexandra Preston The popular view of stem cells is typically that of high-tech treatments reserved for “the future,” far-off foreign clinics the “authorities” usually tell us to avoid. But there is being a lot of progress in the stem cell world for treating numerous conditions. What’s more, studies are showing that we may be able to harness the power of our own stem cells, using nutrients that are already accessible in ways that are more in line with traditional natural medicine than science fiction. One of the underlying drivers of aging is a decline in the number and function [More]
By kpennock On this episode of ID: The Future, CSC Senior Fellow Jay Richards explains how perfect solar eclipses are the tip of an iceberg-size design argument found in a book he co-wrote, The Privileged Planet. The conditions for a habitable planet (right distance from the right size star, a big but not too big moon that is the right distance away to stabilize Earth’s tilt and circulate its oceans) are also conditions that make perfect solar eclipses from the Earth’s surface much more likely. And perfect eclipses aren’t just eerie and beautiful. They’ve helped scientists test and discover things, [More]
By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Foods have an immense impact on your brain, and eating whole foods as described in my nutrition plan is the best way to support both your physical and mental health. Based on the evidence, avoiding sugar (particularly fructose) is an important prevention and treatment strategy for anxiety and depression, both of which are rising in prevalence. A number of studies have linked high-sugar diets to a higher risk of depression. Most recently, men consuming more than 67 grams of sugar per day were found to be 23 percent more likely to develop anxiety …read [More]
By Ken Ham Depression is reaching epidemic levels in our culture. You likely know someone—a friend, colleague, or family member, perhaps even yourself—who struggles with depression or despair. Every day hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will take their own lives, thinking they have no better option. How do we help those who feel they have no hope? Ray Comfort and our friends at Living Waters want to help shine a light on the darkness of depression with their newest powerful film, Exit. Living Waters has already produced several excellent films that bring biblical truth to tough cultural issues such [More]
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By Sierra Bright You know that feeling, you bite down on a hot, cold, sweet or sour food, only to experience a sudden sharp, jolting pain shooting deep into the nerve endings of your tooth – that’s known as tooth sensitivity, and it can be caused by any one of the following dental issues: Enamel that’s been worn down by use of a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard, or brushing your teeth aggressively Erosion caused by highly acidic foods and beverages Tooth decay Worn, leaky fillings Teeth grinding Some dental treatments, like bleaching, fillings, and crowns This happens [More]
By Dr. Mercola What Is Yarrow Oil? Yarrow oil is extracted from Achillea millefolium, a member of the Compositae plant family. This perennial herb is known throughout Europe, but also grows in Asia and North America. Yarrow can grow up to 3 feet (1 meter) high, and is distinguishable by its feathery and aromatic fern-like leaves and pink-white, dense flower heads. Yarrow has many nicknames, such as milfoil, nosebleed, common yarrow and thousand leaf. It’s also called carpenter’s weed, because it’s useful for helping treat wounds that you can get from a saw or a blade, and may help stop [More]
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By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Your diet is an important, if not crucial, factor for the maintenance of a healthy heart well into old age. Healthy dietary fats top the list of heart-healthy foods, of course, but aside from that, a nitrate-rich diet can go a long way toward protecting your heart. Nitrates should not be confused with nitrites, found in bacon, hot dogs, ham and other less-than-healthy cured meats. Nitrites can convert into potentially dangerous nitrosamines, especially if heated, which is why processed meats are best avoided. In fact, after examining over 7,000 clinical studies, the World Cancer [More]
By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Carrots, while higher in sugar than many other vegetables and therefore best eaten in moderation, have a number of excellent health benefits, including: • Healthy vision • Brain and nervous system health • Liver protection • Protection against heart disease and stroke • Promotion of healthy bones One serving of orange carrots (one medium carrot or one-half cup chopped) will provide about 210 percent of the average daily recommended allowance (RDA) of vitamin A. The high vitamin A content, for which carrots are best known, comes from beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A [More]
By Dr. Mercola By Dr. Mercola Fidget spinners are the latest go-to gadget for schoolkids, but as their popularity has soared, so too has the controversy surrounding them. The hand-held, ball-bearing devices spin satisfyingly when manipulated by the users’ thumb and fingers, providing what would seem to be a novel form of fidgeting. The devices’ popularity is evidenced by Google searches for “fidget spinner,” which were nonexistent a year ago, and then suddenly peaked in popularity in May 2017.1 Part of the rise is due to the way they’re being marketed — not just as trendy “toys,” but as tools [More]
Tardigrades, also known as water bears, are smaller than a millimeter, live in water, and can endure all kinds of harsh environments. A recent research project found that asteroid impacts and nearby supernovae and gamma-ray bursts would wreck humanity but leave tardigrades unscathed. Does this mean we should expect to find tardigrade-like life on other planets and moons? More… …read more Source: icr.org     
By Lori Alton, staff writer (NaturalHealth365) According to the Heart Foundation, about 720,000 people suffer from heart attacks each year – which translates into someone having a heart attack every 34 seconds. Moreover, heart disease – the leading cause of death in the United States – currently claims the lives of one out of every four adults. But, you can take steps to protect yourself. Recent research reveals that a pair of nutrients work hand-in-glove to improve heart function, prevent heart attacks and extend survival rate in those who have already …read more Source: Natural Health 365     
By Admin – Orissa by Paul Fassa Health Impact News Forty percent of women today are obese. Many believe obesity is a precursor to diabetes, which if not reversed will lead to further health complications, and even be life threatening. However, a recent study looking at the effects of coconut oil on glycemia and inflammation demonstrated that obesity alone may not be the culprit. What the researchers discovered indicates that inflammation has a greater impact on insulin resistance and high blood sugar than excess fat. This could be argued, since adipose fats …read more Source: Health Impact News     
By Jonathan Landsman (NaturalHealth365) More than 25 million American adults – roughly 11.2 percent of the population – report having chronic pain, according to the National Institutes of Health. This epidemic has triggered an unprecedented national spike in the use (and abuse) of painkillers – including over-the-counter drugs and prescription opioid medications. Tragically, 44 people die in the United States every day as a result of prescription opioid overdose – while non-narcotic medications such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen carry risks of their own, including damage to the stomach and liver. …read more Source: Natural Health 365     
By Creation Moments Biotechnology may be a new word to you. It’s a relatively new science. Biotechnology is the science of engineering custom-made life forms. For example, biotechnologists can add to a bacterium the gene that makes fireflies glow. This procedure gives the bacterium the ability to glow. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Christopher Drummond Making the decision to live a healthy live is easy, but following up on it can be a bit tough. Thankfully, some of these essential oils are like having an extra friend helping you where you need it most. Here’s a list of the 7 Best Essential Oils and how to use them: 1. Lavender Essential Oil This calming, relaxing essential oil is perfect for helping your mind relax and dropping your energy levels for a good snooze. A good night’s sleep is often overlooked, but it’s arguably the most important aspect of health. Sleep allows your [More]
By Creation Moments Most mice are nocturnal. The African four-striped grass mouse, however, operates in the fierce equatorial sun. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Paul Fassa Source: Coconut Oil for Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease Now Clinically Studied For more content like this visit REALfarmacy.com. by PAUL FASSA Dr. Mary Newport, desperate after orthodox medical attempts failed her husband’s dwindling dysfunction from Alzheimer’s, discovered coconut oil and rescued him from having to be put away in a special home. His remarkable recovery went viral on the internet and Dr. Newport wrote a 2011-12 bestseller, Alzheimer’s Disease: What if There Was […] Source: Coconut Oil for Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease Now Clinically Studied Learn more at REALfarmacy.com – Healthy News and Information. …read more Source: realfarmacy.com