Even after two miscarriages, Mike and Melissa believed God would give them a child. They made an appointment with a fertility doctor, but days before their appointment, they were given a message.
A day out turned deadly when Tabitha fell from her horse and her brain began to swell. Doctors weren’t sure she’d survive without permanent damage, but the following months surprised everyone.
Paul and his family were celebrating Independence Day, but the party turned into a nightmare when a snake bite sent Paul into a 22 day coma.
Family members were the first to notice that Sheila wasn’t herself. Medication didn’t improve her condition, and soon she gave up hope.
A man’s debilitating illness turns out to be a severe neurological disorder. Long past the window for treatment, he resigns himself to never speaking again.
Charlotte never imagined that she would be in so much pain she couldn’t take care of her family or work. For five years she lived with this chronic pain, but refused to lose hope.
After suffering a massive heart attack, Bruce’s prognosis was grim. His wife and church members prayed as the doctors made every effort to save his life, and six days later they witnessed the miraculous.
Chris twisted her knee at work, and couldn’t escape the pain for two months. Nothing helped, but she had faith that God would heal her without requiring surgery.
When a 12-year-old baseball player loses his arm in an accident, it’s a race against the clock to reattach it. cbn.com
20 weeks into her pregnancy, doctors said Sandy’s daughter wouldn’t survive a birth defect. But God had given Sandy a name for her baby, and she clung to the promise with faith that her daughter would survive.  cbn.com
After four miscarriages, Jennifer and Chris finally conceived, but their baby wasn’t expected to survive multiple birth defects. They refused abortion and prayed for the impossible.  cbn.com
After a football coach suffered a heart attack, doctors had little hope for a positive outcome. Meanwhile, his wife wasn’t praying for healing—she was demanding it.  cbn.com
Man has hip healed through word of knowledge.  cbn.com
Woman healed of arm pain through word of knowledge.
Man is healed of Bell’s Palsy through word of knowledge.
Charles discovered a degenerative problem in his spine after a fall, leaving him to battle the pain. Coupled with a sudden eye condition that threatened his independence, he searched for something that would lift his spirits—and found healing.
Lady healed when word of knowledge was given about her condition.  cbn.com
Kathy was 8 years old when an accident in a pool rendered her jaw nearly immovable. 50 years of pain followed with multiple migraines a week, until one day she experienced a miracle.  cbn.com
Man suffers with serious shoulder problems for 20 yrs., hears word of knowledge on 700 Club and is healed.
An artery burst in Jerry’s stomach, but due to bad weather, he couldn’t be life-flighted. With slim chances of survival, Jerry’s wife reached out for prayer and believed for a miracle.
Andrea got the call every wife dreads—her husband had been in a lethal motorcycle accident. In the midst of her worst nightmare, she prayed and hoped for the impossible.
Man with cigarette smoking addiction, hears word of knowledge on 700 Club and is delivered.
Lady suffers with locked jaw, hears word of knowledge on 700 Club and is healed.
Lady suffers with migraines for 10 yrs., hears word of knowledge on 700 Club and is healed.
Lady healed of shingles by Word of Knowledge on 700 Club.
Sharon’s knee never recovered from a car accident injury, and she relied on pain medications to get through each day. She didn’t believe she could be healed, but knew that God was beyond her disbelief.
Two days after Hunter’s birth, doctors found a mass taking up 2/3 of his stomach. While seeking treatment for their son, Hunter’s parents sent out a desperate call for prayer, and received more than they expected.