Visit Trunews Site Rick Wiles confronts the $500m Museum of the Bible over Hobby Lobby CEO’s decision that Jesus is not kosher enough for inclusion; Bank of America forecasts a major bond crash in 2018 may lead to civil war and global conflict
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles is joined by correspondents Fior Hernandez and Doc Burkhart, as they discuss the reaction to a recent J Factor report on Washington DC’s ‘Museum of the Bible’. The trio question why a museum that is supposed to honor the Word of God, is strangely silent when in comes to the Virgin Birth, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Jesus.
Visit Trunews Site U.S. top nuclear commander seditiously claims he will defy President’s order to launch if he believes the request to be illegal; Judge Roy Moore presents evidence that yearbook of alleged victim is completely fabricated; Coming Carmageddon could end the age of human driving by 2020.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles is joined by correspondents Zach Drew and Edward Szall as they investigate the encroachment of technology into the spiritual realm. Together they examine the launch of ‘Way of the Future’, a church that seeks to worship artificial intelligence. Later on the J Factor, Fior Hernandez looks at the move of God taking place among millennials, focusing on a recent worship event in Washington, DC.
Visit Trunews Site The truth most Americans are missing about the recent waterfall of sex scandals and the presiding judge they should really be worried about; the unofficial King of Saudi Arabia’s Plan B to fight Hezbollah in Syria; satellite imagery shows North Korea developing a nuclear capable submarine
Visit Trunews Site Has Saudi Arabia and Israel made a secret deal to go to war with Iran? As Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrests hundreds of opponents in the kingdom, actions suggest a counter-coup, a preparation for war with Iran, or an attempt to house-clean the Deep State connected to Western intelligence.
Visit Trunews Site Major war brews in Middle East as alliance between the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel prepares to attack Iran; two pastors from Kenya share the truth about the constitutional crisis in Kenya and the villain the chaos leads back to
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles warns his audience to ‘brace for impact’, as he is prompted to admonish the Body of Christ that everything is getting ready to be shaken. Rick further details the rise of anti-Christian sentiment in America, and the dawn of a New Nazism in the land
Visit Trunews Site Possibility new Nazi leaders will use Hitler style ‘Final Solution’ to eradicate American Christians; Alaskans brace for North Korean nuclear strike as earthquake in Korea poses Fukushima threat; God rattles His remnant ahead of chaos as China forces Christians to worship Xi over Jesus.
Visit Trunews Site London unveils ancient temple to the pagan god Mithra; Saudi Arabia and Israel broker secret peace deal with President Trump; the connection between Nephilim ruins near Medina and mysterious space rods seen over volcanoes; brain microchips used to fabricate reality.
Visit Trunews Site Does God still speak to people about the end-times using dreams and visions? On today’s TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles is joined by ministry Vice-President Doc Burkhart, as they discuss how the Lord is speaking through the supernatural in lives today. Rick shares the first part of his stunning testimony of how God delivered him from a life of drugs and self-abuse, and how it all started with a dream of the end-times that he calls ‘The Revelation’. On J Factor, Fior Hernandez shares stories of how churches in Puerto Rico have weathered the impact of Hurricane [More]
Visit Trunews Site Saudi Arabia’s positioning for a war against Iran and its Shiite Muslim allies; News media acts like a Jacobin mob in assault of Judge Moore and Donna Brazile; experts warns Slaughterbot film depicting homicidal autonomous AI could become reality.
Visit Trunews Site Could God use a mini ice-age to trigger endtime events found in the Bible in Matthew 24? On today’s TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles is joined by Zach Drew and Edward to discuss the increase in volcanic activity around the world, and how it may fulfill prophecies of the last days. In J Factor, Fior Hernandez follows the stories of two families in the heart of Puerto Rico, both impacted in different ways by Hurricane Maria.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles speaks at length with Andy Hoffman of Together they explain the basics of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and what they mean for the decline of fiat monies worldwide. On J Factor, Fior Hernandez continues her Puerto Rico coverage, showing how God is continuing to supply even in the midst of the recent hurricane disaster.
Visit Trunews Site Today Rick comments on the religious doctrines of Pre-Tribulation and Christian Zionism and details the seven core tenants proponents must believe to support those theological positions.
Visit Trunews Site On this edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles is joined by Creation expert Eric Hovind, who discusses why we can be confident that God was fully involved in the forming of this world and in the making of man. Together they also discuss the upcoming 3D feature film “Genesis: Paradise Lost”
Visit Trunews Site Did President Trump instigate the recent Saudi coup by handing King Salman incriminating NSA recordings of his princes conspiring against him? Rick also details the regional impact of a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, what it means for the petrodollar, and where Israel’s allegiances lie in the shakeup. Additionally, the team discusses the rising body count surrounding the Mandalay Bay Massacre and new recordings which indicate multiple shooters.
Visit Trunews Site Rick discusses current events and more.
Visit Trunews Site Pentagon deploys defense systems along West coast to defend attack by North Korean nuclear tipped ICBMs; Saudi prince freezes bank accounts of Old Guard as diplomatic cables show collusion with Israel toward war; Weinstein hires army of Mossad spies as Left eats their own amid the ongoing sex scandal
Visit Trunews Site On today’s TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles relates the recent church shooting in Texas to the ongoing war against Christianity in America. Later, Rick is joined by correspondents Zach Drew and Edward Szall to discuss the automation revolution about to take place globally that will radically change the way we work, shop, and live; and it is sooner than you think!
Visit Trunews Site Jacobin Left begins revolution in America by killing Christians; Saudi Royal Family purges the House of Saud as the Middle East sits on the edge of War; Pentagon says an invasion is necessary to secure North Korea’s nuclear sites
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles asks the question, “What if the government based your credit score on your political correctness?” Edward Szall and Zach Drew join Rick to discuss how facial recognition and artificial intelligence are combining to control every aspect of your life. Fior Hernandez shares some of her experience in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico on today’s J Factor.
Visit Trunews Site   In a special edition of TruNews, Rick Wiles shares an interview recorded in 2003 with Dr. Tim O’Shea, author of “The Sanctity of Human Blood,” and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, regarding the dangers of vaccinations and specifically the hidden perils of the small pox vaccine.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles explores the latest advances in microchips in humans. Correspondents Edward Szall and Zach Drew provide additional bio-hacking insights. In J Factor, Fior Hernandez features the move of God that took place at the recent ‘Awaken the Dawn’ event in Washington, DC.
Visit Trunews Site In this special edition of TruNews, Rick Wiles shares a conversation with Ray Yungen, the author of “For Many Shall Come in My Name,” about the encroachment of New Age philosophies into the Christian church.
Visit Trunews Site On today’s edition of TruNews TV, host Rick Wiles speaks with Luke Gibbons and Jeremy Wiles of KingdomWorks Studios. Together they discuss the porn pandemic in American churches, and the answer that many addicts are finding in the multi-part video production entitled “The Conquer Series”.
Visit Trunews Site Manhattan jihadist brought in by crony visa lottery system preserved by Obama, Democrats and Deep State; drone flybys leave American military bases helpless; volcanoes and pestilence signs of the End Times and a coming Ice Age