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It’s been called The Miracle on Highway 6. After a fiery car crash and desperate prayers, witnesses say angels showed up and performed a miraculous rescue. .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com
A 12 year old boy might had died from ski jet accident if God and angel did not intervened. Angels are real beings! Demons are real too! We live in the spiritual world with angels and demons! I hope that everyone sees this video to know the King of heaven, Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior/Lord! In order to donate to CBN, https://www.cbn.com/giving/700club/op…
While working on a giant Peterbilt truck, Bruce van natta was crushed in two when the jack slipped and the truck fell on him. Here his story of angelic help and his miraculous recovery.
Judith MacNutt had an accident when she was young. A car of drunken driver ran over her. The doctor told family she couldn’t make it. But God healed her. Her first supernatural experience started when group of Spirit-filled people prayed for her. She had a vision of heaven and heard of voice of God. Since that time, she has been seeing angels and has been seen supernatural miracles. In order to donate to Sid Roth: secure2.convio.net To purchase books of Judith MacNutt: secure2.convio.net
Christine Martin lost control of her car and wound up teetering over the edge of a bridge. She called out to God after which an angel appeared and moved her car to safety. From “Secrets of the Supernatural” courtesy of CBN.Com
A horrific car accident leads to a miraculous encounter after the driver of an SUV ran into a music store where 4-year-old Elise was sitting playing the drums. Jesus Himself picked her up and moved her to safety. www.cbn.com
Little Brittany Backenhaster had been sent home to die peacefully in her own bed. As she lay unconscious, the King of Peace paid her a visit. See how Jesus Christ changed her life. The Christian Broadcast Network To see more testimonies from The 700 Club and CBN , go to www.cbn.com
DeShawn Tatem, a drug dealer, was about to commit murder. Just before he executed his plans, he ran into a woman who had a special message for him. The Christian Broadcasting Network See more from The 700 Club at www.cbn.com
Bestselling author Don Piper shares the story of his encounter with a heavenly angel, as he lay dying after a car wreck.
A teenager expected to die makes a sudden recovery after a bright light appears near her Charlotte hospital room. News – Breaking News Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008 Photo captures image of an ‘angel’ in Charlotte hospital In dark time, mom of Mint Hill teen sees light of hope When Chelsea Banton was born five weeks prematurely, doctors predicted she had 36 hours to live. Proving them wrong was the first miracle for Chelsea, now an Independence High School freshman. She spent the first four months in a neonatal intensive care unit, recalls her mother, Colleen Banton of Mint Hill. This [More]
Jimmy Jones was driving his delivery truck in 2011 when he found himself in the cross hairs of an F-4 tornado. Frantic, he was forced to seek refuge under an interstate overpass which is where he ran into someone he wasn’t expecting. .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com
Two-year-old Ethan Payne fell out of a second-story window. Doctors worried he would have brain damage or never walk again. But through the power of prayer, Ethan was better within six hours. The Christian Broadcasting Network To see more from The 700 Club, go to www.cbn.com