When creatures work together to help one other, it defies evolutionary predictions. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Troy Lacey A study published in May in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B hypothesized how and when baleen whales grew so large. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Creation Moments There are many different kinds of salts that occur naturally in our environment. Yet, only one of those salts stirs our taste buds. That salt – sodium chloride – is the tastiest of all the salts and the one that all living things need. The amazing chemistry behind this mystery shows that this is no accident. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Roger Patterson The term Hinduism refers to a singular religious identity of the Hindu tradition that incorporates multiple cultures and a variety of belief systems. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Ken Ham Is everything in our world just some kind of computer program? A recent article claims that Dr. Rich Terrile, the director of the Center for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, believes “that our reality is an elaborate hologram created by an alien race.” Dr. Terrile reportedly said, “We can all be the creation of a cosmic computer programmer as opposed to a God.” According to reports, Dr. Terrile has been sharing these views—which are not grounded in any kind of scientific observations—since at least 2010. Now this is interesting because, as we [More]
Sir David Attenborough and Charles Darwin were both mistaken in their evaluation of the animals of the Galápagos as evidence for evolution. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Creation Moments Hummingbirds are among the most exquisite jewels in God’s creation. Many of their activities and habits seem almost unreal. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Mike Matthews Since the beginning of modern science, creationists have strived to explain our world based on the unchanging laws of our Creator. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
A long forgotten English zoologist and surgeon wrote the first book that set out to disprove evolution. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Scot Chadwick This assertion may appeal to skeptics, but it fails to deal truthfully with the biblical record and may also place too much weight on the genetic evidence. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By schaffee On this episode of ID the Future, Sarah Chaffee reports on recent academic freedom and science education happenings across the United States. Listen in as she gets perspective from three men defending academic freedom and the right of public high school biology instructors to expose students to evidence not just for but also against modern evolutionary theory. Your browser does not support playing Audio, please upgrade your browser or find our podcast on podOmatic Download Episode …read more Source: id the future     
By Creation Moments When someone receives a donated organ they must take powerful drugs to prevent rejection. That’s because the body’s immune system identifies the implanted organ as “not me.” It then assumes that the invader is dangerous and must be destroyed. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Ken Ham In a recent interview, gay activist and donor Tim Gill declared that his organization is going “to punish the wicked.” And who are these wicked people? The so-called “religious right,” mentioned by name, but of course he also means any other group that stands against gay “marriage” and rights. Activists for the LGBT community in the United States are growing increasingly hostile, particularly toward Christians who stand on God’s Word and advocate for biblical marriage. In the past, the gay community claimed they just wanted tolerance. Now, they want everyone to celebrate and approve of their lifestyle. [More]
By Karin Viet An elephant’s trunk is like a built-in multi-purpose tool. Weighing in at roughly 300 to 400 pounds, the trunk is no lightweight piece of equipment. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Ken Ham Mark November 13, 2017, on your calendars—it’s a day you won’t want to miss. In just a few months, the powerful film Genesis: Paradise Lost, produced by our friends over at Creation Today, hits theaters, and you’ll want to be there. Genesis: Paradise Lost (formerly known as Genesis 3D) is a visually stunning film that animates the first chapter of Genesis, as God creates the world from nothing. Narrated by my friend Voddie Baucham, Genesis comes to life before your eyes as plants spring forth from the earth, planets are formed, the earth responds to God’s command [More]
By Creation Moments Nazareth, the town in which Jesus grew up, is often portrayed as a tiny backwater town. As a result, Jesus is often portrayed as an unsophisticated man. He has been painted many times as someone who could more easily relate to farmers and shepherds than to the city dweller. Biblical researchers point out that this is not an accurate picture of Jesus of Nazareth. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
Steven Curtis Chapman will be the first public Ark Encounter performer since the park’s grand opening last year. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Simon Turpin When Christians ask people, “Who do you say Jesus is?” there are various answers about his identity. What does the New Testament tell us about who he is? …read more Source: AIG Daily     
Understanding the earth’s geological record is undergoing a radical rethink. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Creation Moments Could pizza be good for you? Research into tomatoes has shown that tomatoes, especially cooked, have powerful health benefits. That’s because tomatoes have a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, in addition to beta carotene, other B vitamins, vitamin C and other important minerals. A four-ounce tomato can provide you with one-third the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By kpennock On this episode of ID: The Future, neurosurgeon Michael Egnor discusses Jerry Coyne’s free speech double standard. Peter Singer has advocated killing some handicapped newborns in the crib, and after some handicapped people protested and disrupted his lectures, Coyne objected to their infringing on Singer’s free speech rights. But then Coyne supported efforts to intimidate and possibly fire professor Eric Hedin for noting evidence of fine-tuning in an honors astronomy course. Your browser does not support playing Audio, please upgrade your browser or find our podcast on podOmatic Download Episode …read more Source: id the future     
Climate change heats up the headlines. But is the earth really getting warmer? More… …read more Source: icr.org     
New Aliens documentary refuting alien life and explaining alien abduction claims. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson BioLogos has engaged in systematic scientific error on one of their “evidences” for evolution, and they have misrepresented the arguments for several years. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Creation Moments What determines the sort of smells that we like and dislike? Is it nature or nurture? Do we like the smells of the environment, in which we were brought up, or are our likes and dislikes inherited from previous generations? read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
By Ken Ham Strap on your running shoes, grab a water bottle, and hit the scenic roads around the Creation Museum for our ninth annual Raptor Run 5K. This family-friendly event takes place October 14, 2017, on closed streets, starting and ending at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Whether you run, jog, or just walk, Raptor Run is a great way to get out with family, friends, or a group, enjoy God’s creation, and support the Creation Museum. This run features male and female categories and seven age categories from 14 and under to 60 and over, so …read [More]
Solar eclipses are astonishing sights. These astronomical events—and even the sun itself—reveal a lot about creation and our Creator. When will the next solar eclipse occur? And how can we view it safely? Tune in to this special episode of Science, Scripture, & Salvation with Dr. Jake Hebert to learn about biblical creation and tips for observing the upcoming solar eclipse. More… …read more Source: icr.org