By Creation Moments In two previous Creation Moments, I have described how radiometric dating works, and how uranium changes into lead. We found that, for every atom of uranium that decays, eight atoms of helium are made. If a rock contained no lead when it was formed, then all the lead must have been made from uranium, and there would be 8 times as many helium atoms as lead atoms. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
We suggest some ways Christians might use creation resources in practical ways to reach unbelieving friends. …read more Source:     
By Avery Foley In a recent study, scientists from Canada are claiming to have given the warm ponds theory a boost regarding the evolutionary origins of life on earth. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Creation Moments Like many people of my generation, I was fascinated by the Apollo Moon landings from 1969 through 1972. As a small boy, I keenly watched all the special programs that I could on BBC TV. I clearly remember one of the BBC experts, signing off the Apollo 17 broadcast, by telling us that NASA would certainly have people on Mars before 1990. I waited eagerly, but it never happened. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
This Thanksgiving we’re giving you something extra to be thankful for—a free Thanksgiving Sunday school lesson complete with teaching, crafts, and game ideas for prekindergarten through middle school. This lesson, part of our Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC), will encourage kids to express their thanks to God for all he is and for all he has done.     Free Digital Download of Lesson on “Giving Thanks to God” James 1:17 tells us that every good and perfect gift comes from God, and throughout Scripture we’re encouraged to give thanks and praise to our good God. This Sunday school lesson teaches [More]
By kpennock On this episode of ID The Future, Tod Butterfield talks with historian Dr. Richard Weikart about his new book Hitler’s Religion: The Twisted Beliefs that Drove the Third Reich. In this episode, Dr. Weikart explains how Darwinian evolution informed Hitler’s ethics. Your browser does not support playing Audio, please upgrade your browser or find our podcast on podOmatic Download Episode …read more Source: id the future     
A new discovery forced a rewrite of bird evolution. Chinese fossil discoveries ballooned the number of birds found among dinosaur-containing rocks. But if birds somehow evolved into dinosaurs, then these bird fossils should not be mixed with dinosaur fossils. More… …read more Source:     
By Sarah Chaffee On this episode of ID the Future, Tom Woodward interviews CSC Senior Fellow John G. West on the radio show, The Universe Next Door. They discuss Michael Behe’s two decades of influence through Darwin’s Black Box, published in 1996, and the recent film detailing his story. Watch Revolutionary now, available for free online at Your browser does not support playing Audio, please upgrade your browser or find our podcast on podOmatic Download Episode …read more Source: id the future     
What’s the most amazing, spectacular, greatest, and best wonder of our world?   Well, there have been the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which include the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. But it’s not any of them!   Today, there’s the New Seven Wonders of the World. Announced in 2007, the list features The Great Wall of China, Petra, and five others. But it’s not any of them!   Then there’s the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, which include the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef. But it’s not any of them! [More]
There are two major competing ideas for explaining the evolutionary origin of life on earth. In one story life emerges near hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor. The other version of the story is closer to Darwin’s original musings: life arises in a warm pond somewhere on early earth. In a recent study, scientists from Canada are claiming to have given the warm ponds theory a boost.1 Read More: Did Meteorites and Warm Ponds Make Life? | Answers in Genesis
The supposed sequence of plant evolution contradicts the burial order in the fossil record. …read more Source:     
By Creation Moments There is a story about a man, who had a dog. A friend asked him what kind of dog it was. The man replied “He is a Heinz dog”. “I have never heard of a Heinz dog”, said the other. “Sure you have”, said the first. “He has 57 varieties”. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
One in four Church of England congregations don’t have a single child that regularly attends Sunday morning services. Because that denomination failed to reach the last generation, the current generation won’t be found on church pews either. And, if this trend continues, neither will the next generation. Church attendance in the UK is already down to just over 4%, down from over 45% about 70 years ago! A new report has found the following: Read More: Report: 25% of Church of England Churches Have No Children | Answers in Genesis
To many people, Noah’s Ark sounds like a fantastic voyage that never could have happened. Ancient man didn’t have the technology. A single family would not have enough time, manpower, or resources to complete such a massive undertaking. Oh really?   Noah slapped his pen on the desk in frustration. “That won’t work either.” He buried his head in his hands and prayed. O God, help me. Stirred by his wife’s footsteps, he looked up to see her approaching.   “What’s wrong?” Emzara asked.   He sighed and raised his hands in frustration. “How can I make it strong enough [More]
Besides the arrogance of such statements, this argument has no footing and should be cast off. Mainly, those who make this claim usually define “educated people” as those who accept evolution. Any who disagree fail the test, no matter what their background (e.g., if we follow this ideology, Isaac Newton must have been uneducated). There are many lists of well-educated scholars who look to the Bible for answers (here’s one)—and we could point out Darwin’s own deficit of formal education (he earned a bachelor’s in theology). But the bigger issue is that education—or lack thereof—does not guarantee the validity of [More]
By Creation Moments Richard Dawkins believes he has found an organ system, which is badly designed, and so proves that no god could have designed it. He has popularized this accusation so widely that atheistic websites and forums simply quote the example, as if it were proven. He refers to the color receptors on the retina of the vertebrate eye. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
We’re expanding again at the Ark Encounter. Near the Ark, we’re building a 2,500-seat auditorium that will allow us to host workshops, conferences, special speakers, and other programs. Though Legacy Hall, our auditorium at the Creation Museum, seats 900, this bigger auditorium at the Ark will allow us to host even larger events here in Northern Kentucky. Read More: Construction Starts on Ark Encounter Auditorium | Answers in Genesis
Today’s global population contains people groups with a wide range of skin color. For many years, creation scientists have maintained this variety is due to the inherent created diversity in the original human couple as well as the dispersion of people groups at the Tower of Babel. New research in skin color genetics confirms this biblical narrative. More… …read more Source:     
Thirty-eight fossil lizards reckoned to be 20 million years old-so well-preserved you can see whether their eyes are open or shut. …read more Source:     
By Creation Moments I often think that all Christians should be interested in astronomy. That does not mean that I think you should be experts in how stars work, or how light travels. But the Psalmist says that “the heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork”. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
It’s exciting to see the thousands of people who pour into our two world-class attractions, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, each day here in Northern Kentucky. Thousands daily are learning about the truth of God’s Word and the gospel, and I enjoy often getting to meet with these guests from across the United States and around the world. We recently had a special guest visit our attractions—well-known pollster George Barna. Read More: George Barna Visits the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter | Answers in Genesis
If you believe in aliens from outer space, it may just be a religious impulse. A recent Scientific American article by Michael Shermer (founder of the Skeptics Society and the publisher of Skeptic magazine) highlights a recent set of studies at North Dakota State University (NDSU) that found “those who report low levels of religious belief but high desire for meaning in life show greater belief in ETIs [Extraterrestrial Intelligence].” Of course, everyone is religious, including atheists and skeptics—they just place their belief in an evolutionary worldview, naturalism, and humanism, instead of in Christ and his Word.   Romans 1 [More]
With the secular evolutionary agenda gaining such momentum, it may be tempting to think ‘it’s Game over’. But look behind the showiness and bravado, and the claims are empty. …read more Source:     
By Creation Moments Every so often, we need to return to the topic of peppered moths, which we have featured a number of times before. Previous Creation Moments have explained why Peppered Moths are not an example of evolution, and how, in the 1980s, it was found that the famous photos showing light and dark moths on light and dark tree trunks had, in fact, been staged. read more …read more Source: Creation Moments     
How should Christians think about tragedies like the Texas church shooting? …read more Source:     
Recently, the asymmetry matter/antimatter problem, one of the most serious objections to the Big Bang model, just got a little worse. More… …read more Source:     
Unscrambling the clues at a fossil site in Argentina which contains thousands of yet-to-be-hatched dinosaurs that have been quickly buried. …read more Source: