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How an icon of secular geology provides powerful evidence for Noah’s Flood. …read more Source: creation.com     
Abstract The Sauk megasequence is thought to have been deposited during one of the highest sea level episodes of the Phanerozoic. However, few, if any, have examined the extent and volume of sediments deposited across entire continents in order to test the published, secular sea level curve against the rock record.   This study examines the Lower Paleozoic sedimentary rocks across North America, South America, and Africa with particular attention given to the Sauk megasequence. Results show that the Sauk megasequence most likely represented a limited rise in global sea level. Africa and South America exhibit very little evidence of [More]
I saw a story in the news recently that reminded me of the tentative nature of historical science (the kind of science that is not directly testable, observable, and repeatable because it deals with the past) and how frequently the evolutionary story changes. Many fossil bones have been discovered covered in cuts and scrapes. Researchers thought this demonstrated that our supposed human ancestors (really just ape species) used tools to get the meat off. But a new study says the marks on the bones may have been made by crocodiles instead!   Read More: Did Hominids or Crocodiles Make Marks [More]
By Raymond Strom Size and roundness statistics were generated for 17 samples. The quartz and K-feldspar showed statistically significant rounding from the beach to the dune. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
Geological forces could cause a devastating landslide. …read more Source: creation.com     
A sack with petrified contents shows that millions of years is not needed for the process to take place. …read more Source: creation.com     
PLOS ONE reported the recent discovery of a megatheropod—a large, two-legged dinosaur much like a T. rex—in Africa. What does this discovery tell us? More… …read more Source: icr.org     
Unscrambling the clues at a fossil site in Argentina which contains thousands of yet-to-be-hatched dinosaurs that have been quickly buried. …read more Source: creation.com     
Editor’s Note: First published in St. Louis MetroVoice 5, no. 2 (February 1995).   The bitterest pill to swallow for any Christian who attempts to “make peace” with Darwin is the presumed animal ancestry of man. Even many Christians who uncritically accept evolutionary dogma as “God’s way of creating” try to elevate man and his origin above that of the beasts. Evolutionists attempt to soften the blow by assuring us that man didn’t exactly evolve from apes (tailless monkeys) but rather from ape-like creatures.   This is mere semantics, as may be seen from the fact that many of the [More]
Editor’s Note: First published in St. Louis MetroVoice 5, no. 3 (March 1995).   The evolutionist’s notion that man evolved by chance from ape-like creatures is largely based upon certain anatomical similarities between apes and men. Being convinced that such similarities “prove” an evolutionary relationship, paleoanthropologists have declared certain fossil apes to be particularly “manlike” and, thus, ancestral to man. Similarly, in an effort to fill the gap between apes and men, certain fossil men have been declared to be “apelike” and, thus, ancestral to at least “modern” man. You might say this latter effort seeks to make a “monkey” [More]
The results of an investigation into human footprints has brought conclusions that are out of step with evolutionary orthodoxy. …read more Source: creation.com     
A catastrophic flood best explains the rapid depositional processes that formed a major geological feature in Central Australia. …read more Source: creation.com     
Know the fatal flaw with all dating methods and how geologists change their story after the event. …read more Source: creation.com     
Fossils emerging from a mudflow raise more questions than answers for long-age thinking. …read more Source: creation.com     
Recently, Chinese researchers described their discovery of the “earliest” bird fossil with fused pelvic bones, just like modern birds. Also like modern birds, this fossil appears to be made of original bone, not mineralized bone (which would be rock). Could any process preserve actual bones for 120 million years? More… …read more Source: icr.org     
Geophysicist Dr Peter Vajda addresses a reader’s question on the limitations to understanding what the earth looks like on the inside. …read more Source: creation.com     
Only a catastrophic flood can account for the world’s largest and most intriguing geological feature. …read more Source: creation.com     
Fossils act as a record preserved to teach us about the earth’s past, to confirm Scripture, and to glorify God. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
Trilobites were fascinating invertebrates that inhabited pre-Flood ocean bottoms. They were fossilized when “primitive” life supposedly was just getting started, but the complexity of these animals is unparalleled. New trilobite anatomical discoveries contradict previous evolutionary beliefs about their digestive systems. More… …read more Source: icr.org     
Uniformitarian scientists cannot explain how planation surfaces exist throughout the world, but the evidence clearly points to the biblical Flood. …read more Source: creation.com     
When it’s a gigantic underwater landslide formed during Noah’s Flood. …read more Source: creation.com     
Paleontologists have unearthed yet another bizarre creature, this time in British Columbia, Canada, from sediments alleged to be 541 million years old. Evolutionists feel this new genus of animal is an evolutionary ancestor that led to modern arrow worms that currently inhabit the world’s oceans. But is it? More… …read more Source: icr.org     
By Ken Ham Last month, AiG’s Director of Research Dr. Andrew Snelling launched a momentous raft trip on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon to collect rock samples from four specific sites. This trip came on the heels of an almost four-year battle with the National Park Service, which included a lawsuit filed with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). The team of seven, including Dr. John Whitmore, senior professor of geology at Cedarville University, spent a week inside this magnificent Arizona canyon collecting samples. <img src="https://assets.answersingenesis.org/img/blogs/ken-ham/2017/09/andrew-snelling-and-john-whitmore.jpg" alt="Drs. Andrew Snelling and John …read more Source: Ken Ham AIG [More]
By Harry Dickens North America’s Proterozoic geology provides evidence for enormous erosion and the formation of extensive water flow systems, even spanning the continent. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
When the numbers don’t add up, it’s time to examine the methods and the philosophy behind them. …read more Source: creation.com     
By Dr. David Menton Selected data and unprovable assumptions are a problem with all methods for determining the age of the earth, as well as for dating its fossils and rocks. …read more Source: AIG Daily     
By Dr. Andrew A. Snelling Minerals display not only God’s incredible creativity and His care for our needs, but also His unbounded love of variety and beauty. …read more Source: AIG Daily