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“A powerful lesson on how to receive what you need from God. This can apply to healing as she needed or anything else.” Admin   I woke up with the same tormenting headache I had gone to bed with and struggled to the bathroom. I grasped the sink with both hands and reluctantly raised my pounding head to the mirror. The face reflected in the glass was a fiery red mask of tiny bumps and large acne-like sores. Hundreds of them.   The horrid rash covered my face like the Egyptian plague of boils in the Bible. The unending headache [More]
Rebecca worried sciatic nerve pain would keep her from her life—and officiating her granddaughter’s wedding. See how prayer changed everything!
A woman turns to prayer when her son suddenly goes into a cardiac arrest and is declared clinically dead.
When doctors couldn’t fix his football injury, Dominic was left with only one option.
An accident left Dean paralyzed from the waist down with little chance of ever walking again. A year later, Dean ran a half marathon.
Days before Christmas, Denise broke every bone in her pelvis and legs in an accident. Against all odds, she was healed in more ways than one.
After 10 years of barrenness and with a looming hysterectomy, Celeste still yearned for children. She prayed and trusted for the impossible.
Christy was 7 months pregnant when doctors told her to prepare for a funeral instead of a healthy baby. She and her husband prayed for the miraculous.
Nothing could fix Jennifer’s migraines, keeping her from the things she wanted to. Then one day, she and her mother were praying and everything changed.
After falling off a step ladder and twisting her knee, Lynn turned to prayer to return her to her normal way of life.
One couple finds a reason to be thankful after doctors discover a mass in their infant daughter’s brain.
When Chris emerged from the wreckage of his plane, his family couldn’t believe it. They rushed him to the hospital and prayed for another miracle.
Joyce and John Smith made headlines when John fell into a frozen lake. Hear the amazing story of his miraculous restoration including 2 angels seen in his hospital room.
After 20 years of chronic shoulder pain, Tom’s pain is instantly taken away.
After an accident, back pain made it impossible for Kettlyn to provide for her family. As her children depended on her, she depended on God for healing.
After surgery to remove a tumor, Robin’s appendix ruptured sending her into a coma for six weeks. Family and friends never stopped praying for a miracle.
Lesa never went to a doctor to diagnose her knee pain because she knew she would need surgery. After two years of pain, her prayers were finally answered.
Andrew was born with an illness that affected the arteries in his heart. His parents prayed for years, and as the doctors prepared to operate, they were shocked.
Ashley’s only chance of surviving cancer was surgery—but surgery came at the price of delivering her son prematurely. Faced with losing her life and her son, her church stepped in with prayer.
Duane struggled to play French horn through the pain in his jaw, and it wasn’t until he let go of his pride that he finally realized the power of prayer.
Tea with her sisters turned into a fight for life when a brain bleed landed Vanessa in the hospital. She would have died, but a supernatural vision assured her it wasn’t her time.
When Zach went to investigate a smoking combine he had no idea his life and the lives of all who loved him were about to change forever.
A dangerous delivery and rapid blood loss threatens a new mother’s life, and her husband is only left with a prayer.
Years after her knee replacement, Faye began experiencing debilitating hip pain. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, but she longed to return to her favorite activities
Gordon didn’t expect to survive when a speeding car hit him head on. But after a mysterious encounter at the scene, doctors were shocked at Gordon’s condition.
A form of Muscular Dystrophy hindered Elizabeth’s mobility for 30 years. She prayed for healing, but after so long, she began to doubt that it would actually happen.
A serious bronchial infection left Carole with terrible pain in her back. This, coupled with the death of her siblings, diminished her hope for healing.