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Published on Jun 28, 2017 Multimedia Presentation by Bruce Barton Apologetics Symposium Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA June 7, 2017 Evolutionists charge that creationism has hindered science, and that “no real scientist believes in creation.” Yet history shows just the opposite: Many of the greatest scientific discoveries have been by scientists who believed in God as Creator. On the other hand, science based upon evolutionary assumptions has resulted in much wasted research money, and ideas that are now in total disrepute. Additionally, evolutionary thinking leaves a trail of hopelessness and despair, and ideas that have been devastating to humanity, even [More]
When a couple discovered their son was a serial arsonist, they turned him in. But a new storm was coming as their friends and clients abandoned them, and they were faced with depression and bankruptcy.
Even after two miscarriages, Mike and Melissa believed God would give them a child. They made an appointment with a fertility doctor, but days before their appointment, they were given a message.
Alone, angry, and hurt by his step-father’s constant insults, Dermon felt like God wasn’t there. He turned to drugs to numb the pain, but knew there was only one place he could find the love he wanted.
A day out turned deadly when Tabitha fell from her horse and her brain began to swell. Doctors weren’t sure she’d survive without permanent damage, but the following months surprised everyone.
Joel could forget about his family troubles when he used drugs, but his addiction eventually consumed his life. His family tried to pull him out of his lifestyle, and Joel finally realized what was truly the root of his problem.
A spiritual guru with hundreds of thousands of followers has a terrifying vision and realizes he underestimated the powers he played with. He turns to the Bible to find out if Jesus is who he claimed to be.
Paul and his family were celebrating Independence Day, but the party turned into a nightmare when a snake bite sent Paul into a 22 day coma.
Sophia’s popularity as a minister is a far cry from her past of loneliness, abuse, homosexuality. See how she uses her story to lead others into healing and freedom.
Family members were the first to notice that Sheila wasn’t herself. Medication didn’t improve her condition, and soon she gave up hope.
Barry’s world changed with his son was diagnosed with global brain damage. But in the midst of his son’s sufferings, he holds utmost faith in God and encourages others to do the same.
Abuse and bullying pushed Brian into a life of drugs, crime, and the occult. His mother challenged him every step of the way until the powers they relied on came head-to-head.
Emily called herself a Christian but lead a life of homosexuality, drug use, lying, and rebellion. One night, she googled some Bible verses and learned that though God is love, he is also just and righteous, and she gave her life to Him.
A man’s debilitating illness turns out to be a severe neurological disorder. Long past the window for treatment, he resigns himself to never speaking again.
Merari escaped an abuse-filled past when she turned to witchcraft for control. But then a monster appears in her yard one night, and she realizes she was the one being controlled all along.
Growing up, Ron heard all about God but got caught up with the wrong crowd. After 30 years of producing and using meth, he landed in prison and faced what he had ignored his whole life.
Rob compensated for his lack of family by working out and drinking until a failed relationship sent him out a third story window. Stuck in a hospital with a broken back, he cried out for a father he’d never had.
Cody ran away from an abusive home and landed in the streets addicted to drugs. It wasn’t until he was 52 that his life changed drastically, and now he helps those in the very place he once lived.
Before she exuded strength and courage as a stunt woman, Laurie nearly lost her life to depression. A sexual assault had robbed her of a happy childhood until she was invited to an unforgettable Christian youth event.
Charlotte never imagined that she would be in so much pain she couldn’t take care of her family or work. For five years she lived with this chronic pain, but refused to lose hope.
Beloved singer-songwriter Jessi Colter opens up about standing by her husband, Wayland Jennings, and her journey back to her Christian roots.
Tressa wasn’t a stranger to neglect and instability, and her rebellious life landed her in drug dealing and eventually prison.