A man’s debilitating illness turns out to be a severe neurological disorder. Long past the window for treatment, he resigns himself to never speaking again.
Merari escaped an abuse-filled past when she turned to witchcraft for control. But then a monster appears in her yard one night, and she realizes she was the one being controlled all along.
Growing up, Ron heard all about God but got caught up with the wrong crowd. After 30 years of producing and using meth, he landed in prison and faced what he had ignored his whole life.
Rob compensated for his lack of family by working out and drinking until a failed relationship sent him out a third story window. Stuck in a hospital with a broken back, he cried out for a father he’d never had.
Cody ran away from an abusive home and landed in the streets addicted to drugs. It wasn’t until he was 52 that his life changed drastically, and now he helps those in the very place he once lived.
Before she exuded strength and courage as a stunt woman, Laurie nearly lost her life to depression. A sexual assault had robbed her of a happy childhood until she was invited to an unforgettable Christian youth event.
Charlotte never imagined that she would be in so much pain she couldn’t take care of her family or work. For five years she lived with this chronic pain, but refused to lose hope.
Beloved singer-songwriter Jessi Colter opens up about standing by her husband, Wayland Jennings, and her journey back to her Christian roots.
Tressa wasn’t a stranger to neglect and instability, and her rebellious life landed her in drug dealing and eventually prison.
Jason found his calling early on, and quickly climbed his way to the top of the music business and had all he could ever want. But without the love he craved, he was seconds away from suicide when he received a phone call.
David was raised by an alcoholic, abusive father, and promised he’d never abuse his own children. But when his dependence on alcohol drove him into a DUI and a divorce, and he knew he needed a better father figure to look up to.
After suffering a massive heart attack, Bruce’s prognosis was grim. His wife and church members prayed as the doctors made every effort to save his life, and six days later they witnessed the miraculous.
Chris and Colleen were high school sweethearts, but after 20 years, their storybook marriage turned into a nightmare. Affairs drove a wedge between the couple, but out of the devastation grew a new chance at reconciliation.
After Liberty was rejected by her mother, she turned to partying, relationships, and drugs. But darkness from her mother’s home followed her, and Liberty was left relying on a power that gave her more than she bargained for.
Born out of wedlock, Joanna felt she forced her parents into a family they wouldn’t have chosen otherwise. She grew hungry for love and attention until she found exactly who she needed in the midst of her messy life.
After an affair, divorce, and seven months of prayer, Brett’s quest for a new life started with bare bones—homelessness. But opportunity grew from there, changing his life and the lives of those around him.
Chris twisted her knee at work, and couldn’t escape the pain for two months. Nothing helped, but she had faith that God would heal her without requiring surgery.
A look at the life of Charles Taze Russell the JW’s founder.
A survey of JW beliefs from a Christian perspective. This teaching is a good beginning for understanding Jehovah’s Witness teachings and knowing where to look to learn more. Presentation by Mike Winger.
Hyde Park Baptist Church (2016) – Lecture by Norman Geisler.
Multimedia Presentation by Dr. Heinz Lycklama Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA. May 3, 2017 We trust the Bible for spiritual truth. Events, people and nations in the Bible have been corroborated by extra-biblical historians. The Bible has been confirmed by prophecy, archaeology, and geography. Do we trust the Bible when it makes scientific statements? There are many biblical references in different disciplines of science. The authors refer to nature and natural processes using everyday language. Their statements are amazingly accurate and often anticipate scientific insights that were not discovered by scientists until the last few centuries. The [More]
Science Confirms Biblical Creation was presented by Dr. Jason Lisle at Broadway Church of Christ on Feb. 8, 2017. Dr. Lisle works with the Institute for Creation Research, http://icr.org.
Credit to GoodScienceForYou Credentials of Dr. John Sanford: Cornell University Professor Bachelor’s of Science in Horticulture, University of Minnesota Master’s of Science, University of Wisconsin–Madison PhD in plant breeding/plant genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Multimedia Presentation by Chris Ashcraft Apologetics Symposium Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA April 12, 2017 In 1 Peter 3:15 we are instructed to “Always be prepared to give an answer”. And yet most Christian are unable to defend their faith through reasoned arguments. Using recent surveys to demonstrate the impact of the worldviews conflict on young people, this message hopes to inspire apologetics education to stem the loss of faith. We will also address some the conflict that exists between the natural science and the Bible. What is the Biblical age of the Earth? Was Adam not a real man, [More]
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