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What’s the connection between the Bible’s history and spiny plant fossils buried deep in the fossil record? Well, from a biblical perspective, thorns arose after the first humans sinned, at the time called “the Fall”. Therefore, these plants with thorns must have lived—and been fossilised—after the Fall. However, according to conventional geology, these fossils are in so-called Devonian rocks, which are allegedly over 360 million years old. Does this mean that the Bible’s history regarding thorns is wrong? No, the problem is that conventional geology ignores how the global flood of Noah profoundly affected earth’s sedimentary rock record. Such a [More]
Did God use evolution to create the universe? Some people think so. Today we critique an article arguing for ‘evolutionary creation’. Related Articles: “Evolutionary creation”, round squares, and other nonsense (https://creation.com/round-squares-bi…) Evolutionary syncretism: a critique of BioLogos (https://creation.com/biologos-evoluti…) A response to Timothy Keller’s ‘Creation, Evolution and Christian Laypeople’ (https://creation.com/timothy-keller-r…) BioLogos, theistic evolution and the Pelagian heresy (https://creation.com/biologos-pelagia…) Did God create over billions of years? (https://creation.com/Did-god-create-o…) Perils of Theistic Evolution (https://creation.com/perils-theistic-…)
One of the biggest mysteries in earth history is what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. There are over 100 theories, including the suggestion that dinosaurs suffered from slipped discs, shrinking brains or chronic constipation. The most popular idea is that a meteorite hit the earth and caused dramatic changes in earth’s climate, which led to the demise of the dinosaurs. However, even though this story is often repeated as fact, many scientists don’t believe it. For instance, in their book The Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy, two evolutionary scientists explain how the meteorite idea has become a new dogma that [More]
This common question has a simple answer and a more complex answer. Today we examine both of them. Related Articles: If God created the universe, then who created God? (https://creation.com/if-god-created-t…) Who created God? (https://creation.com/who-created-god) Who made God? (https://creation.com/cfk-who-made-god)
One of the remarkable things about the geologic record is that blankets of sediments cover vast areas of the continents. In his book, The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record, evolutionary geologist Professor Derek Ager marvelled at the way sedimentary layers extended for thousands of kilometres, even across continents. He was particularly impressed with the chalk beds that form the famous White Cliffs of Dover in Southern England, as these trace all the way to Turkey and Egypt. The strata exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon provide another example. Some of these sedimentary formations extend thousands of kilometres across [More]
Could the Genesis creation days be millions of years long? Join us as we dive into the language of the biblical text and discover how long God took to create the universe. Related Articles: How long were the days of Genesis 1? (https://creation.com/how-long-were-th…) The numbering pattern of Genesis (https://creation.com/the-numbering-pa…) How could the days of Genesis 1 be literal if the sun wasn’t created until the fourth day? (https://creation.com/how-could-the-da…) 2 Peter 3:8—‘one day is like a thousand years’ (https://creation.com/2-peter-38-one-d…)
How would our view of dinosaurs change if scientists found carbon 14 in their bones? Well, a group of geophysicists claimed to have discovered exactly that—carbon 14 in dinosaur bones! This is indeed a shocking proposal for those who believe that the last dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, because carbon 14 decays so fast that it could not possibly survive that long. There should not be one atom of carbon 14 present in dinosaur bones, if they really are as old as is usually claimed. After going to great lengths to rule out contamination, the researchers concluded that [More]
Surveys show that many youth who grow up in the church will leave. Today we examine these surveys and present a powerful solution that is already making a difference. Related Articles: Creation apologetics in youth ministry (https://creation.com/creation-apologe…) Fallout – Vital information for pastors, leaders, and parents (https://creation.com/fallout) Fallout facts – why and when do youth fall away (https://creation.com/fallout-facts)
The debate occurred in 2002 and was on the topic Creation vs. Evolution
Dr. Hovind gives a lecture to an anthropology class on the creationist viewpoint of origins.
Jeanhee found her way out of a poverty-stricken childhood and worked her way to becoming a business woman. But tragedy showed her the joy she lacked.
After his brother murdered their mother and abusive father, Wayne’s addictions grew worse. But then an encounter at a bus stop changed everything.
In high school, Darrick discovered how much money he could make selling drugs. When he couldn’t keep up with his own addiction, he begged for a way out.
Aleacha began practicing witchcraft at age 13. She made a name for herself reading fortunes until one night a dark encounter left her clinging to her childhood faith.?
Josh knew he had to leave his girlfriend. Ashley knew God had someone better for her. They obeyed, and then God brought them together.
Geoff grew up in the church and was baptized, but when he grew up he chose another path.
Jeremy and Dawn’s routine marriage left Dawn searching for attention in a co-worker. Though short-lived, Dawn had to confess.
Tiffany looked for love in all the wrong places. Then she had a rude awakening and saw the woman she had become.
At 14, Damien was kicked to the streets, joined a gang, and started dealing drugs. At 16, he faced prison but his judge had a different idea.
Rebecca worried sciatic nerve pain would keep her from her life—and officiating her granddaughter’s wedding. See how prayer changed everything!
Mindy wanted a good life for herself and her kids, but drugs and exotic dancing had her trapped.
After her father’s suicide, Tara turned to drugs. Losing custody of her children and multiple trips to jail pushed her to her breaking point.?
A woman turns to prayer when her son suddenly goes into a cardiac arrest and is declared clinically dead.
Roy faced 80 years in prison for his crimes. While there, he wanted to understand the Bible, but there was a problem—Roy couldn’t read.
Isela turned to the occult to get relief from the oppression in her life. But when her daughter began to suffer too, she knew she needed something stronger.
After his powerful political father falls from grace, Andrew descends into the abyss of drugs, alcohol, and self-destruction.
Dave yearned for his father’s approval, and followed his example of drug addiction. At rock bottom, Dave found the love he was looking for.