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Seminar by Patrick Nurre Apologetics Symposium Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA Date: October 15, 2015 Why should we be concerned about Egyptian Chronology? Isn’t this just a side issue? Few people realize that Egyptian Chronology is considered by modern archaeologists as the “gold standard” of chronology. That means that is regarded as an accurate record of history. But there is a problem. The Egyptian Chronology, as modern archaeologists understand it, stretches the history of mankind beyond the Biblical timeline for the creation and the Flood. How is it possible that the Pyramids could still be standing if they were built [More]
For more details visit: http://creation.com/cml79 Creationists are known for being staunch Bible defenders, so it is no surprise that many atheists loathe creation ministries. However it is mystifying that many conservative Christian Bible colleges and seminaries seem to loathe creationists as well. Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith discuss that the reason why may come from a well-meaning love for the Bible (trying to protect it from being ‘falsified by science’) that ends up undermining it. Main article: From Creation magazine 27(4) Loving the Bible to death (http://creation.com/loving-the-bible-to-death) • Related articles • Are you a young-earth creationist? http://creation.com/are-you-a-young-earth-creationist • Is Genesis [More]
For more details visit: http://creation.com/creation-magazine-live-episode-52 Interpreting Scripture with Scripture is a good way to discover truths in God’s Word. In this episode Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith explore how other biblical authors understood Genesis. They understood that it was a record of actual events and people. Main article: From Creation magazine 28(2) Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history (http://creation.com/genesis-bible-authors-believed-it-to-be-history) Related articles • Why is it so important to interpret Genesis as reliable history? (http://creation.com/interpreting-genesis-as-history) • The Use of Genesis in the New Testament (http://creation.com/genesis-new-testament) • Is Genesis poetry / figurative, a theological argument (polemic) and therefore not history? [More]
A question people often ask is “Does the Bible mention dinosaurs”? You might expect that the Bible would mention the most impressive land-dwelling beasts of God’s creation, since He created them on Day 6 along with people. Indeed, in Job Chapter 40, God directs Job to consider the crowning glory of his creation, “Behemoth”, as testimony to his creative power. “Behemoth” is described as a colossal beast, feeding on grass like an ox and living in marshes, with great strength in its loins and power in the muscles of its belly. Its bones are like “tubes of bronze”, and it [More]
See: http://creation.com/vbv Genesis Verse by Verse is a Bible study tool available on CMI’s website designed to help Pastors, students and laymen alike study the book of Genesis like never before. And it’s completely free! Simply look up any verse in Genesis 1-11 or just scroll down the page. The centre column provides links to articles that answer common questions pertaining to that verse and the topics that naturally arise from them. Visit http://creation.com/vbv to use it today. Related Articles: Genesis — Verse-by-Verse (http://creation.com/vbv)
Calling someone a “flat-earthier” defiantly isn’t a compliment but many people believe that, in the past, the church taught that the earth is flat. Historian Jeffrey Burton Russell put this myth to rest in his definitive book “Inventing the Flat Earth.” He could only find five obscure writers in the first fifteen hundred years of the Christian era, who denied the earth was a globe. What’s more, science historian John Heilbron documented in his book, “The Sun in the Church,” that the church actually supported astronomers by letting them use cathedrals as solar observatories. The Bible itself makes some intriguing [More]
Some say that that there really isn’t a standard for interpreting the Bible and that all interpretations are simply the creation of man. But if that’s true then how can we know anything in the Bible for certain? Is there a universal way that the Bible should be read, and if so, what is it? Related content The authority of Scripture (http://creation.com/the-authority-of-scripture) Should we trust the Bible? (http://creation.com/trust-the-bible) Jesus Christ on the infallibility of Scripture (http://creation.com/jesus-christ-on-the-infallibility-of-scripture) Holy books? (http://creation.com/holy-books) Gospel dates and reliability (http://creation.com/gospel-dates-and-reliability) Is the Bible our sole final authority? (http://creation.com/sola-scriptura) The Bible and hermeneutics (http://creation.com/the-bible-and-hermeneutics) Should Genesis be [More]
Have the continents moved apart? If so, when? Creationist Antonio Snider, the first person to publish on continental drift proposed that the continents separated during the Flood. Today his original idea is backed by cutting-edge computer modelling. The Creation Magazine LIVE! TV program is a ministry of Creation Ministries International. With offices in seven countries and more PhD scientists than any Christian organization this program features cutting edge science that supports the Bible delivered in a non-technical, visually-rich, discussion-based format. Related Articles: What about continental drift? (http://creation.com/images/pdfs/cabook/chapter11.pdf) Catastrophic plate tectonics: the geophysical context of the Genesis Flood (http://creation.com/catastrophic-plate-tectonics-the-geophysical-context-of-the-genesis-flood) Probing the [More]
For details visit: http://creation.com/creation-magazine-live-episode-11 Dinosaurs, those fascinating and mysterious creatures beg the question: where do they fit into the Bible? Evolution says dinosaurs fit into history millions of years ago. The Bible says that land animals (which would include dinosaurs) were created on Day 6 (the same day as people). Which view does science support? Get ready for amazing evidence showing that dinosaurs lived recently, just like the Bible says. Related articles – What about dinosaurs? (Chapter 19 from The Creation Answers Book) (http://creation.com/images/pdfs/cabook/chapter19.pdf) – How did dinosaurs grow so big? And how did Noah fit them on the Ark? [More]
What is the evidence for it? Where does it fit into Biblical history? What caused it? Tune into this weeks’ episode for the answers. The Creation Magazine LIVE! TV program is a ministry of Creation Ministries International. With offices in seven countries and more PhD scientists than any Christian organization this program features cutting edge science that supports the Bible delivered in a non-technical, visually-rich, discussion-based format. Related Articles: Was there an Ice Age? (http://creation.com/images/pdfs/cabook/chapter16.pdf) The lost squadron (http://creation.com/squadron) Ice Age Q+A page (http://creation.com/iceage) Related Products: Life in the great Ice Age (http://creation.com/store_redirect.php?sku=10-1-024) The Ice Age DVD — Only the [More]
For more information visit: http://creation.com/creation-magazine-live-episode-5 Bible texts are referenced which indicate that creation took place about 6000 years ago. Massive theological problems associated with adding ‘millions of years’ to the Bible are also summarized. Related articles – Jesus on creation (http://creation.com/jesus-on-creation) – Should Genesis be taken literally? (http://creation.com/should-genesis-be-taken-literally) – Did Moses really write Genesis? (http://creation.com/did-moses-really-write-genesis) – Old-earth or young-earth belief—Which belief is the recent aberration? (http://creation.com/old-earth-or-young-earth-belief) – Biblical chronogenealogies (http://creation.com/biblical-chronogenealogies) – In the Days of Peleg (http://creation.com/in-the-days-of-peleg) Feedback – The age of the earth: The Bible is reliable. (http://creation.com/the-age-of-the-earth-the-bible-is-reliable) – Dinosaurs, dating and the age of the earth (http://creation.com/dinosaurs-dating-and-the-age-of-the-earth) Also [More]
Visit rforh.com to order the dvd, find out more about Carl Kerby, get the deBunked study course, book a speaker, and/or browse many other great resources in their store. Also visit rforh.com to find out about and support the “It’s Not Just a Game: Assassin’s Creed” documentary project. A pilot of this very important documentary can be watched here: http://youtu.be/OJ5Jm_tDWF4 Visit the Reason For Hope youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPy0emqW4YwhM-q2pNHg0Hg
Carl Kerby Jr. joins us to talk about a biblical perspective on media including: video games, movies, and any other technologies. Praise God for his encouragement to search the Scriptures on the subject. You can contact Once Lost via email at contact@once-lost.com, www.facebook.com/oncelostministries, or www.once-lost.com
http://www.creationtoday.org | Atheists have inaugurated their first public monument, outside the courthouse in Starke, FL (next to a monument of the Ten Com…
http://www.dongossett.com/radio.html Evangelist, author Don Gossett shares in this radio program how confessing God’s word over your lifes situations can bri…
http://www.dongossett.com/radio.html Evangelist, author Don Gossett shares in this radio program how confessing God’s word over your lifes situations can bri…
Synchronized Sunday school for all ages! Answers Bible Curriculum is a full-featured, chronological, 3-year Sunday school program. Its 156 lessons are synchronized across 7 age groups from preschool to adults. Each group covers Genesis through Revelation and learns the same material—but at different levels of depth—empowering exciting and easy discussion for the entire family! In response to the startling findings of numerous studies—including those reported in the book, Already Gone—Answers Bible Curriculum is designed to stem the tide of skepticism toward God’s Word that begins in gradeschool. That skepticism turns to disbelief, and causes over two-thirds of young people to [More]
Dinosaurs have long been used to promote evolution and other secular ideas. But, in reality, dinosaurs are consistent with biblical creation. There is compel…
Dr. Don DeYoung is President of the Creation Research Society, and Chairman of the Department of Physical Science at Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana. He …
A scenic hike through the Laguna Coast Wilderness in southern CA reveals rocks, cave formations, and marine fossils that are exactly what many scientists tod…
http://www.nwcreation.net http://www.creationicc.org/ http://creationwiki.org/Main_Page LITERATURE: !!!The 2009 report of the Nongovernmental International P…
What is in the Bible that science has only recently discovered. Quotes by Evolutionary Scientists Against Evolution – http://www.warneveryone.com/evolution_s…
“Evidence against Evolution and for Creation and the Bible” A 55 minute video that has been designed for Bible study groups, School Christian Unions, etc. particularly for those who are sceptics of creation. Several topics covered are new items for the creationist movement. A challenging presentation of this important subject. homepage.ntlworld.com Malcolm Bowden’s play list – www.youtube.com
Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (YouTube channel CANSWERSTV, see our other 11 videos on Jehovah’s Witnesses at www.youtube.com websites: www.BIBLEQUERY.ORG, http & www.MUSLIMHOPE.COM) is joined in studio by Sam Reed, Ph.D in Biblical Languages (Greek & Hebrew) & Pastor Jackson Boyett, Th.M (website www.DAYSPRINGCHAPEL.ORG). Dr Reed, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin in New Testament Greek, reviews the Jehovah’s Witness version of the Bible on key passages & finds that their English rendering is not true to the original Greek. In fact, the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ version of the Bible called “New [More]
Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (search MuslimHope.com, BibleQuery.org & HistoryCart.com), interviews Rev. Saleem Masih who lived in Pakistan for 33 years as a member of the minority Christian community. Rev. Masih reveals what it is like to live in a Muslim country (97.6% of the population)providing shocking details of persecution of non-Muslims under Islamic laws and customs. Masih reveals the lack of law enforcement against criminal activities of Muslims against non-Muslims for such things as kidnapping, rape, murder, job discrimination, etc. Non-Muslims are treated as second class citizens (this not only includes Christians but [More]
Dr Michael Girouard, a medical physician, former evolutionist & speaker for the Institute of Creation Research, gives a fascinating presentation on why Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is not science but religion. Was it the “Big Bang” or God in the beginning? Were Adam & Eve real people? The Bible predicts that men in the last days will do the following: 1. Question that Jesus will return, 2. Question the age of the earth, 3. Question God’s creation of the earth, & 4. Question a worldwide flood (II Peter 3:3-6). For something to be considered science it must have 3 elements: [More]
How can we trust the Bible? Find out with guest Eric Barger on the show Christ in Prophecy.