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Intellectual Predators on Campus Frank Turek http://crossexamined.org/
Please visit www.CrossExamined.org for more Christian Apologetics content!
A quick answer to the question “Can Science Disprove God? ———– More at www.CrossExamined.org (Free “Stealing From God” Chapter here: http://ow.ly/Te0HT )
Q&A: Was the Bible embellished by the authors? ———- More at www.CrossExamined.org (Free “Stealing From God” Chapter here: http://ow.ly/Te0HT )
In light of the Supreme Court decision to legalize Same Sex Marriage, you as a Christian may be asking yourself: where do I go from here? Dr. Frank Turek gives an answer to this very important issue.
Frank Turek lectures on why it takes more faith to be an atheist than a Christian theist. Presented at the Love God With All Your Heart 2010 Apologetics Conference on October 9, 2010 at Mt. Airy Bible Church (mabcmd.org) in conjunction with BIOLA University (apologeticsevents.com).
In this episode of Giving An Answer, HC Felder’s guest, Frank Turek, defends the reliability of the New Testament. Frank examines the evidence that demonstrates that the New Testament we have today is the same New Testament penned by its authors some 2000 years ago. He explains why we can be confident that the original authors were eyewitness to the events they recorded and that what they recorded was true. Frank also answers some common objections to its reliability.
In this episode of Giving An Answer, Frank Turek defends the historicity of the resurrection. He explains why the resurrection is important, the evidence for the resurrection, and the consequences of denying the resurrection. Frank also addresses a number of theories that have been used to try to explain away the evidences for this historical event.
Is the belief in miracles unintellectual? Did the philosopher David Hume come up with an air tight argument for not believing in miracles? What about the philosopher Benedict Spinoza who argued that miracles are a violation of natural law, which is impossible? In this episode of Giving An Answer, HC Felder interviews Dr. Frank Turek who responds to these, as well as other objections to miracles.