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Is Heaven real? Is there life after death? Watch amazing testimonies of Christians who died and went to Heaven at proofthebibleistrue.com  Feel free to share this video.
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There is a lot of evidence, both natural and supernatural, that shows the Bible is true. To check it out go to: http://www.proofthebibleistrue.com  Please feel free to share this video.
Angels are sent by God to bring guidance, help and protection. Many people have had remarkable supernatural encounters with these Heavenly beings. You can read many stories about these encounters at proofthebibleistrue.com. Just click the link and be transported into the realm of angels! Please feel free to share this video.
Is an ape our great, great, great, great great, great Grandpa or is that just a bunch of monkey business? For answers go to proofthebibleistrue.com  Please feel free to share this video.