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Founded by Usama Dakdok in 2001, the Straight Way of Grace Ministry travels throughout the United States and Canada equipping Christians to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ to their Muslim neighbors, as well as ministering to Muslims directly. Please look around the website. There are many resources available to Muslims to help them come to know the true Lord, Jesus Christ. If you are a Christian, you may want to learn more about the religion of Islam and how you might effectively reach out to Muslims with the word of our Savior. We believe that every American needs to [More]
“Great story of a supernatural conversion.”  Admin Before he became a believer, the Apostle Paul dragged Christians out of their houses to imprison or kill them. A modern day Iranian named Taher was no better; he even threatened to kill his own family because they became Christians. Like Paul, he received a vision of the Lord that turned his life upside down. Taher was the last one anyone expected to convert to Christianity. He was well respected as a Haji, a pilgrim who had made the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. His wife was a Haji-eh; she had also made the [More]
Nabeel Qureshi grew up in a devout Muslim home in the United States. By the time he was six years old, he had read the entire Qu’ran and prayed five times a day. In college, he began debating a Christian friend about the claims of Islam and …   www.cbn.com
We’re hearing of women and whole families coming to Christ, which is significant. Normally we would know of individual men but, as the culture places such importance on the family unit, this is a major step forward. One girl is writing hymns and posting them on the Internet. That was where she learned of Christ and has “met” workers, although she has yet to meet other Christians face to face. Two of her sisters also believe in Christ. A Bahraini across the country is gifted in playing local Arabic instruments. He puts her hymns to music and posts them on [More]
“I ask you based on this quote from the article: ““We Jama’atu Ahlissunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad are fighting Christians wherever we meet them and those who believe in democracy, those who pursue Western education wherever we meet them. By Allah, we will kill whoever practices Democracy” does this sound like someone you can deal rationally with or more like the rantings of a deranged psychopath, the answer is obvious. But nevertheless he is  carrying out exactly what the Koran tells him to do … kill infidels. He desperately needs a supernatural encounter with Jesus to be released from such gross [More]
“I feel sorry for those trapped in fanatical Islam. There is no singing, dancing, music in the mosque just sermons about hating infidels and the glory of dying for Allah in jihad. They all need to experience the love of Christ like these former Muslims have which would set them free from spiritual darkness.”  Admin Today, Friday, February 14, is Valentine’s Day, the sacred day that intimate companions mark to celebrate their love and affection for one another. If you’re thinking about making a study of how couples celebrate this day, the Muslim world and the milieus of the radical [More]
This week on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, Nasir Siddiki was diagnosed with the worst case of shingles ever admitted to Toronto General Hospital. His immune system was shutting down and the doctors left him to die. Then he saw Jesus.
The blisters were growing beyond an inch in diameter, spreading from the side of his face, down his neck and onto his shoulder. His ear was so deformed it was hanging down to his shoulder. And the thermometer reading screamed 107.6. He was .4 degrees from death. It was October 1987 when he was diagnosed with what Canada’s Toronto General Hospital called the worst case of shingles in the hospital’s history. There was no cure. His first million dollars in business profits could offer him little hope now. At age 34, Muslim businessman Nasir Siddiki lay on his deathbed. Doctors [More]
“Another attempt to get Islam mainstreamed in public schools here. The goal is to get Islam more and more involved in our culture to undermine our Christian heritage. The ultimate goal of Islam is world domination with the imposition of Sharia law everywhere. We can see what to expect here by looking at whats going on in Britain and it’s not good.” Admin A group of three Muslim homeschooled middle school students from Virginia are petitioning the White House for recognition of Islamic holidays in public schools nationwide. According to The Muslim Link, Sumayyah McTaggart of Great Falls, Iman Hazer [More]
Fatemeh, an Iranian native, never gave her Muslim faith too much thought, until she began asking questions about God… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com
Wiwik tried to be a good Muslim. Yet, she never found God, peace, power, love or joy. Then she came across a television program you helped provide. See what happened when your love and the care of a CBN prayer counselor came to Wiwik… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com
Azar worked hard to be a good Muslim. But after years of ceremonial prayers five times a day, she grew tired of the routine. http://cbn.com .
“Whats happening in Europe is coming here as well.”  Admin This article, “The Islamization of America in 2013” by Pamela Geller at Breitbart, January 9, is lengthy, but read it all: it is an extremely useful summary of what is going on in America today. Check out also Pamela Geller’s revamped new Atlas Shrugs website, which is sleek, efficient, and up-to-the-minute. (Our own redesign and move to a new platform hit a few snags, but will be coming soon: watch this space.) Since I wrote my book Stop the Islamization of America and established the Stop Islamization of America initiative [More]
After growing up under the harsh brand of Islam practiced by her father, Hephzibah was hesitant to share her conversion to Christianity with him. CBN website, http://www.cbn.com To learn about more Islam, http://www.answering-islam.org http://www.answeringislam.com
“Islam’s goal is to take over Europe and eventually the world. These foolish accommodations are just aiding them in achieving that goal. Hopefully they wise up before it’s too late.”  Admin Among the long list of recommendations…the panel says that public schools in France should be taught in Arabic and African languages rather than in French. “It would no longer be up to French immigrants to adopt French culture, but for France to abandon its own culture, language, history and identity to adapt to other people’s cultures.” — Jean-François Copé, UMP Party. Instead of integration, “parallel societies are forming that [More]
“This same situation is occurring in a number of European countries. The longer they ignore it and make weak half hearted attempts to resolve it the more difficult the situation will become until eventually European civilization will be imperiled.”  Admin In May, new census data published by the British government showed that Islam is set to become the dominant religion in Britain within the next generation. On being informed that the girl did not want to get married, Mohammed Shahid Akhtar, Imam of Birmingham’s Central Jamia Masjid Ghamkol Sharif Mosque, said, “She’s 14. By Sharia, grace of Allah, she’s legal [More]
“It’s nothing short of astonishing that radical Islamists loudly decry anyone speaking ill of their religion with shouts of Islamophobia while they are in the daily process of persecuting and killing Christians and others around the world. The hypocrisy of this is beyond comprehension. Maybe if they stopped all the senseless killing people wouldn’t view them as a menace to civilization.” Admin Muslim Persecution of Christians: October, 2013 “Don’t they know that the Koran orders us to slit the throat of whoever is disrespectful to Allah’s beloved prophet?” — Representative of Jamaat ud Dawa. Although Christians are habitually killed in [More]
“Well the European politicians appear to be quite willing to keep marching down the Islamic appeasement path to national suicide.”  Admin A discussion paper published by the Germany-based Gustav Stresemann Foundation — a think tank dedicated to the preservation and advancement of liberal democracy in Europe — warns that national and international Islamic organizations are increasingly putting pressure on Western politicians gradually to criminalize any critique of Islam. In a commentary on the study, the German newspaper Die Welt says the findings cast serious doubt on the unbridled optimism of European multiculturalists, who argue that Muslim citizens will eventually internalize [More]
“One thing this article makes abundantly clear is that Islam is incompatible with Western democratic society. They want western laws to bend to and accommodate Sharia law. The many “European no-go” zones sprining up through out Europe clearly show this. We can also witness the tremendous persecution Christians and other religious groups experience in Islamic countries showing their willingness to use violence to impose Islam on everyone else.”  Admin One narrative about Muslim immigrants in Europe is that only a relatively small proportion holds views that are sometimes labeled as “fundamentalist.” Ruud Koopmans from the Wissenschaftszentrum in Berlin argues that this [More]
“The answer to this question is an emphatic, NO. This article explains why.” Admin Does God care what we call Him? Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? These are questions many Christians are asking these days, and for good reason. For some time now, feminist theologians and a host of others have suggested that Christians should adopt new names for God. One denomination went so far as to affirm names like “Giver, Gift and Giving” in place of “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” to be used in worship. Feminist theologians have demanded that masculine pronouns and names for [More]
“Great interview with Pam Geller on the real nature of Islam, the news media, the state of the nation and the task we have on our hands to preserve our constitution and republic  . Highly recommended.” Admin Trunews: Tuesday December 10, 2013 [Download] click here to visit Trunews Today’s Guest : Pamela Geller Topic : Pamela Geller, founder of AtlasShrugs.com and executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, is on with guest host, Dr. David Berman, to discuss the truth about Islam and the civilizational suicide that is the left’s embrace of the violent and oppressive religion. www.pamelageller.com www.altasshrugs.com
“And these are the groups we are supporting. The blood of these martyrs  is on Obama’s hands and all those in our government who support these fanatical killers.”  Admin The same month that Obama tried to wage war on behalf of the jihadi rebels in Syria (citing “human rights” concerns), some of the war’s worst atrocities were committed against that nation’s Christian minority, most notably in Ma’loula, an ancient Christian region where the inhabitants spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus. There, al-Qaeda-linked jihadis fired mortars and missiles into at least two ancient churches before looting them; some 80 Christians trying [More]
A Muslim baby orphaned in battle, sold into child slavery, abused and forgotten, Khalida Wukawitz knew nothing of love. Miraculously still alive, as a young, devout Muslim woman she was sold into marriage, then victimized and battered. On the day she cried out to Jesus, her life of abuse and abandonment miraculously and instantly changed forever. http://www.jewishvoice.org
Amy was raised by a Muslim family, but left the religion because of its treatment of women. She wanted no part of organized religion until Jesus appeared to her… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com
The Spanish radio station ?adena ?ope managed to talk with this young Catholic preacher and learn certain facts from the history of his tremendous trials. “From age 18, I was an imam and regularly delivered sermons,” begins Joseph. “One Friday I was fervently talking about Isa al-Masih [Jesus the Messiah], saying that He was not Allah. When I finished my speech, someone asked me: “But, after all, who is the Messiah?” On that day I could not find a proper answer; my knowledge in this sphere was extremely poor”. Again and again Mario returned to the Koran, to the Muslim [More]
This is a great testimony from a Muslim who had an actual encounter with Jesus. And Kamran could also saw Jesus was sitting in the throne in heaven through his vision. Jesus is the only way to heaven.
This week on the Glazov Gang, the Jimmy Kimmel of the counter-jihad, the scintillating Jamie Glazov, interviewed Jihad Watch contributor Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians. In this fast-paced, hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, pull-no-punches interview, Raymond sheds light on Islam’s new war on Christians, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Church-burning sprees, its rape gangs, Obama’s complicity in the persecution of Christians, and the Egyptian people’s anger at Obama. He also discussed the hypocrisy of Obama’s call for war against Assad, the Syrian rebels’ plans to annihilate Syria’s Christians, and the mainstream media’s cover-up of the whole Islamic war [More]