| Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we have to defend our faith in God and the Bible. Every time you “give an answer” to someone you are practicing what is called “Apologetics,” a word that comes from the ancient Greek word “Apologia” meaning apology. Not to be confused with the modern sense of the word “to say you’re sorry for something,” but rather an apology in the ancient sense of the word “to make a reasoned defense of something or someone”. Historically, the word apology referred to a lawyer’s case made on behalf of [More]
Eric Hovind is interviewed about his father Kent Hovind. He discusses a little about his fathers background, goes into detail about his prison situation and talks about his own ministry as well.
Eric & Paul chat with guest Mike Riddle, President & Founder of Creation Training Initiative
Creation in the 21st Century with David Rives Episode 4. Discovering God’s Glory – With special guest Eric Hovind of “Creation Today” Ministries. Watch this episode and your faith-based convictions will become even stronger as Eric shares his awesome testimony with us in this 30 minute program!
Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor discuss: Why are kangaroos & koalas only found in Australia; Did disobedience give us knowledge of right and wrong; Are we paying… | Paul Taylor an Eric Hovind go on-location to Mobile, AL to interview Dr. Gary Parker. They discuss how Dr. Parker moved from teach…
April 12, 2012 Eric Hovind & Paul Taylor celebrate one year of The Creation Today Show ( by revisiting some of the most fascinating … | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome youth evangelist Ben Schettler | | as they discuss how evolution plays… | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind reflect on Season 2 of the Creation Today Show and discuss highlights of the many special guests, topi… | Atheists have inaugurated their first public monument, outside the courthouse in Starke, FL (next to a monument of the Ten Com…
Creation Today 9/23/11 | Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor discuss the judgments of God in the Old Testament; What angels might have looked like; and the assumptio… | Paul Taylor & Eric Hovind discuss the need for our upcoming Proof of God Conference. Also enjoy interviews with special gues…
Creation Today 1-15-12 | Do you have a proper perspective of God? Watch as Eric Hovind uses evidence from space to challenge you to see God as much larger th… | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind discuss Darwin Day, the history of Charles Darwin’s life, and pay tribute to all the popular evolution…
Eric Hovind shows how to make the Dino Super Paper Airplanes!
Creation Today 10/14/11 | Eric Hovind and Paul Taylor answer viewers’ questions regarding dinosaurs, the earth’s magnetic field, and aliens. Go to http://www… | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome special guest Stephen Lawwell to discuss how society developed immediately following the flood… | Paul and Eric answer questions submitted about the fusing of ape chromosomes and presuppositional apologetics, as well as an annou… | Paul and Eric welcome guest Jay Seegert of the Creation Education Center to discuss the importance of world-views, historical scie… Sub to them tell them Shock sent you thank you!!
“On the Box” is a daily (Monday through Friday) live, 27-minute, web-based talk show hosted by Ray Comfort and the Living Waters team. Episode #361
Six definitions of evolution 1. Cosmic Evolution – the origin of time, space and matter 2. Chemical Evolutions – the origin of all the elements 3. Stellar Evolution – the origin of stars and planets 4. Organic Evoltuion – the origin of Life from non-life 5. Macro Evolution – the origin of the major kinds of plants and animals 6. Micro Evolution – simple variations within the kinds Only Micro Evolution has been observed and tested! The rest are not part of science. See and http
Creation Today 12-28-11 | Evolutionists claim that their theory is a concluded issue. The debate is over. Evolution is a fact. But this simply isn’t the case. Watch as Eric and Paul review the key “evidences” of evolutionism and demonstrate its total lack of fact.
The first part of Eric Hovind’s Creation Seminar. The DVD set is called “Beginnings” and this part of it is called, “They’re Both Religions”. To buy the whole DVD set for yourself, go to This video is for your viewing pleasure only. No commenting allowed.
Eric Hovind (Christian, young earth creationist) and Bernie Dehler (atheist, secular humanist) debate at Portland State University. There were two main topics: evidence, and morality. Make your comments in respect, or they will be deleted. No personal attacks; please stick to logic. Here’s the handout (notes) for the audience prepared by Dehler: Update: See this for a funny post-debate video clip, made by Hovind supporters: …… For more of the same ……………………… See this website for more local Christian/atheist debates in the Portland Oregon area: