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Published on Jun 28, 2017 Multimedia Presentation by Bruce Barton Apologetics Symposium Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA June 7, 2017 Evolutionists charge that creationism has hindered science, and that “no real scientist believes in creation.” Yet history shows just the opposite: Many of the greatest scientific discoveries have been by scientists who believed in God as Creator. On the other hand, science based upon evolutionary assumptions has resulted in much wasted research money, and ideas that are now in total disrepute. Additionally, evolutionary thinking leaves a trail of hopelessness and despair, and ideas that have been devastating to humanity, even [More]
June 17, 2013 2013 Speaking the Truth in Love Conference Wallen Baptist Church Fort Wayne, Indiana Guest Speaker: Dr. Phil Fernandes is the president of the Institute of Biblical Defense, which he founded in 1990 to teach Christians how to defend the Christian Faith. He is also the pastor of Trinity Bible Fellowship in Silverdale, Washington, and teaches philosophy, world religions, theology, and apologetic’s for CrossPoint Academy and the Imago Dei Institute (formerly Cascade Bible College). Dr.Phil Fernandes has earned the following degrees: a Ph.D. in philosophy of religion from Greenwich University, a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty [More]
Joshua setup twelve stones to remember what God had done. In the book of Judges they forgot God and did that what was right in their own eyes in one generation. The United States was founded by mostly Christians and on Christian principals. Voluntary public schools taught the ABCs using the Bible. Most universities were seminaries. During the 1800s the belief in millions of years was popularized. Charles Lyell Principles of Geology. Uniformity. Geologic column. Karl Marx wanted free education in public schools. G. Stanley Hall believed children were at varying levels of evolution. Sigmund Freud believed religious beliefs can [More]
Seminar by Dr. Thomas Kindell Seattle Creation Conference Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA September 26, 2015 Description: Famous scientists claim that everything literally came from nothing. This presentation documents that their view is religiously motivated, based on a false interpretation of scientific data, and is contradicted by established laws of science. About the Speaker: Dr. Thomas Kindell was once an ardent believer in the “fact” of evolution. However, through his exposure to the scientific case for creation, he became a zealous creationist. He has received advanced training in scientific creationism through the Graduate School of the Institute for Creation Research [More]
Seminar by Greg Koukl Worldview Apologetics Conference, April 2012. Description: Moral relativism — the idea that there are no absolutes when it comes to right and wrong — is deadly to our culture and deadly to the Gospel. Characterized by comments like”Don’t force you morality on me” and “Who are you to say?”, relativism isthe engine that drives political correctness. In this talk, Greg exposes the myth of moral neutrality and provide compelling arguments, including the seven fatal flaws of relativism, to show why neither individual preference nor cultural convention is adequate to make sense of ethics.He then suggests practical [More]
The Nazi Holocaust is seen by many as a gruesome but aberrant event in history. But 60 years earlier the Darwinian idea that some humans are not fully human resulted in horrifying brutality perpetrated upon the Herero people in South-West Africa. The Holocaust of WWII serves as reminder of the fruit of evolutionary thinking that began long before and continues today. The Creation Magazine LIVE! TV program is a ministry of Creation Ministries International. With offices in seven countries and more PhD scientists than any Christian organization this program shows how the latest scientific discoveries support the Bible and refute [More]
“In this lecture Ken Ham discusses how the concept of different races came from evolutionary thinking and that there is really only one race which is descended from Adam and Eve but there are different cultural groups.”  Admin
“Ken Ham of Answers In Genesis discusses the impact of evolutionary thinking on society and the Church.”  Admin Enjoy this free video from Answers in Genesis to celebrate Darwin Was Wrong Day – on February 12.
Seminar by Chris Ashcraft M.S., M.Ed., MTMS Seattle Creation Conference May 30, 2014 Woodin Valley Baptist Church, Bothell WA. Description: While the United States has a firm foundation in Christianity and the vast majority of the population believes in God, we are unable to teach about God in our public schools. This presentation takes a hard-hitting look at the War of Worldviews facing Christians today, and examines the factors that have contributed to the secularization of US schools. In 1Peter 3:15 we are instructed to “Always be prepared to give an answer,” and yet most Christian are unable to defend [More]
In this presentation Dr. Morris talks about the importance of a literal Genesis creation account as it relates to the Gospel message and original sin.
Seminar by Jerry Bergman Ph.D. Seattle Creation Conference June 2013. Woodin Valley Baptist Church, Bothell WA. Description: In this lecture Dr. Bergman talks about his latest book that surpasses attempts by others to expose the evils of Darwinism, Nazism, and racism. Dr. Bergman takes a look at the role that Darwinian evolution played in Hitler’s Nazi campaign of genocide. Throughout the highly documented book there is an obvious thread of Darwinian dogma intertwined in the hearts, minds, and practices of the Nazis. Creationists and conservatives often point out the connection of Darwinism to Hitler and his henchmen. Too many times, [More]
Why was Darwin‘s Origin of Species accepted so enthusiastically by theologians, scientists, and philosophers? How has science come to be dominated by materialism and naturalism? Charles Darwin has been lionized as the father of evolutionism, but deist and atheist philosophers had been setting the stage for rejecting God as Creator for many years before his book appeared. The ideas of Darwin and his predecessors continue to affect our thinking today, with huge consequences for our society. This presentation will trace some of the ideas leading to Darwin’s evolutionary thought and beyond, and how they’ve affected our culture.
Origins – Human Cloning with Dr. Brad Harrub Brad Harrub holds an earned B.S. degree in biology from Kentucky Wesleyan College, and an earned doctorate degree in anatomy and neurobiology from the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee in Memphis. He was listed in Who’s Who Among Scientists and Researchers. He is the author of Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity and the coauthor of the books, The Truth About Human Origins, Dissecting the Truth, Investigating Christian Evidences, Matters of Life and Death, Diamonds in the Rough: Nuggets of Truth from God’s Word and has written [More]
The title of Bergman‘s presentation is “Slaughter of the Dissidents,” which is the title of a recent one of his books. In the book, Dr. Bergman exposes viewpoint discrimination, which is directed at those in academia who are Darwin Doubters or Darwin Skeptics. Several case studies are offered which document the stories of victims, who are routinely denied the treatment and benefits afforded to their colleagues; educators are denied tenure, students are denied degrees, and scientists are denied the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments or publish their findings in many mainline peer reviewed science journals. Many other tactics are also [More]
http://creationtoday.com | Paul Taylor & Eric Hovind welcome back guest Stephen Lawwell as they discuss Roe v. Wade, social darwinism and the slippery slope …
NWCreation.net | Darwinian thought has not only damaged our scientific knowledge of the world–it has also led to the moral decline in the West. Many leaders have tried to apply evolutionary science to moral issues, and the results have been devastating. Darwinian evolution denies that man was created in God’s image and has led to the de-valuing of human life. It has played a significant role in the eugenics (“good genes”) movement, ultimately leading to atrocities such as the holocaust, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. The influence of evolutionary thought on Planned Parenthood, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and American culture [More]
What are the results of a belief in evolution? Does it logically lead to positive results or incredible evil? Presented by Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution, & Science Ministries – www.creationministries.org “give away our life changing CESM DVD‘S to as many people as they desire, encouraging them to make copies to give away as well. Such efforts will be part of the great harvest. God bless. Russ” – www.creationministries.org Also see www.arrivalofthefittest.com
creationtoday.org | Another visit from Carl Kerby (http and his son Carl Jr. presents some startling information about our media, including the video games our children may be playing.
This is part 5 of Kent Hovind‘s creation seminar. The title of this one is, “Dangers of Evolution“. To buy this or the whole seminar on DVD, go to: www.drdino.com This is for your viewing pleasure only. No commenting on this video. We don’t agree with everything, when it comes to doctrine, with Dr. Hovind. More specifically, we don’t agree with original sin, sinful nature and once saved, always saved. Here are some resources regarding those Sinful Nature/Original Sin- www.youtube.com OSAS- www.youtube.com