When Mike was diagnosed with cancer and given four months to live, he was terrified. Faced with death, he reached the point where he wanted to take his own life—but God had a different plan.
After suffering burns to 100% of his body as a child, John O’Leary inspires others to overcome challenges and live a “radically inspired life”.
Teresa has led a worldwide dance ministry for 20 years, but had to put choreography on the back burner when she began experiencing severe knee pain. She figured she was just “getting older” until a prayer proved her wrong.
When Wanda contracted shingles, the pain kept her from doing the things she loved. She wasn’t able to find any relief on her own, but a prayer she heard on TV led to an instant miracle.
Bill grew up covering his insecurities with alcohol and sex, a habit that followed him into marriage. He tried to change himself, but nothing worked until he had an encounter that changed his life forever. SHOW MORE
Megan’s identity skewed off course after she suffered at the hands of an abuser at just 10 years old. Her self worth became tied to her sexuality. Addiction issues and a life in the sex industry defined Megan until a pregnancy ushered in a change of heart
After a terrible accident, Luke had little hope for survival. Luke’s family refused to believe the prognosis, and believed in a different destiny for him. Eleven days later, they began to witness the miraculous.
Best-selling author and award winning writer, Andrew Klavan, discusses being a secular Jew and coming to Christ out of Hollywood.
With a childhood marked by years of abuse, it was no surprise when Cris turned to a life of sex and drug addiction. After the law caught up with her crimes, Cris earned time behind bars, which became her path to freedom.
After 4 years out of the NFL during his prime, Tim Hightower completed his improbable return to the game with the New Orleans Saints in 2015. This time, things were different.
Bill was relieved when the FBI finally arrested him because he could finally get his life right. But prison was worse than he expected, and when a fellow inmate invited Bill on a run, he found a friend, a mentor, and a new source of hope.
When Luanne tried to eat, her jaw locked up and wouldn’t close. After a few days of pain and discomfort, she finally found a release.
Andrew became a cop as an outlet for his aggression and anger. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he decided to have a rooftop showdown with God—and got an answer he didn’t expect.  cbn.com
Richard was mortified when he arrived to the scene of a car crash and the dying driver asked him to pray out loud—he didn’t know how. This led him to confronting the emptiness he felt, and he realized what he was missing.  cbn.com
After a horrific accident, Katie knew her life depended on one thing.  cbn.com
After 20 minutes under water, 2-year-old Gore was given less than 1% chance of normal brain function if he survived. With no answers that they could find, Gore’s parents turned to prayer.  cbn.com
When doctors resuscitated Emily, they said there was nothing they could do to fix her torn aorta. They gave her a death sentence, but then the miraculous stepped in—three times.  cbn.com
After continually injuring her arm, there was nothing Kathy could do to make the pain go away. Shots and therapy didn’t help, but then she found something that did.  cbn.com
In 2005, Pastor WIllie Monnet and members of his church began having visions of New Orleans under water. They evacuated the city, not knowing if they would ever return.  cbn.com
Playing NCAA Division I sports is a dream come true for any athlete. For Andrew Motuapuaka it was also a license to party.  cbn.com
Lynne fractured her elbow after a fall, and after months of pain, it still wasn’t healed. The doctors believed the bone would never heal without surgery, but Lynn felt differently.  cbn.com
Getting hit by a car left Dora with an agonizing headache. She called in to The 700 Club to pray for healing, and spent months calling back.  cbn.com
The first year of Kim and LeRoy’s marriage drove a wedge between them. They refused divorce, so lived for 8 years as roommates to raise their children, until one day Kim couldn’t take it anymore.  cbn.com
Alex lived up to his parents’ expectations and followed Buddhist customs, but he questioned his faith. He was compelled by Christianity, but wouldn’t accept it without putting it to the test…?  cbn.com
For 47 years, Jacquie struggled with the pain of a car crash, and none of the remedies she tried fixed the injury itself. Then one day she was offered a relief, and everything changed.  cbn.com
Chiropractors and pain killers couldn’t alleviate the pain from the pinched nerve in Jill’s neck. She didn’t understand why God would let her be in so much pain, but she continued to trust that something would change.  cbn.com
Amy idolized her “perfect” marriage, but was blindsided when her husband left one day and never came home. Feeling like a failure, she knew she had to find a new way to live her life.  cbn.com