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Laura believes growing up with divorced parents caused her to fill the void created by her father’s absence with unhealthy male relationships.
James grew up in a crime-ridden neighborhood, and he turned to drug abuse as an adult. But after a brush with death, James knew something had to change.
When Ben returned from deployment, he was a different man. Heidi tried to be understanding as he struggled, but it would take years before they realized what was wrong.
Andrew was born with an illness that affected the arteries in his heart. His parents prayed for years, and as the doctors prepared to operate, they were shocked.
Abused at a young age, Lisa used drugs, alcohol and sex to mask the shame and guilt. She spiraled into prostitution and homelessness until she heard the voice of God.
Tim and Lisa’s life was thrown into mayhem when one of Tim’s students caught his attention. He pulled away from his family and quit his job, but even as he gave up hope for change, someone else knew how to make it possible.
Candice adored her father, but felt rejected by him after one of his friends sexually assaulted her. It wasn’t until her own daughter showed her the power of childlike faith that her world changed.
Mitch’s addiction to online pornography led to an extramarital affair, but when he confessed to his wife, Michele was able to rely on God for the strength to forgive and love her unfaithful husband.
Ashley’s only chance of surviving cancer was surgery—but surgery came at the price of delivering her son prematurely. Faced with losing her life and her son, her church stepped in with prayer.
Duane struggled to play French horn through the pain in his jaw, and it wasn’t until he let go of his pride that he finally realized the power of prayer.
Tea with her sisters turned into a fight for life when a brain bleed landed Vanessa in the hospital. She would have died, but a supernatural vision assured her it wasn’t her time.
When Zach went to investigate a smoking combine he had no idea his life and the lives of all who loved him were about to change forever.
A dangerous delivery and rapid blood loss threatens a new mother’s life, and her husband is only left with a prayer.
A musical prodigy quits high school to be a rock star, but drug use, alcohol, and sex end up leading him down a deadly path.
After her father abandoned the family, Tammy searched for love and acceptance through sex, drugs, and alcohol. But after contracting Hepatitis C, she had nowhere to turn.
Four years into their marriage, Chris turned his back on God and his marriage to Stephanie. After their divorce, Stephanie continued to pray for him and their reconciliation.
On his way to becoming another statistic, Anthony discovered the love of the Father in a drug treatment program.
George was mentored from an early age to be a criminal, but the life of crime and drug addiction eventually left him hopeless.
Alphonza’s love of money drove him to deal drugs. After years of being in and out of jail, he was facing serious time in prison when he called out to Jesus.
Joey thought his job at an auto parts factory would be the perfect cover for his criminal lifestyle, but he wasn’t expecting his coworkers to be Christians.
Television news anchor battles depression and alcoholism in secret for decades before finally disappearing from the airwaves, barely clinging to life.
Michael’s lifetime of passion for Eastern philosophies and religions is reversed by the power of God at a Billy Graham crusade.
Abused and desperate for love, Brian and Heather lived in constant fear of their fathers. Their brokenness brought them together and twenty years later, they were made whole.
Gang life leads to prison where Tommie meets his redeemer.
Grace’s childhood was a mess of drugs, gang activity and the death of her sister. She learned to cope with hopelessness the same way her family did until a car accident nearly claimed her life.
Years after her knee replacement, Faye began experiencing debilitating hip pain. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, but she longed to return to her favorite activities
Mitch tried to escape the pain of childhood abuse, but drugs, alcohol, and fighting didn’t make it disappear. Then the fear hit—if he didn’t change, he would face a penalty worse than death.