After more than 20 years of delivering furniture, Carl was left with unbearable back pain. With only temporary reliefs, he prayed for healing so that he could enjoy a pain-free retirement.
Ella’s parents were excited about their baby girl, but she was too fragile to hold. Doctors lost hope as Ella’s condition deteriorated, and with only five minutes left for Ella to live, the family changed their prayers
A victim of his father’s violent temper, Mike found an outlet for his anger by working as a strong-arm man for a loan shark. But while serving time for extortion, he heard a voice he would never forget.
As Pat and Gayle’s ministry responsibilities increased, so did the tension in their marriage. After 23 years, Gayle reached a breaking point. Pat, however, held out hope for healing.
Dawn felt like she never fit in, and took to drugs and chasing boys to feel like she belonged. After 26 years of sporadic jail time, drug addiction, and heartbreak, Dawn found what she was looking for—in solitary confinement.
Forced to choose between parents after a nasty divorce, David’s life spiraled out of control. Drugs ended his college football dreams until a brush with death left him crying out to a God he wasn’t sure he believed in.
For years Rosy suffered from debilitating pain and headaches that were not relieved by massages or manipulations. Imagine her surprise the day the pain vanished.
Wanda Jo believed she was born into the wrong body. She chased women for 30 years, living a life of violence and drugs, but never found what she really wanted until someone else’s prayers began paying off.
At 6 weeks old, Katie was diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition. Her heart stopped, and despite the risk of brain damage, doctors fought to bring her back.
Crushed under a 25-ton rubber tire roller, Chris is given little to no chance of survival. Nothing short of a miracle could save him.  
As the lead guitarist for 1990’s rock n’ roll hit-makers Candlebox, Peter Klett was living the musician’s dream. But hard partying led to addiction that turned the soiree into a distress.
Ruben was sexually abused as a child, sending him in search of love and affirmation. Caught up in drugs, gangs, and sex, Ruben tested every avenue until he found one that changed his life forever.
Through four tours in Afghanistan, Ricky struggled with his faith and his faithfulness to his wife, Kay. But despite her broken heart, Kay continued to pray for her husband and their marriage…and Ricky began to feel the results.
Eddie became a Christian as a young man, but bad choices led to addiction issues. After struggling to get clean he had lingering health issues, but a revelation opened the door to healing.
When Jainy came across a Christian television program, she wanted to know more about Christianity. But in her strict Hindu family, studying other religions was forbidden.
After his father left his family for another woman, Steve’s life took a dark turn in to drug addiction, thievery, and drug addiction. Suicidal and unable to cope, he picked up a Bible and for the second time, his life took a dramatic turn.
Barbara couldn’t keep any food down for three and a half years, and her extreme weight loss had her at the brink of death. She prayed that God would just let her die, but then the unexpected happened.
After her parents’ divorce, Tessa longed for the kind of love she read in her romance novels. Her own failed marriage reinforced her idea that she wasn’t worthy of love until one night she met the man of her dreams.
Virginia Tech running back Sam Rogers shares his experience of finding identity in something much more rewarding than college football.
After Tree’s father died, she gave up college so she could take care of her mother. She craved success to make up for her past, but after tragedy struck again, she found the key to peace.
Maura was raised surrounded by the occult, and looked to spirits for wisdom and direction. Though she felt their power, she felt hopeless and empty. It wasn’t until she reconnected with an old classmate that she realized another power was involved in her activities.
After the sudden death of a close friend, Michael turned his back on God and turned to drugs and alcohol. But when a flood destroyed his home, he found nowhere to turn—except for the one place he’d rejected.
Alone and addicted to drugs, Pam turned to prostitution to survive. She received meals from a church ministry and heard the gospel, but didn’t break out of her dangerous lifestyle until a supernatural vision appeared to her with a message.
Juan’s ambition drove him into success as a drug dealer, but landed him in prison where he had the time to reflect on the lives he’d ruined—including his own. Overwhelmed by the voice in his head and the void in his heart, see how his life changed.
Minnesota Vikings receiver Charles Johnson shares ho he almost squandered his chances of making it to the NFL and how his struggles brought him closer to God.
Juan was a good boxer, but a blow to the head landed him in the hospital with a 30% chance of survival. After he woke up, it turned out there was more to heal than just Juan’s body.
Terri suffered from chronic headaches and migraines for 10 years, but as a homeschool mom she had no choice but to endure the pain. Then one day she found a way to beat the headaches for good.