Pastor Kent Hovind Is Free At Last – Dave Daubenmire

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On July 8th at 9:00 AM Pastor Kent Hovind walked out of Yazoo City Correctional Facility in Yazoo City, Mississippi, a free man!!

After more than 8.5 years of incarceration, Pastor Kent finally returned home Wednesday evening. It was his first taste of freedom since before Obama became President.

Can you imagine how much the world has changed since he was first locked up? Can you imagine the joy he must feel sleeping in his own bed and going to the refrigerator and having a snack whenever he feels like it? Can you imagine the joy of holding his grandchildren with whom he can now begin building a relationship?

Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, he is free at last.

There are many tips-of-the-cap that must go out to those who fought hard for his release. Rudy and Erin Davis dedicated the past 6 months of their lives to fighting for his liberty. Ernie Land, Kent’s trusted friend of over 25 years, proved his mettle in keeping the flame burning on the outside, serving as gatekeeper for those trying to fight for Pastor Kent. Racer X headed up the website FREE KENT HOVIND and was instrumental in keeping the information updated. Many others played a role in this sordid story with the happy ending.

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