Why Do Vaccine-Pushers Chicken-out of Debates about Vaccines?

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Within the last few weeks, two debates about vaccines and vaccinations were highly anticipated by those who pejoratively are referred to as “anti-vaxxers.”

One was to have been a debate on April 8, 2015 between vaccine rights attorney Alan Phillips, JD, and Dr. Annie Sparrow, a pediatrician who obviously pushes vaccines literally and figuratively, with the venue being WMNF Radio’s The Fairness Doctrine. Dr. Sparrow flew away and cancelled at the last minute. How disappointing! Consequently, Attorney Phillips issued a three-page paper after the debate actually took place with Radio Host Jennifer Sullivan taking the pro-vaccine argument that Dr. Sparrow obviously was to have ‘nailed down’ but reneged on. One has to question if Dr. Sparrow got cold feet, or if the facts were too hot to handle.

The other debate was to have taken place between two medical doctors: Paul Offit, MD, vaccine inventor, and Toni Bark, MD, an integrative medical practitioner with credentials an arm’s length long, on Wednesday, April 13th, on Chicago 560. The topic to be discussed was “Parental choice and vaccination,” a hot, hot topic now that there have been more and more vaccines added to the CDC’s schedule for children in order to enroll in daycare centers and schools. Again, there was a last-minute “chicken out” by Dr. Offit.

Dr. Offit, who pontificates that children can take 10,000 vaccines without any adverse harm or reactions, probably rethought how he would debate Dr. Bark, whose—pardon the pun—“bark” may have been louder than something Offit could deal with since Dr. B’s been very vocal and public about the lack of oversight regarding vaccines and the dangers from the ever-expanding vaccine schedule, which soon will mandate ALL adults receive children’s shots too!

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