Anti-vaccine activists being targeted by big pharma hit squad

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Mandatory vaccination bills have dominated news headlines – especially in California, where SB277 was recently signed into law, stripping parents of their rights to opt children out of the mandatory immunizations required to attend school. Anti-vaccine activists have not been silent on their opposition to the bill and their belief that big pharma profit margins are the driving force behind the bill – not concern for public health and safety. After all, drug companies have resorted to crooked and underhanded techniques in the past in an effort to hide safety information about their medications and the serious dangers they present to unknowing consumers.

Now, big pharma seems to be stepping up their schemes and taking them to a whole new level of maliciousness. In fact, some outspoken anti-vaccine activists are now being targeted by big pharma hit squads intent on using intimidation tactics to silence those who would shed light on the dangers of vaccines and the injustice posed by new vaccine laws.

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