Moonstruck: Rev. Moon’s “Church” #1: History & Teachings of Moon’s Cult

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Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (YouTube channel CANSWERSTV) & Dr Steve Morrison, director of Research for Christian Answers (Steve is the webmaster for our 3 websites: BIBLEQUERY.ORG, HISTORYCART.COM & MUSLIMHOPE.COM) theologically analyze the “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” alias Sun Myung Moon’s “Unification Church.” Rev. Moon is a self-appointed Reverend who was born around 1920 in Korea. As a teenager, he claimed to have a vision of Jesus, begging Rev. Moon to complete Jesus’ mission. Why have people given Rev. Moon millions of dollars for the purchase of a mansion and yachts? If you believe His own words, Rev. Moon has great credentials. He is “greater than Jesus” (Master Speaks 6/30/1973 p.4) Rev. Moon is “the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent” (120-Day Training Manual p.160222). Basis: Moon’s writings, particularly the Divine Principle (known by the Unification Church as the “Completed Testament”): “Consequently, the most important matter of all is the viewpoint from which one interprets the Bible…. since it is absolutely incomprehensible to the intellect of modern men that the Lord would come on the clouds, it is necessary for us to consider the Bible in detail a second time…” DP p.500 “With the fullness of time, God has sent His messenger to resolve the fundamental questions of life and the universe. His name is Sun Myung Moon.” DP p.16. Refuted by the Bible: Jesus said