Kent Hovind Update – 06/03/15

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“Latest email update from Kent”  Admin

Well…. I’m in Yazoo City, Mississippi! Address here is: Kent Hovind #06452-017 FPC Box 5000 Yazoo City, MS 39194 but I MAY not be here long enough to get mail I HOPE! It will be 2 months MAX or LOTS less if they release me to home confinement that I was APPROVED for in Oct 2013 to start Feb 2015! We’ll see. I keep Rudy updated and he posts stuff on utube lonestar1776 as well as and

They DID wake us at 3 am and load a PACKED bus to drive here yesterday. I asked if I could be the orderly to pass out water and sweep and got the job! That means I was ONLY in leg shackles for the 10 hr trip and NOT belly chain and handcuffs like the rest and like nearly all my other moves! YEAH!

That was move #26 in the BOP I think. Move #27 will be to HOME! 27 is an interesting number! 3 cubed (to the third power.) 3x3x3=27. Hmmm? a trinity of trinities like Genesis 1:1. In the beginning (That’s TIME) God created the heaven (That’s SPACE) and the earth (That’s MATTER). Of those three-only ONE is visible- matter. Hmmm? of the Father – Son – Spirit trinity only ONE- the Son- is visible. Time has 3 parts, past, present and future and only ONE of them-the present-is visible. Space has three parts-length, width and height and none can exist alone w/o the other two. One or two dimentional space is pure imagination and can’t really exist! One entity (space) in 3 D that ceases to exist if any ONE of them is gone. Hmmm? Matter has 3 states-solid, liquid and gas. Same elements in different states. All in just 10 Words! THAT will PREACH (some other time).

Wow! What a BOOK! And that’s just the FIRST of 31,101 verses! BTW- there are 27 books in the NT!

When I got here last night about 30 of the men greeted me with joy and said, “Brother Hovind! We have your dvds in the chapel and watch them every week! We never dreamed we would meet you in person!” I felt like a movie star- but no one asked for an autograph. 🙁 :)))

Anyway, (no ‘s’ Leslie!) I digress. Here are a FEW random thots from my completely eclectic mind:)

More “FIRST TIME IN A YEAR” for me to add to the list I sent earlier. (Count your many blessings. Name them one by one…) Please send these on to poor Paul Hansen, who still in county jail, to let him know these things still exist “out here.”

1. A bed I can stretch out on! The jail beds are about 6 foot end to end. I’m almost 6’2″ so even if I laid diagonally either my head hits the 1″ square steel tube that some MORON designed to be 3″ above mattress level or my feet did at the other end. My 5′ tall wife will have NO idea about a problem like this but I can’t explain the JOY of having a bed 6’5″ inside to inside! At home I just let my feet hang over the end. I slept like a rock!

2. Real Honey! One of the guys here gave me a whole jar of it! Wow I love honey! No more artificial sweeteners to kill the taste of the coffee that I have FORCED myself to drink because my wife likes it. Adam partook of sin to save his wife too ya know!

3. POCKETS! For the FIRST time in a year I have pockets! I always get shirts w/2 pockets. I would get them with more if I could find them! These shirts here only have 1 but I have FOUR pockets on the pants! Wow! I forgot how handy they are!

4. A BELT!

5. BUTTONS on my shirt! No more snaps like a toddlers PJ’s.

6. The SUN with NO fence around me!

7. A REAL INK PEN! The county jail is worried guys will stab each other so they sell just the inside in a tiny rubber hose that is impossible to hold and write with. If you wrap it in paper to make it fatter to be able to actually hold it they take it away as “modified” and a “possible weapon.” I was given FOUR pens! Two of them have BUTTONS to make them retract back inside! What will they think of next!

8. Grass! I touched a blade of grass for the first time in a year. Wow! The little things. 🙂

9. A razor with TWO blades! The jail ones cost 2 cents each and tear off half the skin. They only give them out once a week so it is torture just to try to shave! It takes 4 days to heal up each time!

10. A 5 INCH THICK MATTRESS! For the first time in a year I could NOT feel the steel plate under my hip or shoulder! (Jail mattress are 2 in thick when NEW and the ones we had were civil war surplus!)

11. A locker! For a year I had a “piling system” of all my stuff in various piles on the floor. Wow!

12. A SHELF to put books on!

13. Real underwear instead of “made in China” useless boxers made of a cross between tissue paper and silk!

14. Q tips! No wonder I couldn’t hear anyone for the last 11 months!

15. A reading light! I can now read when I want and don’t have to quit when they turn off the lights. 🙂

16. A walking track!

17. A piano! I play Columbus style- find it and land on it- but I LOVE to hear songs of praise to the Lord. I used to play the piano in a marching band but it hurt my back too bad so I had to quit. (That’s a joke Hannah. 🙂

18. A BARBER SHOP! At SRCJ the barber came once every 5 weeks.

19. They have my dvds here! (And hundreds of other dvds!) I hope to get time to watch some soon! I have not seen a dvd of any kind for a year.

20. FINGERNAIL CLIPPERS! At SRCJ we get them only when the barber comes.


22. A calculator!

23. Microwaves! 4 of them!

24. Washer and dryers! LOTS of them! No more stupid orange jump suits they they washed 4,000 at a time in SRCJ!

25. Book carts and a library! No more once a week looking through the glass to pick out 2 books max!

26. A REAL TOOTHBRUSH! The jail ones were 2.5 inches long and if you held your mouth, neck and hand JUST right you could reach MOST of the teeth!

27. A radio!

28. REAL TENNIS SHOES! They even TIE! No more shower slides all day! Wow!


30. Birds! Some guys even feed them and get them to come w/i a foot or so. I have not been closer than 200 yards to a bird in a year!

31. Raccoons! There are two that eat out your hand here! First wildlife in a year! I even saw deer on the bus ride yesterday!

32. QUIET TVs!!! There are 14 TVs here all set to different channels and you can only listen via a radio. No more STUPID jail shows all day where some MORON announces- like it is a HUGE DEAL and we care- “You are NOT the mother!” Man I hope stupidity is NOT contagious! I have been REAL close to a LOT of it for a year!

33. Real mirrors and porcelain toilets in the dorm! (nor just at work in the kitchen). The stainless steel ones are torture! You just get it warmed up a little and then you need to flush it (for various reasons including diversionary noise) and it gets FREEZING all over again! WHO thot of THAT dumb idea?

34. DENTAL FLOSS! (sort of). It’s a little piece on a plastic toothpick but after a year of NONE it is GREAT!

35. A CHAIR! TWO OF THEM! In my own room! With a BACK ON THEM! All we had were stools bolted to the floor. I’ve had back trouble since I was 17! I’ve had 8 car accidents, broke my back once, whiplash twice and I slide on it a LOT. (You fellow Baptists KNOW about backsliding! DON’T look at me like that you hypocrite!). The simple joy of having a CHAIR I can MOVE and LEAN BACK in is wonderful!

36. Heavenly Trail Mix! I ate my first – almond, yogurt covered peanuts, cocoanut, cranberry, pineapple and cashew in a YEAR! I can’t WAIT to see what God has for us in Heaven! (II Cor. 12!!!!!)

37. Olives! When I preached in Italy I got to taste 30 different flavors of olives! THEY know how to build em over there! (of plant em and find em or however they get em.)

Anyway, When you feel discouraged over YOUR problems… think of what you DO have! There was a poem I read years ago that said it all. I don’t remember the whole thing (if you find it please send it!) but I recall the part, “I complained because I had no shoes… till I met a man who had no feet.” I still cry (and am now) thinking of what I HAVE and the suffering in the world out there!)

Count your blessings folks. We are about to head into a time of GREAT TRIBULATION just as Jesus told us. MANY will “fall away,” especially those who believe in the pre-trib rapture! Please read and spread my book about end times- “What on Earth is About to Happen…for Heaven’s Sake?” It’s on and we are working on paper editions now. If you want to help get it out in paper (or other help getting things going when I am released) send funds to Ernie Land I’m ready to hit the ground running!

See ya at the finish line!
Kent Hovind