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Recently a VOM international worker made a trip to visit persecuted Christians in China. He kept a video diary of the trip, which we will be sharing this week on the Persecution Blog.

Day 1

On this first day, he attempts to attend services at a church in Beijing that has been forcibly closed down by the government.

Day 2

On this second day, he visits a house church pastor in southwest China, a pastor recently released from prison. Listen in on their conversation about the benefits of persecution for Christian believers.

Day 3

Today our worker travels to Hefei and shares how China is different than it has been in the past, and looks into the state-approved Three-Self Patriotic Movement. We’ll also meet Pastor Jacob, another house-church leader who has experienced first-hand what it means to be jailed for serving Christ.

Day 4

In this final installment, we return to Beijing and meet with Wenxi Li and his family.

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