Video: Islamic worship in Oklahoma capitol disrupted –

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An Islamic worship event at the Oklahoma capitol was disrupted by a woman who began reciting the Lord’s Prayer before being hustled away from the scene by police.

Video of the incident Friday was posted by M. Scott Carter of Oklahoma Watch, a nonprofit, investigative-journalism group. Carter said Muslims had come to the statehouse to help educate people about Islam and to encourage Muslims to be active.

Protesters held signs, including one that said, “Every real Muslim is a jihadist.”

Carter reported the woman, who was not arrested, interrupted the event by reciting the “Lord’s Prayer” while a Muslim led the audience in the Islamic call to prayer. She was escorted from the building by highway patrol officers.

Oklahoma Watch said the Texas woman was identified as Christine Weick, who previously interrupted similar events in Austin, Texas, and at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

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