UN and Obama Launch Global War on “Ideologies”

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“Good article on the march toward a NWO under the cover of fighting this or that hobgoblin trotted out by the globalists to justify their power grab.”  Admin

Under the guise of battling “violent extremists” generally and the Islamic State in particular — a terror group that top U.S. officials said was largely armed, trained, and funded by Obama’s “anti-ISIS” coalition — the United Nations and the Obama administration unveiled a plan this week to wage a global war on “ideologies.” That war will include planetary efforts to stamp out all “anti-Muslim bigotry,” anti-immigrant sentiments, and much more, the UN and Obama explained. It was not immediately clear how a war on anti-Muslim bigotry would stop ISIS. However, based on the outlines of the extremism scheme released so far, there will be no serious efforts to address the growing extremism of the UN and its largely autocratic member regimes. Instead, the extremism plan will serve as a pretext to impose a broad range of extremist policies at the national and international level.

Changing people’s views around the world and attacking their ideologies will be crucial to the agenda, the UN and Obama declared in various statements and press releases. Among the planetary programs to be implemented to supposedly battle ISIS and extremists generally are engaging “all of society” with tax-funded propaganda in favor of “international law” and the UN’s dangerous, anti-American vision of “human rights.” And while ISIS and violent extremism may be the justification for the internationalist scheming now, there should be little doubt that the agenda will eventually expand, as the Obama administration and other governments have made abundantly clear amid various extremism initiatives peddled in recent years. Even mainstream Christians have been declared “religious extremists” by the Obama administration.

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