“The View” Libels Christians With Claim Hitler Was a Christian

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“There is a spiritual war going on and we can expect more such lies and attacks against Christianity. An ongoing sign of the times.”  Admin

In a discussion on the ABC morning talk show The View this week about the reactions of some Republican presidential candidates to the wisdom of allowing just any Syrian refugee into the country, Whoopi Goldberg told the other panelists that Christians can be dangerous, just like Muslims.

After all, explained Goldberg, “Hitler was a Christian.”

Goldberg is an atheist, and her contention that Hitler, one of history’s greatest tyrants, was a Christian is a common assertion by the irreligious. While Christianity’s enemies see Hitler as the favorite example of a “good Christian,” others who have committed mass murder also make the short list of “model” Christians, at least for this group of militant atheists. Of course, any person who blows up an abortion clinic is penciled in on the list of Christians, along with preachers who have affairs.

Joy Behar added that Timothy McVeigh was another example of a “Christian.” McVeigh, executed for blowing up Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in 1995, killing 168 people, was actually a self-described agnostic; however, such inconvenient facts make little difference in these incessant efforts to sully the Christian faith.

But nobody was worse than Hitler.

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