The Firehouse Christmas Miracle – Guideposts

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The phone rang as I was pulling my elf hat out of the closet.


Every December my husband, Jerry, and I help the Lions Club deliver presents to the 40 students of a nearby residential school, Green Chimneys , for kids with special needs.


Tomorrow everyone would gather at the local firehouse, and in addition to “Santa” and his “elf,” there’d be a magic show and a buffet lunch. The kids would even get a firehouse tour. I couldn’t wait.


But on the other end of the phone was a distressed volunteer. “Peggy, we’ve got a big problem,” she said. “We just found out there are sixty kids coming this year.”


Sixty! We only had 40 presents to give! We had no more money, and no time to find donations. I looked at Jerry. “We need the real Santa Claus,” I said.


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