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  Photo by Eric Erbe, wikipedia Escherichia coli Low-temperature electron micrograph of a cluster of E. coli bacteria. Each individual bacterium is oblong shaped. by Shaun Doyle Published: 7 July 2011(GMT+10) Subsequently published in Journal of Creation 25(3) Beneficial mutations are often seen as the engine of evolution (Mutations: evolution’s engine becomes evolution’s end!). However, beneficial mutations by themselves don’t solve the problem (see Beetle Bloopers). Mutations not only have to be beneficial, but they have to add biological information, i.e. specified complexity. However, practically all beneficial mutations observed have been losses of specified complexity (The evolution train’s a-comin’), with [More]
 Attend Our Family-Friendly Answers Mega Conference (with the Answers Research Summit) The chilly days will be behind us soon and summer will be here before we know it—so now is a great time to make your summer plans! The Answers Mega Conference, designed for the whole family to attend, will once again be hosted in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee—about five hours south of our Creation Museum. Join us July 22–26, 2013, for a family event like no other! At the 2013 Mega Conference, we will offer the following: There will be a complete children’s program for ages 4–12, [More]
If you’ve not yet made your summer vacation plans, I want to suggest something that would not only be wonderful fun for your entire family, but you’ll also learn practical scriptural truths—all in a scenic part of America. Every year AiG holds a national family conference, and this July we’ll be gathering once again in Sevierville, Tennessee, on the northern edge of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. We held our annual conference three years ago in the same excellent venue, and 2,900 people turned out. This time, we’re having even more programs for children, including a Vacation Bible School (VBS) [More]