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reasonablefaith.org – October 29, 2011 – Frank Turek does an interview with William Lane Craig at the Apologetics Confrence at the Southern Evangelical Seminary. Dr. Craig speaks on his experiene with the Reasonable Faith tour in the UK. We welcome your comments in the Reasonable Faith forums www.reasonablefaith.org
Think of a larger symphony producing the works of Mozart or Beethoven. It all begins with the individual playing his part. This is much like how our body operates with its 11 systems working in concert. Sadly, schools and the media erroneously teach that the human body is the result of “millions of years” of Darwinian evolution. No credit is given to the One who created these amazing systems designed to work as one. Consider our eye construction, the dynamic skeleton, the ability to hear the faintest sound, the brain’s amazing circuitry. The human body — a testament to our [More]
We sometimes take for granted the oceans of the world in all their majesty and power. Frank shows the amazing variety of life from tidal pools to the crushing depths over 5 miles down! Important paths or currents in the oceans mentioned in Scripture have been shown to exist. The critical significance of moon-induced tides giving us weather of the world is also discussed. Finally, the Genesis Flood is addressed with reference to the volume of water in the oceans. (A favorite with audiences) This video file is a 60 minute seminar by Frank Sherwin that was recorded during the [More]