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In 2008, the BBC produced a controversial documentary on the harmful effects of pedigree dog shows. According to the documentary, many dog owners are causing dangerous levels of in-breeding; this results in dogs with crippling genetic deformities. One RSPCA vet said, “What I see in front of me is a parade of mutants. It’s some freakish, garish beauty pageant.” Most of our domestic varieties have harmful problems due to mutations and the breeding required to maintain breed purity tends to amplify these problems further. The changes we see in dogs today give no support to evolutionary expectations. After dogs originated [More]
Monica Ferrell and her husband were told by doctors to abort their baby, but they put their faith in God for a miraculous healing… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com
scientific genius kent hovind explains how evolution is a lie from the pitts of hell and the foundation for communism Kent Hovind caused satan so much trouble that they locked him up in jail because it was the only way they could shut him up
Gordon Robertson takes on the topic of miracles, and how to have the faith to believe for them in a time of general ministry… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com