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Extra-Biblical historical records testify to the ancient nations beginning as family units from Noah’s descendants. This powerfully supports the Bible’s history, especially the reality of the world’s population ‘restarting’ after the Flood of Noah. The Creation Magazine LIVE! TV program is a ministry of Creation Ministries International. With offices in seven countries and more PhD scientists than any Christian organization this program features cutting edge science that supports the Bible delivered in a non-technical, visually-rich, discussion-based format. Related Articles: Creation Magazine LIVE! Season 2 Episode 4 (http://creation.com/cml2-04) In the days of Peleg (http://creation.com/peleg) Tower of Babel confirms linguistics (http://creation.com/babel-linguistics) The [More]
Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing I Believe He’s Coming Back (feat. The Happy Goodmans) [Live]. (P) (C) 2012 Spring House Music Group. All righ…
One of the tired old canards on which antitheists have dined out for years is the claim that our eye is stupidly wired back to front, something no decent designer would use. E.g. the vociferous misotheist and eugenicist Clinton R. Dawkins said in his famous book, The Blind Watchmaker: Read More via Fibre optics in the eye.
Tony was shot multiple times on an L.A. street and actually died. He says he went to heaven, only to be sent back to earth following his near death experience. To see more from The 700 Club, go to http://www.cbn.com
http://creationtoday.com | Paul Taylor & Eric Hovind welcome back guest Stephen Lawwell as they discuss Roe v. Wade, social darwinism and the slippery slope …
Painful lower back pain was affecting what Jim Ferguson could do on a daily basis, until a word of knowledge from Gordon Robertson completely healed him… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com
Hadiza was watching The 700 Club when Pat told people to lay hands on the part of their body that was hurt. She was healed from chronic back pain and gave her life to Christ. Her Muslim family disowned her and took her son, but the family was reunited when they all became Christians… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com
Pauline lives in Benin West Africa and suffered from a debilitating back problem that was miraculously healed while she watched The 700 Club… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com
Her mind was made up that she would never be whole again after the rape and molestation. However, God wasn’t finished with Galena yet… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com
Why are some people healed but others are not? Are there such things as “good” ghost? When people die could they come back as someone else? Does God answers the prayer of unbelievers?.. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN www.cbn.com
Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (YouTube channel CANSWERSTV) & Steve Morrison, Ph.D, director of Research for Christian Answers (Steve is the webmaster for all 3 of our websites: BIBLEQUERY.ORG, HISTORYCART.COM & MUSLIMHOPE.COM) debate two official representatives of the “Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity” alias Sun Myung Moon’s “Unification Church.” Rev. Moon, who was born in Korea in 1920, wrote a book called “The Divine Principle” in which he claimed Jesus was a failure because he got himself crucified instead of getting married & having kids, the cross was “Satan’s victory [More]
Michelle Mabie was already suffering with lower back and leg pain when she developed an ulcer. That additional pain practically incapacitated her, making it impossible for her to play with her 2-year-old. The Christian Broadcasting Network To see more from The 700 Club, go to www.cbn.com
A teen boy in Ghana who was a Muslim became a Christian. His father was strongly against it. His father also threatened him to kill. He escaped to his friend house. A few weeks after he hid from his father, he heard that his father had paralytic disease. He went home back and prayed for his father. His father was miraculously healed. And entire family become Christians. www.cbn.com Prayer line: 800-759-0700
At the age of 29, Julie Papievis was in a car accident that left her in the balance between life and death. As she was driving away from a shopping mall, a teen driver ran a red light, plowing into her at 50 miles an hour. The impact jarred her head and neck, severely injuring her brain stem. To buy her book: www.gobackandbehappy.com For more information of CBN: www.cbn.com To see more videos of heaven and hell testimony www.heavenvisit.com
Chris Harrison, a former heroin addict, tells how Teen Challenge was instrumental in helping him overcome drugs and get back to Christ. See how Jesus changed the life of a man addicted to drugs. The Christian Broadcasting Network To see more from The 700 Club, go to www.cbn.com
EVOLUTION: THE GRAND EXPERIMENT thegrandexperiment.com/ Video interview: Origins – Evolution – The Grand Experiment – Part 1 with Dr. Carl Werner youtube.com/watch?v=XIqto00mf3w Origins – Evolution – The Grand Experiment – Part 2 with Dr. Carl Werner youtube.com/watch?v=Cf9CTrvEeE0 Origins – Evolution – The Grand Experiment – Part 3 with Dr. Carl Werner youtube.com/watch?v=ZNO3_SorHDM Whale Tale Two Excerpt: We think that the most logical interpretation of the Pakicetus fossils are that they represent land-dwelling mammals that didn’t even have teeth or ears in common with modern whales. This actually pulls the whale evolution tree out by the roots. Evolutionists are back to [More]
Why is natural selection, a principle recognized by creationists, taught as ‘evolution’, as if it explains the origin of the diversity of life? By definition it is a selective process (selecting from already existing information), so is not a creative process. It might explain the survival of the fittest (why certain genes benefit creatures more in certain environments), but not the arrival of the fittest (where the genes and creatures came from in the first place). The death of individuals not adapted to an environment and the survival of those that are suited does not explain the origin of the [More]
www.creationtoday.org | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome back special guest, Darek Isaacs, to discuss the faith aspects of evolutionism and its rise in America.
www.creationtoday.org | Paul Taylor and Eric Hovind welcome back special guest John Mackay. Discover fascinating information about fossilized kangaroos, and log jams and thorns, which could not have occurred until after the fall of man.
Testimonies of people who had a glimpse of the after life and came back to talk about it. Hosted by Dr. Maurice Rawlings author of the book “Beyond Deaths Door“. Great video.
This man goes to hell and has been allowed back to tell us what it was like. Some may laugh, but at the end of the day, this is just one of thousands of people we know about that have been through the same thing. Give it a watch and make your own mind up.