Suffering & Grace Collide in Prison – Open Doors USA

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One might guess it would be difficult for a Nigerian to be a Christian while living among the Fulani who are 99% Muslim, but as Bulus* found out, the cost is sometimes higher than anyone imagines.


Until his mid-twenties, Bulus led a semi-nomadic life that is typical of the Fulani people. Like other boys, hee tended his father’s livestock and learned to hunt. And he was raised to have a deep respect for his elders and to fear Allah. For most of his life, Bulus joined the other men in his community in the customary ritual of praying five times a day. He faithfully rolled out his prayer mat towards Mecca as he was taught, despite feeling no inspiration in his heart to do so.


That was until the day God sent inspiration to him when a group of Christians visited his village. “An outreach team came to our village. After I heard their message I gave my life to Christ,” Bulus explains.


Bulus was not surprised when his relatives were greatly offended by his new found faith. “In their minds being Fulani means being Muslim. The two are inseparable and they had an obligation to do whatever they could to make him return,” He explains.

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