My Potato Project; The Importance of “Organic”

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“Good reason to buy organic.”  Admin

The Dangers of Bud Nip in a Compact Sweet Potato Project

6/28/2011 9:24:13 AM

By Emylisa Warrick

The dangers of bud nip, a chemical herbicide also known as Chlorpropham, become clear in a simple yet illuminating message from a young lady named Elise. In the video, Elise, a slight girl in a blue shirt, is nervous and sweet as she tries to remember her lines and looks down at her cue cards to explain her “Potato Project.”

With the help of her grandma, Elise buys a sweet potato each from three different sources: one from the grocery store, one “organically” labeled from the same grocery store, and one from Roots, a certified organic food market. Each sweet potato is placed in a glass of water in order to track its cultivation of vine sprouts and growth.

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