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“The incredible process of metamorphosis, changing a caterpillar to the beautiful monarch, is astounding in it’s complexity and defies any evolutionary explanation. It is one of the most powerful arguments for creation I know of.”  Admin

A monarch’s development from caterpillar to adult and its incredible ability to migrate clearly display the Creator’s design.

What animal has a brain the size of a pinhead and yet can pinpoint a location 3,000 miles (4828 km) away and navigate there with an accuracy of 100 feet (30.5 m)?1 It is the most famous butterfly in North America—the monarch. But the winged adult is just the fourth (and final) stage in this insect’s marvelous life cycle.

A Tricky Life Cycle

The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) begins life as an egg (ovum) in its mother’s body. Monarchs usually lay their eggs on a milkweed flower petal or leaf. Their eggs are very small, approximately the size of a pinhead and slightly oblong.

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