Man who saved the South said it was God’s doing –

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George Washington Carver was born a slave during the Civil War, possibly in 1865, but there are no records.

Within a few weeks, his father, who belonged to the next farm over, was killed in a log-hauling accident.

Shortly after the Civil War, bushwhackers kidnapped infant George with his mother and sister.

Moses Carver sent friends to track down the thieves and trade his best horse to retrieve them.

The thieves only left baby George, lying on the ground, sick with the whooping cough.

George never saw his mother and sister again. Illness claimed the lives of his two other sisters, and they were buried on the Carver farm.

George and his older brother, Jim, were raised in Diamond Grove, Missouri, by “Uncle” Moses and “Aunt” Sue Carver, a childless German immigrant couple.

In poor health as a child, George stayed near the house helping with chores, learning to cook, clean, sew, mend and wash laundry. His recreation was to spend time in the woods.

He left home at eleven and attended school in Neosho, Missouri, paying tuition by doing odd jobs.He drifted from Kansas to Iowa, working as a cook and doing laundry. He studied at Simpson College, then received a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Iowa State, where he was hired as a teacher.

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