Inside HQ of ‘Obama army’ opposing Netanyahu –

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“It’s no secret that Mr. O does not like Mr. Netanyahu so he is now attempting to export his “hope and change” Marxist drivel to Israel undoubtedly to put someone in power who will be more acceptable to him and Islamic radicals in other countries. Hopefully the Israeli people won’t fall for this leftist charade.”  Admin

In a sit-down interview at his campaign headquarters down an alley and behind a building off of the posh Rothschild Boulevard in central Tel Aviv, Nimrod Dweck, founder of a new voter mobilization effort making waves here, did not disguise his group’s ultimate agenda.

“We want to bring a change in the political sphere so that the center and left parties will form the next coalition. That’s our goal,” Dweck told WND.

Dweck’s group, which calls itself V15, short for Victory 2015, attracted U.S. media attention after it hired 270 Strategies, a consulting firm whose senior leadership is comprised mostly of former top staffers for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Dweck’s candid statement about working to form a center-left coalition, meaning a ruling coalition in opposition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-leaning Likud Party, stands in contrast with recent attempts by V15 to paint itself as nonpartisan.

Asked directly whether his group’s intention is to topple Netanyahu, Dweck replied, “Our goal is to do change.”

Dweck said V15 aims to mobilize voters who are “more likely to support our cause,” including by getting left-leaning young residents of central Israel to sign pledge cards to vote for “change” in the upcoming election.

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