How a Single Vision Led to 7,000 Churches Springing Up Around the Globe — Charisma News

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In 1980, at age 59, Dois Rosser Jr. sat at his kitchen table, staring at two columns he had drawn on a piece of paper. One was labeled “Kingdom Business”; the other, “Secular Business.”


For years, Rosser had wanted to involve himself in ministry, but he didn’t know how. The founder of POMOCO Auto Group in Virginia and a successful real estate developer, all Rosser knew was business and his love for the Lord. How could he cross the barrier between the secular and the sacred and follow the call on his heart?


Then the answer came: There was no barrier. God reminded Rosser that everything is the Lord’s—including the talents that had made him successful in business.


The only question now was, how could Rosser use his business skills to take the gospel into the developing world—where few knew Jesus?


Rosser had served on the boards of Leighton Ford Ministries and Prison Fellowship and had even been an adviser to the 1974 Lausanne Conference on World Evangelism. These roles gave him a glimpse into a troubling reality: In spite of centuries of foreign missionary evangelism, Christianity was still struggling to flourish in places like China, India and Vietnam. Believers in some of these areas were being persecuted into obscurity, falling into nominalism or being led astray by false teachings. Vital work had been done to make converts in these nations. Now, to sustain their faith, they needed to be molded into disciples.


But how? The obstacles were daunting.


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