Hillary accepts $20M PP endorsement at NH rally – onenewsnow.com

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“Just one more reason, besides all the scandals, not to vote for Hillary. For more info on the Clinton’s and their evil doings, CLICK HERE”  Admin

At a Sunday rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton officially accepted Planned Parenthood’s endorsement in her bid for the Democratic ticket in the 2016 presidential election — to energize her base in the name of women’s “reproductive rights.”

This move is unprecedented, making it the first time the world’s largest abortion provider has ever endorsed a presidential primary candidate — with both sides looking to profit.

For Clinton’s unwavering support, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund declared that it will spend $20 million toward her campaign for president, with a focus on battleground states in the U.S. Senate race, LifeSiteNews reports.

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