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They call it the most magical place on earth. What better vacation spot for us to visit than Disney World that summer of 1985? My husband and I had only been married a few months, but all signs pointed to a long and happy future for our brand-new blended family. Life felt more settled already, and I was relieved to no longer be alone.


“Let’s do Space Mountain tomorrow,” my older daughter said as she got into the sleeping couch on the opposite side of the room. Her sister was already tucked into the cot. “And Cinderella’s castle!” she added.


I reached over to turn out the light. Our days had been busy and I hoped I’d get a good night’s rest. Then I remembered my rings. It was the strangest thing. The past two nights I’d fallen asleep easily enough, but wound up wide awake a few hours later, thanks to a nightmare I couldn’t even remember.


“Everything okay?” asked my husband.


“Just taking off my wedding rings.” I placed them on the night table. Then I turned out the light.


Usually I wore my rings to bed, but these past couple of nights when I woke up, it felt like my left hand was tingling. The sensation stopped when I took my rings off, but I worried I’d lose them fumbling around in the dark while I was half asleep. Tonight I made sure they were on the bedside table. Our vacation had been perfect so far. I certainly didn’t want to spoil it by losing my wedding rings!


I lay down and almost immediately I heard someone moving around the room. “Who’s up?” I asked in the darkness.


“Not us,” the girls said.


“Strange,” my husband muttered.


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