Grandmother facing 11 years for undercover baby body-parts vids –

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It already was known that the California official who filed felony charges against two pro-lifers who went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood’s baby body-parts trade received thousands of dollars over the years from Planned Parenthood.

But the political influence on the case because crystal clear this week when it took three judges a total of 12 hours to allow one of the defendants who had scheduled to turn herself in to be freed on bond.

And then the bond was set at a stunning $75,000.

Liberty Counsel lawyers are defending Sandra Merritt in the case. Other lawyers are defending David Daleiden, who both were with the Center for Medical Progress when, during 2015, they recorded multiple abortion industry leaders discussing their trade in body parts, including one Planned Parenthood executive who was arguing for higher profits and said “I want a Lamborghini.”

Liberty Counsel was with Merritt when she turned herself in on the charge that she recorded people’s comments without their consent.

The legal team said it took three judges and 12 hours for Merritt to be released on bail, set at $75,000, which judges refused to lower.

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