From Drug Smuggler to Bible Smuggler – Open Doors USA

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Alim’s* life almost sounds like the plot to a suspense movie. The main character? A man who once trafficked in underground drug networks. The twist? He turns out to have the exact skills necessary to run an undercover Bible distribution center later in life. And as a supporter, you play a vital role in his story.


As a young man, Alim would never have predicted he’d one day be in full-time ministry. In those years, he was busy running an ambitious drug-smuggling operation in Central Asia. But when Alim was caught, his life was derailed and he was locked away in a prison cell with nothing to live for.


“For a long time, I neglected the spiritual questions. I was empty, and I didn’t want to live,” Alim recalls. But, behind bars, Alim’s cellmate offered him the book of John to read.


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