Dr. Phil Fernandes on Evidence For Jesus’ Resurrection

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In this lecture, Dr. Fernandes will make a strong historical case for Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the dead. He will argue from core historical data, accepted by virtually all New Testament scholars today, to the reality of Christ’s bodily resurrection. Fernandes will argue that if Jesus did not bodily rise from the dead, there would be no hope for mankind—death would be victorious over man. Mankind’s only hope for deliverance rests on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. While Fernandes uses a minimal facts case for the resurrection, he will warn his audience from falling into a minimal facts Christianity. Fernandes believes that even though we may feel led to defend mere Christianity (i.e., just the essentials of the Christian Faith), we should believe much more than mere Christianity. We should not allow human reason or historical methods to deny clear miraculous events recorded in the Scriptures. Location: Atonement Free Lutheran Church 6905 172nd St NE, Arlington, WA 98223