Discovering Sodom & Gomorrah – Dr. Steven Collins

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Archaeologist, Dr. Steven Collins directs the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project in Jordan, the likely site of biblical Sodom. His latest book, Discovering the City of Sodom (Howard Books/Simon & Schuster 2013; co-authored with Dr. Latayne C. Scott), documents the search for, and discovery of the Bible’s most infamous city. His research, discoveries and excavations are challenging long-accepted views and revealing serious flaws in theories that deny historical authenticity to the patriarchal narratives of the Torah books, particularly Genesis. Many have hailed Dr. Collins’ discovery of Sodom as the most important discovery in the history of biblical archaeology. This presentation will highlight the scientific process of Sodom’s discovery, covering eight seasons of remarkable and controversial finds through the 2013 excavations.